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Glassagram Review

Similar to Facebook, Instagram is one of the most popular social networks nowadays. It might even be incorrect to split them, as both belong to Meta corporation. There are millions of users worldwide, and sometimes you might want to know what’s going on behind the login page. Glassagram will make Instagram transparent and let you see all the secrets one hides.

Generally About Glassagram

Videos tracking, stories tracking, likes tracking, hot likes and comments viewing, providing detailed posts’ information, monitoring multiple accounts, DM tracking, comments tracking, anonymity.

iOS, Android 4+, Windows, MacOS.

Glassagram profile viewer costs $54.99/month if you choose a monthly subscription, $33.33/per month with a 3-month subscription, and an annual – $14.99/month

Not available.


What Is Glassagram?

Those who have never wanted to spy on someone’s Instagram messages or check hidden comments being left under the post are either liars or do not have the internet at all (no offense, just joking). Anyway, it is sometimes a life matter to know who your partner or children are texting with and whose pictures they like on Instagram.

Since Instagram started gaining popularity, the market experienced a boom regards its use, and people have been looking for an Instagram viewer, and here it is, Glassagram, the best Instagram viewer app one can possibly find online! It knows what people want to see even before they realize it themselves.

How Does Glassagram Work?

Glassagram viewer scans the chosen Instagram account for all the information required. Should you need to check an Instagram private account or even a public one – you will have to buy a subscription for at least a month. On one side, the absence of a demo in 2022 is not so cool; on the other – Glassagram is such a great anonymous spy app that it’s highly unlikely you will unsubscribe.

Glassagram profile viewer recovers all the account information, giving you access to stories and other published content on private accounts. Having done this, you do not need to subscribe to the pages that interest you to view the content they post – all the updates will be received secretly and anonymously.

Glassagram Instagram Viewer Pros and Cons

The Glassagram app is a great solution for everyone who wants to monitor the Instagram pages of their partners, relatives, and crushes. Amon other advantages there are:

  • real-time monitoring and location tracking;
  • an opportunity to save the videos and photos of interest;
  • 48-hour available stories (instead of the standard 24 hours);
  • an ability to monitor as many accounts as needed;

It would be weird and unnatural if there were no downsides, but as for the Glassagram viewer, there’s just a couple, and they are not serious at all:

  • $54.99 per month might be quite a high price for some people;
  • If you have an iPhone, you have to pick another solution;
  • It’s only limited to Instagram; should you want to monitor other messengers or social networks – you need to find something else.

Features of the Glassagram App

Knowing all product features helps make a choice faster and easier. With Glassagram, you will be able to spy on someone’s Instagram DM, stories, likes, and much more. Here’s an overview of what the software can offer its customers. 

Access to Stories with Glassagram Viewer

Glassagram viewer allows you to watch Instagram stories. “I can do this from my personal account!” you might say, and you would be right. But in this case, your target will see your interest in their personality. With the Glassagram app, you can do all the same things staying completely anonymous.

Moreover, it is possible to view the stories of the person you are interested in watching. Can you imagine, for example, how excited a person you like would be if you gave them the same thing they were viewing a couple of weeks ago for their birthday?

Videos and Reels Viewer

Glassagram is not a common Instagram spy app, as it allows you to dive into one’s life even deeper, giving you access not only to the information they produce but also consume. At first glance, it might seem it is not so important to know what videos and reels your target is watching. But there is a saying: “information is power”, which’s exactly the case with the Glassagram app.

Knowing what stories a person is watching, what posts like, and what reels enjoys gives you a chance to know them better and always be on track with their life. The technology is very simple: Glassagram viewer makes a screenshot of every story or video someone watches. New video – new screenshot. This process is 100% automatic and secret.

Direct Messages Tracker

How are you supposed to spy on your boyfriend’s Instagram, not having access to their messages? How can parents be sure that their child is totally fine and safe if they cannot check their listings? No one would register a Glassagram account if it did not let you spy on someone’s Instagram DM. It is as crucial as wheels for a car.

Unfortunately, if the vanish mode is active, messages will not be visible, which is quite a significant inconvenience. However, we are sure that the developers will fix it soon to be on the same level as their competitors.

Following the Likes

It might sound like a joke to some older people, but a like under one’s photo on a social network almost equals flowers given to show your interest. Of course, there’s nothing bad about this unless your children or partners start exchanging likes with strangers. It might be the first sign of something going wrong.

The technology here is the same as with reels: every time a like is given by the owner of the monitored device – you get a screenshot. So, no hacking takes place here; everything’s much more straightforward.


It’s effortless to find a Glassagram review on the internet. Android users willingly share their experiences on the app usage; unfortunately, as of now, iPhone admirers can only dream of using the Glassagram profile viewer since it’s not unavailable on iOS devices. However, we can expect this to be fixed in the nearest future, as iOS devices form a juicy market.

How to Use Glassagram

A complicated registration process often makes potential users just go to look for something more explicit. That is why on the Glassagram website, you are offered to create an account almost immediately after opening the page.

After registering and entering the Glassagram login information, you will be asked to type in the target account name. The privacy of the account or double authentification is not a problem for Glassagram, as it does not hack the page. Instead, it just takes screenshots whenever a certain action is done.

Glassagram Profile Viewer Pricing

Unfortunately, there is no free version offered to the customers. To get access to all functions, you need to create account and choose the membership.

Monthly plan$54.99/month
Three months plan$33.33/month
Annual plan$179.88 per year (14.99 per month)

After you sign up and finish the Glassagram login procedure – you get to a pretty and intuitive dashboard. On it, you can get all the information you wish and control your account.

Customer Support Service of Glassgram Profile Viewer

It is hard to disagree that customer support is one of the main pillars of any service or application. A product can often be great and useful, and incompetent support representatives may kill all the desire to use it. Luckily, Glassagram support team is made of another dough.

In the case of Glassagram not working, you can always contact the company representative via a very convenient live chat on the website and get a reply in a couple of minutes. Furthermore, many happy users in their Glassagram reviews praise the customer support service, making it even more obvious for any potential customer that it’s worth trying.


Is Glassagram legit?

One is officially allowed to track the accounts of their under-aged kids or if they have another adult person’s permission to do that. Nevertheless, it’s always better to check the local laws to make sure that you are not breaking any rule actual only in the area where you live.

Is Glassagram safe?

The Glassagram profile viewer is a completely safe solution for Instagram monitoring. It does not steal any personal information, such as logins and passwords, and it does not hack anything. In addition, the Glassagram installation file has no viruses or other malware that can harm your device.

Is Glassagram a scam?

Glassagram is not a scam; it is a full-scale and respectable representative of the tracking software market, with dozens of positive reviews and transparent policies. Should you have any problems with it – a highly qualified customer support team is always there to help you via 24/7 chat service on their website.


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Do not hesitate and download Glassagram apk to sneak peek into someone's life. It is a great solution for Instagram tracking with all the needed functions included in the subscription plan, available for all PC and Android users. There is no free option, and if you choose a paid one, the annual subscription would be much more preferable in terms of price.
Do not hesitate and download Glassagram apk to sneak peek into someone's life. It is a great solution for Instagram tracking with all the needed functions included in the subscription plan, available for all PC and Android users. There is no free option, and if you choose a paid one, the annual subscription would be much more preferable in terms of price.
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