How to Spy on iPhone Without Apple ID and Password

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How to Spy on iPhone Without Apple ID and Password

Online products for monitoring mobile devices are gaining momentum. These solutions have proven to work for those who are tired of pulling the strings to no avail. If your priority is the kid’s safety or partner’s sincerity rather than giving them free rein, then a decision to spy on iPhone might be quite reasonable.

Reasons to Spy on iPhone

Today, using a mobile tablet or phone is so commonplace that users even unintentionally tend to reveal all their secrets in communication. This creates a great loophole for parents, business owners, and other interested parties to spy on iPhone using tracking apps and get quick insights into:

  • whereabouts of children
  • children’s communication with peers and strangers
  • content viewed by children
  • dedication of employees to work affairs and integrity

However, if the device owner has something to hide, they can always take their iPhone and protect it with a strong password that cannot be bypassed. Is spying in this case still possible? What about monitoring without Apple ID and password?

Is It Possible to Spy on iPhone Without Apple ID and Password?

iOS devices certainly have a host of differences compared to their Android counterparts – not the least that they are impossible to jailbreak without consequences. Also, an iPhone user requires an Apple ID to open the door to the play market for Apple users. The same credentials can be used to set up iCloud, cloud storage where almost all data from the phone is concentrated.

Opting for a jailbreak to gain access to data might be a harsh method that some people turn to if they want to spy on iPhone without Apple ID and password. This article will focus on not-so-radical methods that will not interfere with the performance or firmware of the phone. However, they will still cater to users and give access to phone.

Some legality questions are very dim and blurred and depend on the specific case. Phone tracking laws are not an exception, which is why it’s hard to give a universal set of rules you should follow to avoid any problems with the law. 

General recommendations involve ethical supervision – an adult person you’re going to track must give you their consent for this. Installing parental controls on your kid’s device doesn’t require informing them about this since, in fact, you are considered a phone owner; though, in some jurisdictions, this matter is disputable.

It is always a good idea to check your local regulations, as they may differ from one area to another. Also, never spin out reading Terms & Conditions if you use a tracking app: the main points are always described there. To make it simple, you should never spy on devices you do not own or on people who are not aware of this.

How to Spy on iPhone Without iCloud Password

If you are focused on monitoring your kids’ iPhones without Apple ID and password, you can use one account and link gadgets to it. Then let Find My iPhone do the work showing you the location. However, you will still worry about other aspects of their lives every now and again. Below are more comprehensive tools that work flawlessly and are easy to master.


You may have come across apps that offer you fabulous spying services without Apple ID and password after you jailbreak your target device. Truth be told, tampering with the phone’s security settings and making it vulnerable is not worth powder and shot.

Instead, one of the best spy apps for iPhone, uMobix, has a bunch of features under its belt, including:

  • account navigation and access to content in social networks – Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Skype, and WhatsApp
  • tracking calls and messages, access to contacts
  • Geofinder to spy on iPhone and location
  • device information
  • access to photo and video media

You can find the full list of its features in our uMobix review.

If you are looking to be pleasantly surprised by the service, this is the place where 24/7 customer support is ready to help clients. By the way, the installation process for iOS devices is straightforward and does not require much effort, access to phone, or technical knowledge from you. Plus, the presence of the app won’t be obvious to the owner in any way.


While tracking devices without Apple ID and password can take its toll on the normal operation of the device and slow down processes, arousing suspicion in the owner, tech market players like Cocospy allow you to quickly start monitoring the phone with location features available in real-time.

Once the user purchases a subscription and enters iCloud details, the process will run its course without iCloud password entry next time. Throughout its product journey, Cocospy app offers the opportunity to:

  • track calls
  • read messages and see recipients
  • manage applications
  • view browser history,
  • monitor WhatsApp and LINE messenger activity, and check in on other things around the clock

Despite careful selection and motivation, not all employees perform at their best. Spy on iPhone issued by the company, and you can personally glance at their chats in instant messengers and suspicious calls. Find out what they’re up to when you’re not watching, and make sure you share the same values with one of the best spy apps for iPhone, Cocospy.


