Best Facebook Messenger Spy Apps 2024

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Best Facebook Spy Apps

Regardless if you’re approving it or not – social media has become a way of life for many people all around the globe. Millions of people use popular social networking sites. Above them is the towering giant of social media sites: Facebook.

The fact that so many people use Facebook makes it convenient for others to spy on them. Perhaps you also have a legitimate reason to use a Facebook messenger spy app on somebody – your boyfriend, girlfriend, or children.

With this in mind, we’re here to help you learn about the best Facebook spy apps that you can use to spy on a target phone for free. Once you download a spy app for Facebook, you can effortlessly and covertly spy on people that you want to check up on. You’ll have immediate access to the Facebook profile of these people and all the assorted information therein. Without further ado, let’s get to it and find best Facebook Messenger spy app without target phone.

Crucial Arguments for the Use of Facebook Spy App

Facebook, like other social media websites, can keep a lot of secrets and even carry a cyber threat. Let’s look at this in more detail. 

The Usage of Facebook Spy Apps as the Parental Control Tool

Most kids today use social media, and Facebook is no exception. There’s a possibility the child may be interacting with fraudsters or strangers. There are cases of bullying or blackmail. With a Facebook spy app, you, as a parent, are enabled to always monitor your child’s online activity and warn of dangerous risks. 

Employee Monitoring – The Part of Successful Business 

No one will follow the team in their free time. But as a business owner, you might be interested in whether or not your employees are doing the work and not idling away their time. Social media is a distraction. Tracking services will help keep a hand on the pulse of rational use of working time.

Check Your Spouse Activity – Can They Have an Affair?

Statistically, most cheating is done by correspondence on social media. This is a great place to react to photos and comments hidden from a constant partner. With surveillance apps, you have access to everything that happens in your account. This will help you spy on your spouse’s phone and learn how true your partner is in your relationship.

How the Best Facebook Spy Apps Work

It may seem rocket science, but just about anyone can learn how to use the best Facebook spy apps in a matter of minutes. All you will need to do is install one of the apps to spy on Facebook on the target device and then link the app with your phone. You will then start to receive all information regarding Facebook usage on the targeted phone as the tracked person uses their phone. Best of all, this person won’t even be aware that you’re tracking their Facebook usage patterns.

This includes the tracking of all sorts of Facebook-related information. You could use the Facebook profile spy app of your choice to monitor various usage statistics, such as the time they’ve spent on Facebook, profiles they’ve seen, people they’ve sent messages to, people they’ve received messages from, likes, friend requests – and anything in-between. As you can see, a wealth of important information will be discovered once you begin using a Facebook spy app for Android.

Best Facebook Spy Apps

It’s here that we get to the meat of this article. You will learn here about the best spy apps for Facebook messenger. You’ll learn what makes these apps so powerful and effective, and you’ll learn how to use them. So, if you want to spy on a Facebook profile, then you’ve come to the right place – keep on reading.

uMobix – Best Facebook Messenger Spy App

uMobix is arguably the best Facebook spy app you can find online. It’s a piece of software that you can install on any device you need to spy on the Facebook history of the respective device. It works covertly, meaning the owner of the target phone will not be aware that you’re following them. It’s available as an Android app and iOS app, which is perfect for most people’s needs. Some uMobix’s features:

  • Call history monitoring
  • Text messages
  • Social apps monitoring (such as Facebook)
  • GPS location tracker
  • Access to control the target device
  • Streaming
  • View deleted info
CompatibilityFree TrialPrice From
iOS, AndroidDemo$49.99


  • A large number of available useful features to spy on the targe device
  • Works effectively, as advertised
  • Three tiers of purchase options that you can select from
  • Works covertly, protecting your identity


  • Not exactly cheap, especially if you go for the 1-month full pack option
  • No free trial option

Cocospy – Parental Spy App for Facebook Messenger

Cocospy is another powerful Facebook spy app you can use to spy on different devices. Just like uMobix, it’s jam-packed with features. This means that Cocospy is not only appropriate and effective as a free spy app for Facebook messenger, but it’s also effective in tracking the targeted device in many other different ways. As with other spy apps, there are a few tiers of purchase options that you can choose from when buying it. It is also a Facebook spy app for iPhone and Android devices. Some features available in Cocospy app:

  • Look through the phone’s contact list
  • Facebook/Instagram/WhatsApp monitoring
  • Check incoming and outgoing call logs
  • Geo-fence the map, get notifications when the lines are crossed
  • Check browser history
  • Stealth mode
  • Keylogger
  • View photos and videos stored on the targeted device
CompatibilityFree TrialPrice From
iOS, AndroidNo$49.99


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Robust in terms of available spy features
  • Monitor iPhones without jailbreak


  • It costs money to purchase the full version
  • You’ll need to install it on the target device for it to work

