The Best Hidden Spy Apps for Android Phones and Tablets

Spy apps for Android phones are developed to provide you access to the functions and features of the target device in stealth mode. The apps are well-hidden and do not necessitate device rooting. This type of tracking app allows for real-time and stress-free monitoring. This is due to the fact that cell phone spy software lets you view all interactions from the targeted device at any time without physical access to it.

Cell phone spy software features may be useful in a variety of ways, depending on the user’s reason for obtaining one. However, in most circumstances, smartphone tracking software is best employed in specific situations.

Android spy apps may be useful for child monitoring. The 10 greatest spy applications for Android provide dependable features such as inbuilt parental controls. These might assist parents in ensuring that their children have access to their gadgets without being subjected to phishing, cyberbullying, hacking, social engineering, and other cyber risks.

They may also be used for employee surveillance. If you believe it is necessary to provide devices to your staff, phone spy applications are useful for monitoring and ensuring that all chats and engagements are limited to business-related duties.

Spy Apps For Android

Android Spy Apps: How Do They Work? 

A variety of functions are available in both free and paid cell phone spy apps for Android. All activity performed on the target smartphone may be monitored using the best spy applications. In addition, all outgoing and incoming files are transmitted.

Here’s what you might learn if you are using new spy apps for Android:

All received, sent, and deleted texts may be seen by an Android spy app. It shows the material on your dashboard precisely as it appears on the target phone.

Call spy apps may record all outgoing and incoming phone calls. Phone numbers, name (if stored), time, date, and call duration are all included.

Tracking apps give access to all saved and transferred images, documents, videos, and other media items.

All received, sent, and deleted email messages can be obtained, regardless of the email service installed or used on the targeted device.

The best phone tracking applications provide you with real-time information on the device’s position. It also enables you to investigate all previously deleted or stored locations.

Phone tracking software may record the whole browser history of the user, including  URLs, date and time of visits, frequency of visits, and duration of stay on the sites.

A spy app has access to all third-party social media applications’ actions. This covers social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. It has access to friends lists, stories, shared posts, chats, and a lot more.

Top Spy Apps for Android Cell Phones

The top Android spy applications allow you to remotely and effortlessly watch someone. They are difficult, if not impossible, to identify. They also include robust capabilities that allow you to monitor everything that happens on the target Android smartphone.

Fortunately, there are various spy programs on the market that fit these requirements. The majority of these applications also have a good reputation. 

In this post, we will discuss the top ten Android spy apps in 2022. 

1. uMobix: Best Spy App for Android

uMobix is one of the numerous excellent parental control programs that allow you to monitor mobile devices through a user-friendly interface. We rank it among the top 5 spy apps for Androids. The app enables you to effortlessly access your child’s smartphone whenever you want. The uMobix dashboard presents all information about the target device as extended reports. Key features include:

  • Call-monitoring
  • Call-log viewing
  • SMS monitoring
  • Keylogger
  • Contact book
  • Social networking & chat applications
  • Web browser activity monitoring
  • GPS position tracking 

The following are the benefits and drawbacks of the uMobix App:

uMobix advantages:

  • Installing the app is straightforward and quick
  • The app offers an easy-to-use UI
  • It is possible to tailor reports
  • Reasonably priced subscription plans
  • Money-back guarantee — if you don’t enjoy your membership, you may obtain a refund
  • The brand has an outstanding demo
  • A fantastic customer service staff

uMobix drawbacks:

  • No free trial period
  • Each subscription only works for one mobile device at a time – you need to have several subscriptions for you to be able to monitor multiple devices at a go

2. Cocospy Android Spy App: The Leading Spy App for Android

Cocospy is among the best mobile spy app for Android we could recommend to any parent or employer. This well-known phone surveillance software has been available for quite some time. It’s well-known and provides robust features. Cocospy has all of the features that you could possibly require:

  • You can keep track of messages and call histories
  • The app monitors social media platforms such as WhatsApp
  • You may look at the media files that have been saved


  • You may install the software without having to root or jailbreak your device
  • There are several options for keeping track of call records, geolocation, and browser history
  • A simple sign-up and installation process
  • Excellent customer service with assistance available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Notifies you if your SIM card is switched
  •  It’s trustworthy and provides data updates on a regular basis


  • No free trial offered
  • Call recording feature not provided

3. SpyBubble: Cheapest Spy App for Android

SpyBubble is among the cheap Android spy apps that run in the background. As a result, a target person is not likely to detect the app. This Android phone spy app begins recording all of your child’s online activities once it is installed on their smartphone. It sends the information to your SpyBubble account for remote viewing at any time. This cheap Android spy app includes several tracking features, such as:

