Best iPhone Spy Apps

Best Spy Apps For iPhone

While the children are small, we keep them under our wing, watching how they are monkeying around and being aware of everything they do. But as they grow older, it becomes more and more difficult to keep track of all their actions and interactions. Fortunately, the whole life of younger generations nowadays is on their smartphones. Whether you’re okay with it or not, you can take the best that technology brings us – tech advancements have made many things not only easier but simply possible. And today, you will learn about how to spy on another iPhone, do it discreetly, and not lose sight of messages, calls, and other details on your kids’ devices.

Spy phone apps allow you to keep your eyes peeled for your offspring wherever they are. But this is far from the only situation in which the help of technology may be needed, as the search queries for an app to spy on someone’s iPhone are becoming more frequent. Many want to keep tabs on their significant other or employees at work. And, of course, they want to do it with the best spy apps for iPhone.

How Do Spy Apps Work on iPhone?

While you are busy with work and your own affairs, your child has a life of their own. At some point, the connection between you will begin to gradually weaken because they become adults and strive for independence from a young age. Of course, they may be hiding some personal secrets, but you, as a parent, definitely feel when something is wrong, and you need to make sure that your children are safe. Cell phone spy apps for iPhone are a convenient way out of the situation when in just a few minutes you can start the monitoring process – all you need to do is select a product for your needs, create an account, and enter the necessary data to start monitoring the device. You don’t even need to install anything on the target device – you can configure everything remotely.

By their nature, monitoring applications make things easier for every user – caring parents, suspicious spouses, considerate employers, and so on. While the owner of a targeted iOS device may be even miles away from you, the possibilities you get thanks to the spy app for iPhone will make you as close as possible to a person’s life. Now, let us get straight to the point and introduce you to some of the most sought-after apps.

Top 10 Spy Apps for iPhone in 2023

Save yourself a few hours of time and dig into the concentrated information you need to learn about the current offering of spying programs and their features in this iPhone spy app review. If you need to track data on an iPhone with the best iPhone spy app, you’ve come to the right place.

1. uMobix: Best Spy App for iPhone

uMobix has long been firmly entrenched in the top spy apps for iPhone and Android devices. While most other apps only offer a glimpse of what’s happening on the device, this feature-filled product will show you the real picture as if you were the device’s owner. There will be no more restrictions on access to their content on Facebook and Instagram accounts – you can navigate through messages, stories, and subscribers from your device in any convenient place. Other uMobix features besides social media access include:

  • call reports along with complete information about the time and duration of the call
  • read their iMessages
  • view websites, timestamps, and saved bookmarks in the browser on the target device
  • get the use of the Geofinder feature to monitor iPhone
  • monitor new contacts in the address book
  • view photos and other files saved on the child’s phone  
CompatibleJailbreakingDevice CountFree TrialPrice From
iOS, AndroidNo1Demo$49.99


  • a remote spy app for iPhone for tracking the most clickable apps and directories on target devices that delivers real-time data
  • exclusive features like seeing some social networks as they are
  • the developers declare full compatibility with all Apple devices
  • uMobix does not have an icon on the target device and is an invisible spy app iPhone
  • online support available


  • no free trial

2. SpyBubble: Finest Undetectable Spy App for iPhone

This one ain’t a new kid on the block – users who come across SpyBubble note how much experience and effort has gone into the development of this technologically advanced product. Parents will be able to keep abreast and follow up closely with their children’s activities on smartphones or tablets. Frequent data updates perfectly complement the wide functionality, and the program interface displays all the elements in a logically structured way. With this iPhone spy app, you will be able to:

  • find out what a person is chatting about and what files a person is exchanging on the most popular social networks
  • find the location of the device
  • read all messages received and sent, even those that have been deleted
  • see a gallery of photos and videos, save such content
CompatibleJailbreakingDevice CountFree TrialPrice From
iOS, Android 4+No1No$49.99


  • a convenient reporting system in the form of screenshots
  • nice discounts from time to time
  • no jailbreak required
  • hidden iPhone spy app – you can activate stealth mode


  • no free version
  • not all features that are there for Android are available for iOS

3. mSpy: Frequent Choice for Hidden Spy App for iPhone

If we’re talking about a stealth spy app for iPhone, we can’t ignore mSpy, which has some cool parental control features. This program covers both Android and iOS devices but has some limitations for phones without jailbreak. However, if you know the iCloud credentials from the target device and it makes regular backups, you will have access to the following features:

