How to Intercept Text Messages Without Target Phone

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Intercept text messages without target phone for free online

Intercepting text messages might be crucial for individuals or businesses seeking to keep abreast of someone’s activities for a good reason and protect themselves from personal information breaches. As a result, being equipped with the knowledge of how to intercept text messages without target phone for free online has become a non-negotiable task for anyone who values their privacy and security. 

Why Do People Decide to Intercept Someone’s Text Messages?

Whether you are a vigilant parent who wants to monitor your children’s activities, a person who wants to know about your spouses’ loyalty, or you suspect one of your employees of sharing confidential company information, you’ve definitely thought about how to find out someone’s communications without them knowing. Whatever the case, there are special spy apps to intercept text messages on iPhone and Android devices so that you will not only clean water but also remain unnoticed.

Can You Intercept Text Messages Without Touching Target Phone?

The short answer is, “Yes, you can.” With the constant use of smartphones and tablets, you can easily intercept their conversations without access to the phone. The advent of advanced technology has simplified virtually every aspect of our lives. So special spy apps to intercept text messages without a target phone and some preparation work make it achievable.

Best Spy Apps to Intercept Text Messages Without Target Phone 

In today’s world, where our entire lives revolve around our smartphones, being able to monitor their usage is not just useful–it’s a must. Whether you’re a concerned parent, a diligent employer, or simply someone who values personal accountability, tracking apps can be a lifesaver. The question is, “How to intercept text messages without touching the target phone?” Following is a handpicked list of the premium spy apps, with their features and detailed guides on how to install and use them.

uMobix: How to Intercept Text Messages Without Access to the Phone?

As children become more tech-savvy, safeguarding them from harmful online content becomes increasingly difficult. The question “Is there an app to intercept text messages” becomes increasingly popular among the rows of those who want to protect themselves ad their kids. Thankfully, the uMobix tracking app comes to our aid. 

So, how to intercept text messages from another phone with uMobix? Designed for Android and iOS devices, it allows you to track all incoming and outgoing calls, read sent, received, and deleted text messages, browse photos and videos, view social media messages, and monitor your child’s GPS coordinates. The application can even log everything that your child types. What’s more, you can access this data remotely and intercept text messages without touching target phone.


  • Supports over 30 popular apps and social media platforms
  • SIM card replacement notification
  • Tracks online activity
  • Monitors newly added, remanded, and deleted contacts
  • Text messaging apps monitoring (WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Skype, and many more)
  • GPS location tracking
  • Remote audio and video stream monitoring
  • Photo and video tracking
  • Keylogger
  • Runs without jailbreak

How to install uMobix on the phone?

  1. Visit the website and click on the “Try Now” button at the top right corner.
  1. Then, create an account. Fill in your email address and click “Enter” to proceed with registration.
  1. Choose the target device’s operating system (in our case, it’s iOS, as it does not require access to the target iOS device).
  1. Select the subscription plan. Then you’ll get an email containing your login URL and credentials to access your uMobix profile. You’ll also receive a registration code.
  1. Provide a valid email address.
  1. After you log in, you’ll see instructions on a page with the registration code.
  1. Remember that once the app is installed physically, you may use it to track the IP location and monitor the person’s browser history. However, you must enter the user’s iCloud credentials to get more options. You will fill in and approve the 2FA code on the target device to access additional features: iMessage monitoring, access to social media apps (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp), audio/video stream access, ability to disable incoming/outgoing calls/messages, and much more.
  1. Access the uMobix dashboard from any web browser of your preference and navigate to the message section where you may intercept messages from the desired device.

How to Intercept Text Messages from Another Phone with SpyBubble?

SpyBubble is a mobile spy that lets you monitor your loved ones remotely. With SpyBubble, you can access information that is difficult or impossible to get in person. Parents can find out what their children are typing and where they are and see and hear their surroundings without being noticed. It’s also useful for those who suspect something is wrong with their spouse’s behavior. As a result, you save time and always stay informed of what is happening with your dearest.


  • Ability to block access to undesired websites
  • Disable outgoing/incoming messages or calls
  • Access to someone’s text messages: deleted, sent,  or received
  • Instant access to audio and video stream
  • Installed or removed applications tracking
  • Removed or added contacts and messages checking
  • Photos and videos spying
  • Screenshots reporting
  • Sent messages and media files viewing
  • Online activities monitoring
  • Geofinder
  • Keylogger
  • No jailbreak or technical skills required

How to install SpyBubble on the phone?