  • Viewing social media chats 
  • Tracking GPS location 
  • Viewing contacts 
  • Reading SMS 
  • Viewing  call logs 
  • Monitoring visited websites 
  • Checking email messages


  • It offers a diverse range of surveillance tools and options
  • Its user interface is clear and easy to understand
  • It is compatible with a wide range of devices
  • It’s accessible in a number of different languages.
  • The software is sturdy and trustworthy in terms of product features


  • You’ll need to root your phone to use all of the app’s features
  • There is no live customer help available

4. Minspy Android Spy App

The software comes from a cybersecurity firm with a great deal of experience. Any current Android smartphone may be tracked with ease with this device. Minspy puts a wealth of features at your fingertips. Using your phone’s web browser:

  • The device’s location may be tracked using built-in WiFi and GPS tracking
  • You may see a transcript of the person’s text and social media communications in the app
  • You’ll be able to see all of the photographs and videos they’ve shared or received
  • With the keylogger, Minspy might potentially record the person’s login and password
  • The program will allow you to keep track of the web browser history of the phone use


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Risk-free and stealthy operations
  • Secure and reliable app
  • Excellent customer services available 24/7
  • You have unlimited options for keeping track of call records, geolocation, and browser history.


  • No free trial

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5. SpyStleath: Undetectable Android Spy App

SpyStealth is a stealth spy app for Android that works on Android and iOS phones and tablets. It allows users to stealthily monitor someone’s online behavior from their own device. The best hidden Android spy app, SpyStealth, allows you to monitor the activity of another person’s smartphone, including text messages, phone conversations, social networks, and media files. This hidden spy app for Android also allows you to track a target’s whereabouts in real-time and steal their login credentials. Following are the features of this spy app for Android:

  • Messages Monitoring – you access the actual SMS and the receiver’s or sender’s contact details
  • Call Monitoring – you will receive detailed information regarding each call, including the caller’s contact details, time, and duration
  • GPS Tracking –  precise location of the device
  • Social Media Monitoring – WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc.


  • An incredible customer service
  • It offers a wider range of mobile device monitoring tools and options.
  • It has a clear and easy-to-understand user interface.
  • The software is robust and trustworthy in terms of product features.
  • Easy to install and use
  • Risk-free and stealthy operations
  • Available on both Android and iOS devices


  • Rooting is required to install the app

6. TheWiSpy Android Spy App

TheWiSpy Android monitoring tool can collect digital data from Android phones and tablets. It monitors and records mobile/tablet actions before sending the data to a cloud-based control panel. If you use TheWiSpy to monitor a device, you may access the target device’s data remotely via the internet dashboard. You must, however, download the TheWiSpy undetectable spy app for Android on your own. The program allows you to surreptitiously monitor text messages, listen in on phone calls, and follow other online and offline smart device activity. 

It comes with a variety of capabilities that allow you to remotely monitor and control Android devices. The features include:

  • Call recording and call-related features, such as call logs, call duration, and contact information
  • GPS tracking
  • Text message monitoring, including SMS date, time stamp, contact details, and deleted messages
  • Screen recording
  • App monitoring
  • Camera control
  • Keylogging
  • Geofencing


  • You’ll have a straightforward user interface for tracking
  • The accuracy of TheWiSpy is guaranteed
  • TheWiSpy is jam-packed with high-end features
  • Without rooting, you can access additional features
  • You’ll find reasonable prices and a variety of options


  • TheWiSpy is only available on Android devices
  • There is no free trial

7. XNSPY Spy Phone App for Android

XNSPY hidden spy app for Android monitors the majority of the device’s operations and retains a record of any events performed by the monitored device. Because the information is constantly available online, you may access it whenever you need it. It enables you to determine what the target is discussing and with whom. This program is simple to install, has a user-friendly UI, and is entertaining to use. Offered features:

  • Get an overview of the most popular websites
  • Reads all inbound and outbound text messages
  • Examine instant messaging chats
  • Access to call logs and SMS
  • Allows unwanted apps to be blocked on an Android phone


  • Features a friendly user interface
  • Allows access to deleted data
  • Reasonably affordable subscription given the features it offers
  • A remarkable customer support service that is available all days of the week, 24 hours a day


  • Rooting is needed to install the app
  • You need to disable Google Play for a smooth performance

8. Snoopza: The Best Free Spy App for Android

Snoopza is a fantastic tracking application. It is, in essence, a free application. However, you will only be able to access a few functions of this program in the free version. This spy software has two plans: a standard plan and a basic plan. The capabilities you receive from the software depend on your choice of plan, with the standard plan having more features than the basic program has. Depending on the plan, the following are Snoopza’s features you may enjoy:

