Cocospy App Review

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Cocospy app review

Nowadays, it is often said that nothing can be hidden forever. It looks like the Cocospy app is one of those tools that hasten the time to disclose the information you need to be as informed as possible, forgoing the pains of being a parent, business owner, etc. If you know indecently little about such monitoring products, this review is intended to fix the situation.

General Information

To pique your curiosity and let you get the big picture about the Cocospy tracker, let’s take a look at the most important features of this app. Let us tell you this right away so as not to waste your time – it does not cover computer tracking, but it works perfectly undetectable on monitored mobile devices.

Keylogger, social media access, live streaming, geofinder, list of apps installed, text messages & contact list, messenger tracking, access to photo and video gallery, remote phone controls, reports about deleted info, Internet usage monitoring.

Supported on Apple devices running iOS 7 and up, Android devices with version 4.0 and higher.

1 month costs $49.99, 3 months – $29.99/mo, and a one-year subscription is $12.49/mo.

What Is Cocospy App in Simple Terms?

At the outset, the beauty of smartphones was the ability to make calls and send SMS. Today, we enjoy the opportunity to download a bunch of apps for free that have made smartphones indispensable in our daily lives. Wherever we go – to meet a courier, for a walk, work, or study, we carry them with us, which means that this is the only communication bridge with a person, at least while the device is charged.

Apps like Cocospy belong to the undetectable spy phone app category and are a new generation of digital products that don’t hard hack a device that requires tracking. When a user is settling on a tracking app these days, they are well aware that they might need not only a reliable location service but a full basket of features. That being said, Cocospy is a synergy of great functionality that doesn’t come at the cost of tampering with the phone’s factory settings.

Taking a Closer Look at the App: How Does Cocospy Work?

Many first-goers are worried about how such a product will work for them: it’s completely online-based, so maybe it’s a scam. Such doubts are quite justified, especially since Cocospy does not have a free trial, and there is no way to try it out for at least a day. However, the application is available in demo mode both from a computer and mobile gadget. Sifting through Cocospy app reviews on the Internet, no one was found that would say that the service was not provided, etc.

It should not come as a surprise to you that the setup for installing Cocospy for iPhone and Android smartphones/tablets will be different. It is this approach that helps avoid the absence of jailbreak or rooting, simplifying the whole experience for users. But more on that later in detail. 

Pros and Cons


  • 100% remote and discreet solution
  • round-the-clock customer support
  • doesn’t require advanced tech skills
  • no jailbreak or rooting is necessary
  • is optimized for Android and iOS use
  • serves great for monitoring socials, media, and messaging activity
  • high compatibility across cell phone products
  • demo is available


  • No free trial

Exploring Cocospy App Features

It was smooth sailing so far but now let’s get to the most gripping part of this Cocospy review. Find out exactly how its key features work and whether you can access some bountiful perks, like blocking inappropriate content remotely, for example.

Phone Tracker

Would it make your day more worry-free if you knew who your child called? On top of this, it is possible to see which phone numbers they have added to their contact list and, for example, double-check who it belongs to in the messenger. And don’t hesitate if phone logs are deleted – you will be able to see this information at any time, along with SMS messages both left on the phone and those they deleted to hide from your or anybody else’s sight.

Location Tracker

Forget about those anxious moments when you call your child, spouse, or other loved one, and they do not answer, making your heart skip a beat. With the Cocospy Android spy app, it won’t take you even a minute to see them on the map when you need to and establish the exact address. Curious where they actually spent the day when you weren’t looking? You have the opportunity to see all the locations post-factum without being too nosy with questions.

Browser Monitoring

There’s no way they will ask you something that’ll raise suspicion (if so, consider yourself a very lucky parent). But they do have the Internet and are more likely to go there to google a question or problem. What you can do is use Cocospy to make sure that kids get educational info and knowledge from there and don’t run the risk of becoming a victim of online scams, drug trafficking, etc.

This feature is also in high demand among users who want to make sure that their company’s employees maintain the right corporate spirit. Paying for idle hours is usually not included in the plans of the owners, so a potent application like Cocospy often helps them out.

Device Control

Often, parents decide that simple observation does not completely solve the problem, for example, when teachers complain that their child spends a lot of time on the phone or they notice suspicious search queries in browser searches. Using Cocospy Android spyware, you can instill in your child proper internet habits so that you don’t have to fight a dragon when they get older. More precisely, after you manage to install Cocospy on target phone, these controls fall into your hands:

  • restrict or remove malicious apps
  • block certain websites and messages
  • restrict calls
  • block Wi-Fi or the entire device


If you have not heard about such an add-on as a keylogger, then get ready – this special program will change your life by duplicating everything that a person writes on their device to your dashboard. Yes, this is precisely the key to how messages from any messenger will fall into your eyes. This particular feature is included most often only in the top Android spy apps, and performing properly, it will help you intercept any disturbing messages or chats, Gmail communications, etc., that require your attention.

Social Media Monitoring

A sacred place for modern youth and just sociable people is social networks. Who hasn’t considered the option to download Cocospy FB hacker that would reveal all the secret dating that your boyfriend or girlfriend will never tell you about? All these personal and group chats, calls, communities, and online flirting exist with us in a parallel reality, and the Cocospy app can connect you with it.