This full-fledged product is designed to spy on iPhone and Android devices. Not a single mischief of your child, colleague, or lover will pass by your attention – use their credentials once and then just visit the panel regularly to see what’s new without iCloud password.

And here you are, keeping track of a great deal of content: from geolocation and audio/video streaming to social networks, app detection, and removed data, depending on the operating system. To know more about the life of an iPhone owner, you do not need direct access to it or the installation of any programs to stay updated over time without Apple ID and password. Everything happens quickly, and access to these services has been made available through any device – even if you are not in the Apple ecosystem, unlike a target device, you can spy on iPhone.

Read our SpyBubble review if you want learn more about this app.

How to Spy on iPhone Without Apple ID and Password Free

If the monitoring app is a costly expense item at the moment, you can search how to spy on iPhone without Apple ID and password free. We will name two secure ways provided by the Apple system so that you can stay in touch with loved ones even without Apple ID and password.

Use Find My iPhone

One of the common reasons why users want to know how to find a phone without iCloud password or access to phone is because someone in the family often forgets the device or misplaces it. Without having to pay for unnecessary services, you can know where exactly the device is and even block it – or in case of dire need, delete all data from it in one fell swoop.

If the device belongs to your Find My network, which can be configured through the Family Sharing service, simply open the Find My app on your device. Then click on Devices to see the location of the target device and spy on iPhone without Apple ID and password.

Use Google Maps

Not everyone knows about this feature, and those who know, most probably have never used it for secret tracking. We are talking about location sharing in the Google Maps app. You can spy on iPhone without Apple ID and password easily, and the object of your interest will never know about this.

To use location sharing, you simply need to unlock the target phone, install the Google Maps app (if it hasn’t been installed before), and turn on the corresponding feature in the settings. It will ask you to choose the device to share the information with; obviously, you need to select your gadget here. That’s it, you are all set and done!

Use Find My Friends

You can find and spy on iPhone using the Use Find My Friends service instead of the one described above to know where your significant other or child is without Apple ID and password. The owner of the target device confirms your request for access from their smartphone or another iOS gadget, and that’s pretty much it. You can add friends who will share a location with you by sending them invitations to enter their iCloud email without iCloud password.

These free methods already do a lot. Although they allow you to spot a person or device without Apple ID and password, they cannot be reliable as more advanced users can disable Share My Location at any time.

Why You Should Not Spy on iPhone Without iCloud Credentials

Obviously, everyone would be happy to track an iPhone without iCloud credentials for free 24/7, but the point is that you never get everything you want in one basket without pay. Those apps that claim that they can spy on iPhone without iCloud credentials can actually cause a lot of problems:

  • you might need to jailbreak the device, which is a complicated procedure;
  • some scam applications may steal your personal data;
  • shady apps can make the target phone completely unusable by locking it.

Thus, you should be extremely careful choosing an app to use and always do research – attentively skim through the website info, read user reviews and app reviews, and make sure it has an intuitive interface and features that you need.


The need for mobile phone tracking can be dictated by various reasons, and by no means all of them arise due to a simple whim. Spouses may refuse to take the high road hiding the fact of infidelity, so you need to establish it using an app to spy on iMessages. Children often shy away from sharing their problems, but you can approach the problem kindly if you set up their device and spy on iPhone without Apple ID and password. Just one app can spy on iPhone of a given employee and help you understand what is damaging your reputation. In any scenario, you get undeniable evidence and take care of loved ones without being an eyesore – even if spy on iPhone without Apple ID is not your option.


Can I spy on iPhone using spy apps without jailbreak?

Of course, you can spy on iPhone without jailbreak. This is a gentler way for the target device. Moreover, many monitoring products turn out to be very effective and become your eyes on social networks, instant messengers, and local files on the target phone.

Do I need access to phone?

Not necessarily. If you know iCloud credentials, you can track an iPhone by entering them into the program remotely. If you need to spy on iPhone without iCloud password and email, then you need a jailbreak or the help of the device owner.

Can I spy on iPhone without Apple ID and password free?

Yes, but then you throw away the ability to use other helpful features in addition to the location. You can spy on iPhone location using Use Find My iPhone or Use Find My Friends, depending on the operating system version.

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