  • Call tracking
  • Call recording
  • SMS monitoring
  • Social media and messaging apps monitoring
  • WhatsApp tracker
  • Internet history
  • Managing screenshots
  • Camera tracking
  • SIM card change detection


  • It has the ability to pinpoint the precise location of the target device
  • It will also make it easier to keep track of instant chats
  • The phone spy Android app is completely free to use and enjoy
  • Incredible customer support service available 24/7
  • An easy-to-install and use spy software


  • Only compatible with Android smartphones
  • To use this software, you must first root the targeted device.

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9. eyeZy: Feature-Packed Cell Phone Spy App for Android

eyeZy is a surveillance program that allows you to watch the internet activities of others. eyeZy provides you with a dashboard that displays all of your targeted individual’s communications, whereabouts, and phone conversations. After then, you are free to do anything you want with the information. Its key features are: 

  • Keystrokes tracking to allow identification of login credentials, including passwords
  • Social media tracker allowing monitoring of major social media platforms
  • Monitoring calls and contacts 
  • GPS tracking to learn the exact location of the device
  • Files finder 
  • Connection blockers 
  • Magic alerts

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  • Easy to use the software
  • Easy to learn user interface
  • Packed with exceptional features, such as magic alerts, which you won’t find elsewhere.
  • Incredible customer support that is available 24/7
  • Reasonable pricing in relation to the level of capabilities and features it offers


  • Takes quite a long time to install
  • No free plan
  • Its trial plan only lasts 3 days

10. Spyrix: Best Android Spy App for Loved Ones and Employees

With so many activities going digital, it’s no surprise that Android spy app services have become in high demand among both parents and employers. Spyrix caters to anyone looking for a tried and tested tool that will protect the most valuable – the safety of children or corporate data, to each of their own. The bottom line is that the program works in real-time, and all-important activity on target devices is available in an aggregated form. In particular, the app offers the following features:

  • monitoring of messages and calls on Android
  • monitoring of the device location
  • web history
  • keystrokes logging
  • activity in messengers
  • screen and webcam recording
  • alerts about the use of red-flagged keywords
  • discreet smartphone, computer, and printer control
  • combined activity reports


  • Monitoring products tailored for different demand
  • The product is rich in rare features like live viewing, removable drives, Printer, microphone monitoring, etc.
  • The website offers many language versions
  • Everything is optimized for tracking from your smartphone
  • There is an option of Spyrix keylogger freeware
  • Hidden mode available
  • Can be used as a video surveillance tool


  • A solution only for Android, macOS, and Windows
  • The free version doesn’t work in stealth mode
  • Keylogging and screenshots through email are not available in the free version
  • Some additional tools are paid for separately

How to Choose the Best Android Spy App

Consider the following factors when choosing the best Android spy app:


When choosing the best spy apps for Android, make sure that it supports the target operating system and device of your choice. It will be useless to buy a spy app that does not support the target device. Therefore, to choose the best Android spy app, you must choose one compatible with Android-supported devices. 

Use Experience

The level of your experience should also be considered when choosing the top spy apps for Android. With a low level of experience, go for the easiest spy app to install on Android. Thankfully, most of the spy apps listed here are incredibly easy to install and use. You should be able to navigate through an app seamlessly and monitor without the need for expert knowledge. The user interface should be friendly for an incredible experience. 


Each Android spy app focuses on some functionality. So, depending on what you want to use the Android spy app for, go for the best Android spy apps that will help you achieve your goals. Additionally, consider the bonus features that will be useful to you. Good spy apps that focus on location tracking may also have other features, including SMS tracker, calls monitoring, and social and messaging apps.  

Customer support

You want to have a seamless experience while using apps to spy on Android phones. Therefore, you may want to have some of your intriguing questions answered and any issue you face along the way solved promptly. Additionally, choose a vendor with workable communication approaches. You may check on customer reviews about the vendor to be able to tell what to expect. 

How to Install Spy App on Android

To retrieve information from the target phone, cell phone spy apps and device tracking software often employ sophisticated codes. However, the UI of the monitoring software remains basic and easy. Begin spying and monitoring using common spy apps with just three simple actions.