  • tracking of incoming and outgoing calls, contacts
  • messages and calendar access
  • browser history and notes
  • reading WhatsApp messages without having the phone
CompatibleJailbreakingDevice CountFree TrialPrice From
Android, iOSNo1Demo$48.99


  • 24/7 customer support in different languages
  • allows you to keep track of which applications have been installed
  • notifications about connecting to new Wi-Fi hotspots


  • very limited monitoring of social networks is offered for iOS
  • most features do not work on non-jailbroken devices

4. SpyStealth: Cheapest Spy App for iPhone

This legit spy app for iPhone is also a great solution that requires minimal tweaking and offers an optimal set of features for monitoring relatives and employees. Its installation wizard requires a stable internet connection at the time of installation and will not leave the user without step-by-step instructions on their way. After registering an account and securing a subscription, all declared activities on the target device will be synchronized and appear on the user’s live panel. Useful features tha available with SpyStealth app:

  • call logs, text messages, call history
  • email activity tracking
  • remote access to contacts and iMessages
  • Facebook and WhatsApp monitoring
  • GPS position updates
CompatibleJailbreakingDevice CountFree TrialPrice From
iOS and AndroidYes1Free registration$24.95


  • monitors multiple devices at the same time
  • customer support on the website and by phone
  • additional information about the phone
  • works with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch
  • free download


  • Doesn’t work for all operating systems

5. Cocospy – Best Choice for Parents

Cocospy has made it into the top 5 spy apps for iPhone for a reason. This is a well-established software used for both parental control and supervision of employees in corporations. Therefore, their packages differ depending on the number of connected monitoring devices. No matter which offer suits you, in any case, you can discreetly spy on another phone and manage to do so with only iOS credentials. Available features:

  • contacts, call logs, iMessages – everything is at the tips of your fingers
  • track location in real-time
  • see their browser history and calendars at your convenience
  • access to WhatsApp and LINE
  • view received and sent videos and photos
  • find out which suspicious applications have been installed on the target device
CompatibleJailbreakingDevice CountFree TrialPrice From
Android, iOSNoUp to 3No$49.99


  • no jailbreak iPhone spy app
  • purchases with bitcoin are allowed
  • moderate prices and solutions for different scales
  • SIM Card Tracker works without jailbreak
  • quick start – just sign up and add the iCloud details target


  • remote installation is not possible for Android devices

6. iKeyMonitor: Best Free Spy App for iPhone

iKeyMonitor positions itself as a product for parental control that not only allows to spy on text messages but is best suited to track bullying and other threatening situations in real life. It is designed for Android and iOS devices and has an all-embracing assortment of monitoring approaches in its portfolio. The only caveat here is that as an iPhone spy app, it performs best when the device is jailbroken, and for all the claimed Android features to work smoothly, rooting is required. Here are some of its features on offer:

  • call history and records
  • real-time surrounding tapping
  • use of keystrokes to monitor messages
  • social activity tracking: Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat images
  • GPS locations and geofencing
  • screenshots of photos and websites visited
CompatibleJailbreakingDevice CountFree TrialPrice From
Android, iOS, MacOS, WindowsNo1Free Plan$29.99


  • makes for a great Android and iPhone spy app with basic and advanced features like phone call recording or listening to live surroundings
  • works for mobile devices and also Windows/Mac products


  • direct physical access or installation on a target device is necessary in any case for the program to work
  • have significant version restrictions when it comes to jailbreaking or rooting compatibility
  • this is one of the “free iPhone spy apps” with paid add-on features

7. Minspy: Spy App With Great Customer Service

If your target device runs on iOS, then this is a great opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of spy apps for iPhone without target phone. Thus, if you do not support jailbreaking smartphones, then Minspy app is in the same boat as you. The user can at any time log into their account from a browser on the device at hand – a laptop, tablet, or phone – and see where their loved one is and what content they are exchanging. If you are tired of poking around to no avail and still not knowing what your child is really up to, then Minspy may be the solution. Its features for iOS devices include:

  • browsing messages written and received on the target device
  • monitoring LINE app
  • call tracking with time stamps
  • access to the movement history of the target device holder, 3D street view
  • the ability to see all applications on the target device
  • a spy app for iPhone without jailbreak
CompatibleJailbreakingDevice CountFree TrialPrice From
Android, iOS (iCloud)NoUp to 3Demo$39.99


  • locations are displayed in real-time using GPS
  • 60-day money-back guarantee available
  • extensive access to a target web browser, apps, and media files
  • monitoring from the browser, without downloading any software for iOS


