How to Spy on Your Boyfriend’s Instagram

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How to Spy on Your Boyfriend's Instagram

Instagram is more than a photo-sharing app. It’s a social network where people make voice and video calls, send and receive text messages and do much more. Therefore, you have a reason to worry if your boyfriend spends a lot of time on this platform. And that’s why you may want to spy on your boyfriend’s Instagram.

Luckily, you can use a mobile spy application to monitor what your boyfriend does on this platform. A cell phone tracker app like uMobix enables you to spy on your boyfriend, who won’t know or suspect because it runs in stealth mode.

Reasons to Spy on Your Boyfriend’s Instagram

You may have several reasons to investigate your boyfriend’s Instagram. Here are some of them:

  • He’s always on his phone: If your boyfriend is on his phone, it may not be just Instagram he’s using. He could be texting other women or even cheating on you. Spying on his phone can help you determine what he’s up to and make an informed decision.
  • You suspect he’s cheating: If you have a feeling that your boyfriend is cheating on you, an Instagram spy app can help you know whether he’s cheating or not.
  • You want to know what he’s doing: Even if you trust your boyfriend, you may still want to know what he’s doing on Instagram. After all, it’s a social network, and people share a lot of personal information.

Any of these reasons could make you want to know how to spy on your boyfriend Instagram. Luckily, modern technology makes this easier.

What Data Can You Get from Spying on Boyfriend’s Instagram?

You’re interested in knowing everything your boyfriend could be doing on Instagram but hiding it from you. When you spy on your boyfriend’s Instagram, you can get the following data:

  • Instagram Direct Messages: You can read all the messages your boyfriend sends and receives via Instagram.
  • Instagram Stories: You can view all the photos and videos your boyfriend posts on his story.
  • Instagram Posts: You can see all the photos and videos your boyfriend posts on his feed.
  • Second account: If your boyfriend has a second Instagram account that he’s not showing you, a spy app can help you find it.

Tracking his Instagram account allows you to learn things he doesn’t want you to discover. And the best cell phone spy app will help you check his primary profile; scroll through his DMs and followers list. Also, you can find an Instagram account that he doesn’t want you to know.

How to Spy on Your Boyfriend Instagram with uMobix

uMobix is a mobile tracker that allows you to spy on your boyfriend’s Instagram in real-time. This spy app is straightforward to use, and it’s compatible with iPhone and Android devices. And since it runs in stealth mode, your man will never know that you’re monitoring his Instagram activity. Follow these steps to spy on your beau’s Instagram with this application.

For iPhone

Before you spy on your boyfriend’s Instagram using uMobix, get his iCloud credentials first. That’s because you will need them to set up the app.

  1. Use your email address to create a free account.
  2. Verify the iPhone device by entering your boyfriend’s iCloud login details.
  3. Configure the uMobix app for your boyfriend’s iPhone.
  4. Use your uMobix account credentials to access the online dashboard where you can monitor his Instagram activity.

uMobix grants you full access to your boyfriend’s Instagram account. Also, it tracks his activities, and you can even manage his account. The app updates information on the online dashboard every five minutes, so you won’t miss anything.

For Android

Spying on your boyfriend’s Instagram is also easy if he uses an Android device. Follow these steps to start monitoring his Instagram activity.

  1. Sign up with uMobix using your email address.
  2. You will receive an email with instructions on installing the uMobix monitoring app on your boyfriend’s Android device.
  3. Configure the app to run in stealth mode.
  4. Use your browser to access your uMobix control panel, where you can spy on your man’s Instagram.

You need one-time physical access to your boyfriend’s Android device to set up and configure the uMobix app. After that, you can spy on everything your boy does on this social networking application remotely.


If you found this web page after searching “how to spy on my boyfriend’s Instagram” online, you now have the answer. There’s no reason to wonder what he secretly does or who he’s always chatting with on this platform. Use uMobix to know the truth and make an informed decision.


Is it legal to spy on boyfriend’s Instagram account? 

In most jurisdictions, it’s illegal to spy on somebody’s Instagram account without permission. However, some exceptions exist because there are ways you can use sneaky tactics to monitor your boyfriend without his realization. But before using a spy app to monitor your boyfriend’s Instagram activity, we recommend expressing your concerns to him.  

Are IG spy apps safe?

Yes. Most Instagram spy applications are safe. However, install an application from a trusted developer. That way, you can protect personal data and ensure your safety and that of your boyfriend. Also, read reviews about the app you want to install to know what other users say about its safety and effectiveness.

How to see boyfriend’s direct messages without touching his phone? 

The only way to read your boyfriend’s Instagram direct messages without touching his phone is by using a spy app. Cell phone spy apps like uMobix enable you to remotely view all the texts he sends and receives on Instagram. Also, you can view the photos or videos he sends and receives via this platform.

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