  1. Get the software: Download and install the spy app on the targeted device. You may access the download link from the vendor’s website or your app store. Otherwise, you will be directed on how to download spy app on Android.
  2. Activate: To completely activate the remote spy app for Android, you’ll need a license code or key in addition to the Android spy software files. This is usually delivered through email, along with the step-by-step manual or instructions.
  3. Monitor: Complete installation procedure provided by these tracking applications generally takes less than one minute. After successfully paying for and installing the top rated spy apps for Android, you can begin monitoring your own dashboard. The control panel functionality might be a third-party remote access program or an online account.

How to Hide Spy App on Android

Some secret spy apps for Android are automatically hidden once you install them. However, you have to hide others manually to make it almost impossible for the device’s user to suspect they are being tracked.

You may conceal spying programs by using your phone’s secure folder function. The tutorial below is excellent for Samsung users. Other manufacturers, however, use the same process.

  • To access the sub-menu, long-press an empty region of your home screen.
  • Create a folder and name it whatever you want. Utilize names that do not arouse suspicion. To avoid inquisitive eyes, name the new folder Junk, for example.
  • Move the spy application you wish to conceal into this folder.
  • To enable the Hide or Secure lock options for your folder, sign in to your Samsung account.
  • Once authorized, the folder may only be accessed through the Samsung account.

How to Use Spy Apps for Android without Having Target Phone

Do you want remote spyware on Android phones? Yes, it is feasible to snoop on a cellphone without physical access. However, there are no surveillance apps that can be installed on an Android smartphone without direct access. Most lawful spy applications do not allow for the remote installation of spy applications on any Android mobile device. To install spyware on any Android device, you must have one-time physical access. 

Unfortunately, the web is littered with spy programs that promise to provide remote installation services, but they could dupe you. Most programs that purport to be installed remotely on Android are, in our opinion, frauds. They are highly likely to provide nothing but a robbery or to take data from your target device.

How to Use Spy Apps for Android without Rooting

Follow the following steps to use spy apps for Android without rooting:

  1. Subscribe: Subscribe to the app’s “with no root” version. Following your subscription, you will receive an email including the download link, the activation code, and access to your control panel.
  1. Install the spy software: Go to the target device’s web browser and choose to start downloading the cell phone spy program. Install it after the download is complete.
  1. Activate the app: When the installation is finished, launch the app. Then input the Activation Code and proceed as directed to activate the app.
  1. Monitor: Begin tracking activity on the targeted device from the control panel.

To access the control panel, utilize the browser on your mobile device or PC.


That wraps our list of spy apps for Android. When you have accurate information on your target’s phone activity, you may relax. It also assists you in making educated judgments and taking the essential actions on time. We hope you find the programs on this page useful and valuable. The spy applications discussed in this blog article are suitable for monitoring youngsters or employees. Most of these applications offer a stealth mode that continuously monitors cellphone activities while remaining undiscovered. All of the spy programs on the list seem to be worth a shot, but the first five items are likely to produce the greatest results.


Do Android spy apps really work?

Yes. Spy applications are effective for keeping track of your child’s or workers’ mobile usage. Spyware functions by transferring all of the target phone’s data to a server, allowing you to view it. The software allows you to do this without gaining physical access to your target devices. What is more, these applications operate in stealth mode, meaning the device’s owner is unaware that their device’s actions are being viewed.

Is it legal to use hidden spy apps for Android?

Spyware operates by transferring all of the data on the target phone to a server, allowing you to see it. However, just because something is simple to accomplish does not make it lawful. It is unlawful in some jurisdictions to install hidden spy apps for Androids on an adult’s smartphone without alerting them, even if you own the phone or are married to the person. However, it may be lawful to utilize spy apps to track an employee’s or a child’s cell phone behavior.

What is the best spy app for Android?

The best spy app for Android should allow you to view the activities of your target device without the owner noticing it. Additionally, the app should be packed with numerous features and compatible with the device. We believe that uMobix is the best spy app for Android. You may also use any of the best spy apps discussed here. 

Is there a free spy app for Android?

Yes. There are totally free spy apps for Android. These spy apps allow you to monitor your target device without paying a dime. However, there is a downside to the free spy apps for Android. They are usually limited in their capacities. You will only be able to access and use a limited number of tracking features.  

What is the best free spy app for Android?

You can find some free spy apps for Android. When looking for the best, it is important to go through the vendor’s profile. Do your homework diligently to avoid undesirable surprises. It is acceptable for you to be stingy and selective until you find a solution that works for you without compromises. An example of the best free spy app is Snoopza. 

Daniel Jackson has been a successful business owner for 7 years. During this time, he realized the importance of getting real-time, reliable information about what his employees are up to. He found a new passion for dedicating himself to. He’s currently specialized in spying – creating and reviewing the most popular spy apps to date.