  • very scarce choice of social platforms for tracking
  • the solution is not for all wallets

8. TheOneSpy: a Cell Phone Spy App for iPhone that Requires Jailbreak

Theonespy website is full of offers and features for every taste. But taking a closer look at the solution for iPhones from this undetectable iPhone spy app, you can see that the target device requires jailbreaking, and there’s no other way around it. If the user is alright with this, they will see the instructions and a whole bunch of ways to track the gadgets of children, employees, and so on. The software supports phone and pad models from 13.5.1 and higher. Offered features:

  • shows all logs on the target device (calls, iMessages, and SMS)
  • user activities like browser history, scheduled meetings, installed applications
  • contacts and phone numbers
  • photo tracking
  • GPS location and tracking
CompatibleJailbreakingDevice CountFree TrialPrice From
iOS, Android, MacOS, WindowsYesUp to 3Yes$55.00


  • compatible with Android, iOS, MAC, and Windows
  • WhatsApp messages logs available
  • provides device info


  • completely depends on the jailbreak
  • the price does not match the quality and quantity of features

9. eyeZy: a Renowned App to Spy on iPhone

Harnessing the software from eyeZy to monitor your kids’ mobile phone activity might be a good idea. This is a new spy phone app for iPhone, which may be very promising in the future. Its features allow you to best keep an eye on the movements and location of the target device, as well as monitor correspondence in social networks. It combines the basic features of monitoring calls, text messages and emails, file finder, and many others. You can reach out to their support chat to find out more about tracking the target device you are interested in. eyeZy’s available features:

  • pinpoints the exact location
  • allows you to set geofences and receive Magic Alerts
  • learn more about the child’s browsing habits
CompatibleJailbreakingDevice CountFree TrialPrice From
Android, iOSRequired for advanced features1Demo$47.99


  • the price seems to be affordable
  • user can use Jailbreak, iCloud sync, or local sync over Wi-Fi to update needed data


  • features are limited somehow and require better accuracy
  • app will not be up and running without access to phone

10. SPYERA: A Bit Pricey Secret Spy App for iPhone

SPYERA is a secret app to spy on iPhone and eavesdrop across multiple devices and operating systems – Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows PC, and Mac OS. However, for everything to work as advertised, it’s best to make sure it’s compatible with your model before purchasing a subscription; otherwise, you may need a jailbreak, or the features won’t work at all. All data is collected and sent to the user dashboard in a single report. However, if you want to save yourself the hassle of having to look for ways to get your hands on the target device and interfere with its normal operation, you’d better turn to the best iPhone spy apps like uMobix and rest assured that everything works like clockwork. SPYERA claims the following features:

  • listening to the surroundings around the target smartphone
  • monitoring Facebook and WhatsApp chats
  • the ability to hear the conversation during the call
  • direct message tracking
  • search engines history
  • the ability to view and save multimedia files
CompatibleJailbreakingDevice CountFree TrialPrice From
Android, iOS, Windows, MacOSRequired for advanced features1No$89.00


  • offers a 10-day money-back guarantee
  • updated to the newest version remotely
  • determination of location and establishment of geofences


  • only works if your target is a device jailbroken
  • UI looks a bit outdated
  • Google reviews indicate that the application often does not work as it should

How to Choose the Best iPhone Spy App

It will not be true to say that there are many best iPhone spy apps despite such a rapid development of technology. Therefore, below we present a small guide to help you choose the right vector when searching.


Suppose you are aiming to use a spy app on iPhone. First of all, check the product website to see if it is intended for your OS or is exclusively designed for Android or computer systems. Often, before showing the client prices, sites for apps to spy on iPhone offer to choose between iOS and Android.

User Experience

Cheap spy apps for iPhone attract users who just want to ”give it a try”. But in this case, the user experience will suffer from the very first minutes of using the website itself, the user dashboard, etc. If there is a demo version, see how the interface will look at work.


Users need to get used to the fact that monitoring features for iPhones and, say, Samsungs running on Android will be different. Some developers offer not only exclusive features but also the ability to use the app without iCloud credentials. But in the latter case, users need to be prepared to carry out the jailbreak procedure, which not everyone recognizes due to security tampering.

Customer support

It’s not every day that you decide to put a spy app on an iPhone. Therefore, you don’t want to scour Google if you have questions but be sure that a specially dedicated support service that understands all the intricacies of their software will actually help you. Better opt for services with phone and chat support for faster feedback.

