Cookies Policy

This cookies policy describes cookies and how uses them and other related services and products. Our cookies policy is a legally binding agreement between this website’s operator and you, the visitor.

Please note that you’re responsible for reading and understanding this policy to know the cookies we use and the information they help us collect. Also, you’re accountable for knowing how we use the information we gather using cookies and your choices regarding declining or accepting their use.

Cookies Definition

Cookies refer to small data pieces in text files that a computer or any other device saves after loading a website on a browser. Most websites use cookies to recall visitors’ preferences, either for one visit or multiple visits with a persistent cookie.

A session cookie is a temporary cookie that a website uses during a visit and expires upon closing the web browser. Websites use persistent cookies to remember the visitor’s preferences on a website and remain on a mobile or desktop device after closing or restarting it.

Cookies ensure an efficient and consistent experience when visiting a website. A website can set the cookies, first-party cookies. Also, a third party, like analytics, advertising, and content provider for a website, can provide it. Third-party cookies may recognize you whenever you visit this website and other sites.

The Cookies We Use

Spy Phone App uses the following cookies to gather information.

Functionality Cookies

A functionality cookie enables us to operate this site and provide services according to your choices. For instance, these cookies allow us to recognize your device by your username and customization for our services and website during future visits.

Necessary Cookies

Necessary cookies enable us to provide you with the best user experience whenever you access this site. They allow us to help you navigate the site and access its features. For instance, necessary cookies help us recognize you and your content preferences.

Analytical Cookies

Analytical cookies enable this site and third parties to gather aggregated information on how you use this website for statistical purposes. An analytical cookie doesn’t contain personal data, like your email address or name. And we use these cookies to improve your overall user experience.

Social Media Cookies

Social media websites have third-party cookies that we can use to track social media interactions when you visit and utilize the sites and services or even share content. These cookies use a tagging mechanism from social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

These cookies help with remarketing and event tracking. We use the data we gather with these tags according to those social networks’ and Spy Phone App’s privacy policies. However, we won’t collect or share the user’s personally identifiable information.

Any visitor that doesn’t like the specific cookies or the entire cookies idea can adjust their browser’s settings to remove them or prevent it from accepting new cookies.

Amendments and Changes

Spy Phone App reserves the right to amend or change this Cookies Policy or terms relating to this site and services at any time. Such changes become effective once posted, and your continued use of our services or this website after the changes constitutes your consent.

Cookies Policy Acceptance

Your continued visit or use of this site confirms that you agree with this Cookies Policy and all our terms and conditions. Thus, you agree that this policy binds you whenever you use this website or our services. You’re not authorized to visit or use this website and services if you don’t agree to abide by this policy and its terms.

Contacting Us

Please contact Spy Phone App at any time for more information about our Cookies Policy.