This platform manages to attract teenagers with the fact that they can exchange snaps and instant messages and do so knowing that such messages will be deleted soon. With this spy app for Snapchat at hand and the Android on which it is installed, you will be able to catch every photo and text message along with the time it was received or sent.

Cocospy is also an effective non-root option for those looking for Instagram spy apps to have kids’ messages, contacts, and timestamps in one place. In addition, you will see the photo content they view and share with their friends.

Finally, Cocospy can be described as an app to spy on Facebook messenger. It works on the same principle as for other popular social networks, allowing you to finally lift the curtain on the dialogues, exchanged messages, and the people involved.


Cocospy app is an advanced product that responds to the user’s need for spying on modern phones. It is compatible with the latest and relatively new OS versions of mobile gadgets and some older ones, including Android OS 4+, all iPhones, and iPads.

Any such undetectable spy phone app releases software updates from time to time so that newer versions are included, and support for older ones may be canceled. So feel free to visit their website and consult a customer support agent first.

How to Use Cocospy: Simple Step-by-Step Guide

You won’t find a lot of Cocospy reviews on ease of installation, but in practice, the whole process is short if you’re well prepared – get access to the target device (even for iPhone, it’s better anyway) and a stable Internet connection.

How to Install Cocospy on Android to Get the Fullest Array of Perks

To get started, follow the steps:

  1. Go to the website (the developer suggests performing all the steps only on the official Cocospy website) and choose one of the subscriptions.
  2. During the subscription-acquiring process, your account will be auto-created, and you can switch to it as soon as you complete the target device setup.
  3. Check the specified email – it will receive a letter with instructions and a Cocospy apk file for download (for Android).

Long story short, you did what was necessary on your side, and now it’s the turn of the second device. Let’s start with Android – for the application to function on this OS, you will need access to an unlocked phone. The installation will take place in the format of prompts and confirmations and will not take more than 10 minutes. If you have a plan in mind to hide the application, this can be done during the installation process, and it will not disturb the eye of the owner of the gadget.

How to Install Cocospy on iPhone – Best Remote Tracking Option

If you need to install Cocospy app on one of Apple’s products (remember – one subscription is intended for one device only), you need to go after their iCloud entry data first. Using these credentials, the app will upload and categorize info from the target device, making it visible on the Cocospy dashboard. Open the program from your computer or mobile browser to resume your session, and you’re good to go.

Cocospy Price: How Much Does Cocospy Cost?

With three different packages available, users can start with a subscription of any duration. If purchasing a year package, one month of service will cost users $12.49, less than a three-month plan with a price of $29.99/mo, or $49.99 if purchased for one month. The Cocospy app website has a section dedicated to the processing of refund requests available at

What It’s Like Using Cocospy Customer Service

Being encouraged to talk and ask questions before buying makes a good impression. Just click on the live chat box, and whether it’s morning or evening, find out how it works even as an unregistered visitor to the Cocospy website.

For questions that do not require an immediate response, email [email protected] is also available for written communication. According to the Cocospy indicated rules, a response must be expected within 48 hours. Unfortunately, no phone number is provided for communication.

Cocospy Compared to Other Apps

Calls and messagesYesYesYesYes
Access to media filesYesYesYesYes
PC monitoringNoNoNoYes


Is Cocospy legit?

Yes, Cocospy is a legit application that fulfills its stated functions. It does not seek to jump over its head and does not offer the full range of features found in jailbroken or rooted solutions. But at the same time, it is definitely more than a basic spy app.

Is Cocospy free?

No, the Cocospy app doesn’t come for free like some of the services you may use to determine your location, for example, from Google. This is a customized product to track not only a person’s location but also includes features such as the Cocospy keylogger, social media tracking, monitoring of browser usage patterns, and more.

Does Cocospy really work remotely?

Yes, and does it with flying colors. Android and iPhone spy apps that work remotely are not something alien today; all questions relate to how effectively they cope with their tasks. Once installed, the program starts syncing the data from the target device to your dashboard, so by clicking on the appropriate folder, you will see the new and, in some cases, even the deleted data.

Is Cocospy safe?

Yes, based on Cocospy app reviews, it can be said that this is a safe product that has not been spotted in any fraudulent acts with user data, etc. It offers secure online payment methods, and all user payment information remains hidden.

Does Cocospy work on iPhone?

Yes, the Cocospy iPhone spy app is also available alongside Android. You can see the difference in the features offered for a particular operating system by going to the subscription page. In addition, you are offered a remote installation of the application if it is an iPhone or iOS tablet.

Does Cocospy work with two-factor authentication?

So far, there are no legal ways to turn off two-factor verification other than knowing the password and turning it off manually. Cocospy login and installation require you to disable two-factor verification beforehand or in progress.

To Wrap Things Up

8 10 0 1
Like many modern applications, Cocospy is designed for cross-platform access and installation on the most common mobile platforms. The big disadvantage is the lack of a Cocospy free trial while the Cocospy price is average in the market. On the other hand, the product has useful and marketable features that will come in handy in different life situations. What's more, it is possible to easily opt for a stealth mode making your monitoring completely undetectable.
Like many modern applications, Cocospy is designed for cross-platform access and installation on the most common mobile platforms. The big disadvantage is the lack of a Cocospy free trial while the Cocospy price is average in the market. On the other hand, the product has useful and marketable features that will come in handy in different life situations. What's more, it is possible to easily opt for a stealth mode making your monitoring completely undetectable.
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