Compare iPhone Spy Apps

AppWorks WithJailbreakingFree TrialPrice for iPhone
uMobixiOS, AndroidNoDemoFrom $49.99
SpyBubbleAndroid, iOSNoNoFrom $49.99
mSpyiOS, AndroidNoNoFrom $48.99
SpyStealthAndroid, iOSYesNoFreom $24.95
CocospyiOS, AndroidNoNoFrom $49.99
iKeyMonitorAndroid, iOS, MacOS, WindowsNoYesFrom $29.99
MinSpyiOS (Only with iCloud), AndroidNoNoFrom $39.99
TheOneSpyiOS, Android, MacOS, WindowsYesYesFrom $55.00
eyeZyAndroid, iOSRequired for advanced featuresDemoFrom $47.99
SPYERAAndroid, iOS, Windows, MacOSRequired for advanced featuresNoFrom $89.00

How to Download Spy App on iPhone & Install It

To use the app that spy on iPhone you will need to create an account and purchase a subscription anyway; in the case of free spy apps for iPhone, you usually only need to enter an email. What is not mandatory is to download the application to see the processes on the target device – just log in to your account through a web browser, and you will see a panel with live updates.

Now, let’s see how the installation process of SpyStealth digital spy goes and understand how it generally works.

  • Step 1

    Open the website and click on Free Registration in the right-hand corner (buttons on other sites may say “Try Now”, “Buy Now”, etc.)

  • Step 2

    If you are logged into one of the accounts, as in the screenshot, you can continue. Or enter your email.

  • Step 3

    Make sure that all conditions are met and click Next.

  • Step 4

    Follow the instructions on the screen, and in a couple of minutes, you’re all set!

How to Use iPhone Spy Apps Without Installing on Target Phone

Life hits differently at times, and the situation may be such that the phone used by another person may not always be directly accessible. Well, we have some really good news – if you have an iPhone or Android, you can use the spy app without target phone to monitor another iOS device. To do this, you just need to know your iCloud login details and enter them after registering with a specific provider. This way, the app will function untraceable, and the gadget’s holder will continue to use it unbothered.Although you do not download spy app on iPhone and do not spend a lot of time on different installers and apk files, before the device gets under your surveillance, it may require you to enter a password for two-factor authentication. You may want to disable this activity for more convenience.

How to Use an iPhone Spy App Without Jailbreaking

As practice shows, very few top spy apps for iPhone require jailbreaking the device to monitor it. If you do not want to violate the security of the phone embedded by the developer, it is better to turn to services that do not require such drastic measures. Top rated spy apps for iPhone like uMobix base their offering on extracting data from an iCloud account and syncing it with the user board by dividing it into categories. In addition, this software supports screenshots and allows you to get full access to a user’s profile on such popular social networks as Instagram and Facebook.


In pursuit of answers what are the best spy apps for iPhone, users should think carefully and determine what kind of information from target devices they are interested in and then select the appropriate solution. Customer support is a definite plus as they can help with the process and tell you more about the product. Often a demo version can come in handy and show how this miracle process actually happens. All in all, it is important to provide an Internet connection so that the target iPhone transfers data, and then it’s all up to technology. Nowadays, it has become so easy to monitor an Apple iPhone being as far from it and from the holder as circumstances require – and at the same time to know that everything is OK with them.


Do hidden spy apps for iPhone really work?

Yes, of course. And for some time now, hidden spy apps for iPhone have been allowing users to see information as it is on their device thanks to iCloud updates or jailbreak data.

Can you put a spy app on an iPhone?

Whether or not you can put a spy app on an iPhone is determined by the law in the territory where you live or the consent of the person whose iPhone you are going to track.

What is the best spy app for iPhone?

Most users agree that the best spy phone app for iPhone should be untraceable, allow remote control, and offer value for money. There is such a product, and it is uMobix.

Is there a free spy app for iPhone?

Of course, there are free apps for monitoring iPhones. But often, this is a trial version for one to three days. You can use the tracking option in Find My iPhone if you are not interested in other features.

What is the best free spy app for iPhone?

If you’re not ready to part with your hard-earned money right away, you might want to consider Snoopza. The software allows tracking from iPhone but tracking iOS devices is not yet available.

What is the best undetectable spy app for iPhone?

Our iPhone spy app review has a few honorable mentions, but uMobix, SpyBubble, Cocospy, and Spystealth have the most favorable range of features.

Do iPhone spy apps really work if installed remotely?

Yes, and in fact, the best spy apps for iPhone offer only a remote format for installing and starting monitoring. App technology interacts with information in iCloud and uploads data on the dashboard every few minutes.