  1. Go to website and click the “Try Now” button.
  1. Enter your email address to create an account. Once you add it, click on the “Create Account” button to proceed.
  1. Choose the device you want to be monitored (Android or iOS) and click on the relevant icon.
  1. Choose a subscription plan.
  1. Click on the “Try Now” button and proceed with payment. Follow the instructions and fill in the required data to use the app.
  1. Now you must access the SpyBubble dashboard using any web browser and proceed to the message section to intercept messages from the target phone. Note that SpyBubble lets you spy on any iOS device remotely. When it comes to an Android device, one-time physical access is required to install an apk file, and then it is possible to intercept someone’s text messages without target phone.

Free Ways How to Intercept Text Messages Without Installing Software

If you want to intercept cell phone calls and text messages from the target device without installing software and for free, the below-listed services will help you with it:

iCloud Usage: How to Intercept Text Messages Without a Target Phone?

If you have access to the iCloud credentials of the target phone, you may use iCloud to intercept text messages without software. iCloud is a native Apple cloud storage service that automatically backs up text messages and other data from iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads. 

So, how to intercept text messages via iCloud? If you activate iCloud message syncing on the target device, any messages sent or received by phone will be automatically uploaded to the cloud. As a result, you will be able to intercept text messages for free without target phone’s physical access. To intercept text messages via iCloud, you need to:

  1. Go to “Settings,” log in to the iCloud account of the target phone from your own device, and navigate to the “Messages” section.
  1. Press the “Sync Now” button to read the messages immediately. That’s all.

Android Backup: How to Intercept Text Messages Without Target Phone

The other way to access someone’s text messages without installing software is through Android backup. Similar to Apple, Android devices also have a place for saving text messages and other data, namely Google Drive. To set a backup, you need to:

  1. Open “Settings” and choose “System.”
  2. Then press “Backup.”

Now, if you have access to a Google account and know their login credentials, communication’s remote inspection and the text messages’ interception won’t be a problem. 

There are also cases when people opt for a less apparent and comprehensive approach to tracking. If a person has sensitive data they want to hide, they may use an alternate Google account and ensure their backup is securely stored. To overcome this issue and get access to intercept phone text messages, use spy app to read text messages. They guarantee users one-time access to the target gadget and install a lightweight client. As a result, you will get a backup and other features such as a keylogger, stealth mode, or GPS location to obtain a complete perspective.

Wireshark: How to Intercept Text Messages for Free

Is it possible to intercept text messages through the network? How to spy through a Wi-Fi router? Many commercial and non-profit enterprises frequently use Wireshark, a popular network protocol analyzer. As an open-source software to intercept text messages, Wireshark is predominantly implemented to scrutinize and resolve network complications for free. This tool captures, and decodes live network traffic, allowing users to view and monitor the information being transmitted and received on a network. 

A feature that sets Wireshark apart from other programs is its capacity to seize and present packet contents as they occur, providing real-time visibility of the data being transferred on a network.

To spy through WiFi router without target phone, you need to do the following:

  1. Go to and click on the “Get Started” button.
  1. Choose an option you’d like to check or install.
  1. Follow further instructions to finish the installation process. 
  1. Open the application.
  1. You will see the following screen:
  1. Choose the network interface you want to sniff and click “Start.”
  1. Open any browser and type You will see the following:
  1. Enter the following email and password: [email protected], Password2010, and click “Submit.”
  1. You will see the dashboard:
  1. Back to Wireshark and stop the ongoing capture.
  1. Apply the filter textbox to limit outcomes to HTTP protocol only.
  1. Find the appropriate Info column and select any input with the HTTP verb POST and click on it.
  1. Below the log entries, you will see a panel with a summary of the captured data. Look for a summary that says: “Line-based text data: application/x-www-form-urlencoded.”
  1. You should be able to view the plaintext values of all POST variables sent to the server over HTTP.


Although you may choose free methods to intercept text messages from another cell phone, choosing premium options like uMobix and SpyBubble offer much more advanced features to access the data without target phone. These apps allow you to monitor text messages, phone calls, and social media activity without being detected. So, it’s up to you what to choose.

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