SpyBubble Pro – A Great Spy App for Couples

Touted as a Facebook spy app for instant monitoring – and as your investigative partner – SpyBubble is next in line on our list of best Facebook spy apps. With a tagline of “only 6% of cheaters confess”, you’ll immediately have a clear-cut idea of how you can use SpyBubble app to your advantage. By installing it on the targeted phone, you will immediately be able to spy on the phone’s user, especially regarding their Facebook usage parameters. SpyBubble’s features:

  • Very fast installation
  • Real-time tracking – you’ll get the information updated every 5 minutes
  • Reporting via screenshots
  • Access to deleted data
  • Easy-to-use interface
CompatibilityFree TrialPrice From
Android, iOSNo$49.99


  • SpyBubble is cost-effective, despite its powerful features
  • The app has extensive compatibility for both Android and iOS devices alike
  • Even deleted data isn’t safe from your eyes – you’ll get complete access to the smartphone
  • There are frequent limited-time offers with significant discounts for the full package


  • It may take some time for customer support to respond to your inquiry
  • If there’s no active discount, you will have to pay the full price for SpyBubble to use it

XNSPY – Perfect Choice for Business

If you need a Facebook messenger spy app that’s not only capable of monitoring Facebook but has an extensive list of capabilities, features, and functionalities, then XNSPY is the perfect option for you. Much like many other spy apps, you will need to install this Facebook spy app for Android on the target device for it to work. Once you do this, though, you will have immediate and complete access to every piece of information that transpires on device that you track. Here is some features available in XNSPY app:

  • Monitor phone calls and contacts
  • Get info on the phone’s exact GPS location
  • Record phone calls and the phone’s surroundings
  • SMS and IM chats monitoring
  • Monitor WhatsApp messages without rooting the phone
  • Remote Facebook chat spy
  • Get 24/7 instant alerts on your phone
  • Keylogging
  • Wi-Fi network logs
CompatibilityFree TrialPrice From
Androdi, iOSNo$59.99


  • A huge list of powerful phone-tracking features
  • Limited-time offers of up to 40% of the full price off
  • The perfect tool to use for monitoring Facebook usage


  • You can’t use XNSPY for free
  • You’ll have to use some social engineering to install XNSPY

Hoverwatch – A Free Facebook Spy App

Hoverwatch is an effective solution in the form of a Facebook messenger spy app. With its help, you will be able to monitor Facebook usage on the targeted phone, including getting access to instant messages, Facebook friends lists, profiles, likes, etc. Besides that, there are lots of other useful features that you can use once you download Facebook spy app Hoverwatch. Features:

  • Remain completely hidden and invisible from sight
  • Monitor text messages and calls
  • Facebook, WhatsApp, and Viber tracking
  • Geolocation feature
  • Front camera photo-taking
  • Phone internet history
  • Facebook monitoring
CompatibilityFree TrialPrice From
iOS, AndroidYes$49.99


  • You can use the front and back cameras of the phone to snap photos and record videos
  • You’ll be completely hidden from sight once you begin using Hoverwatch
  • The app is available for both Android and iOS mobile devices alike


  • You’ll have to pay $49.99 to use Hoverwatch for one month
  • Customer support is known to run late with replies

mSpy – Top Ranking Facebook Spy App for iPhone And Android

mSpy is lauded as the best phone tracker for parental control. With robust features such as geolocation, phone tracking, social media chat monitoring, and more, you’re sure to find mSpy highly useful and beneficial. Chances are that you, just like everyone else, may need to monitor someone in their Facebook usage. If this is the case, then look no further than mSpy. It’s the perfect Facebook messenger spy app to use for this purpose. Download and install it on the targeted and your own devices, and you’re good to go. Check some features of mSpy app:

  • Monitor every keystroke and tap on the targeted smartphone
  • Get real-time location information
  • Learn more about the phone calls that have been made from the target phone
  • Check out the search history of the phone
  • See the photos that they’ve sent and received
CompatibilityFree TrialPrice From
Android, iOSNoFrom $48.99


  • A complete all-around package for phone-spying purposes and needs
  • Easy to install and use
  • Not expensive


  • You can’t use mSpy for free
  • Only compatible with Android and iOS devices

SpyStealth – Cheap Facebook Messenger Spy App For iPhone

SpyStealth is one of the few apps you can use to spy on a Facebook message, which has built a great ecosystem for this. It’s the perfect app to spy on Facebook messenger, and it’s very easy to install and use. The layout has been designed to be easy to understand. Lastly, the SpyStealth customer support service has been known to be highly responsive to inquiries. So, if you want to spy on a person’s activity on Facebook, look no further than SpyStealth. Here is some features:

  • Monitor up to five devices on a single account
  • Get location information
  • View the device’s screen, updated every 90 seconds
  • Remotely lock and unlock the target cell phone
  • Get information on the SIM card
CompatibilityFree TrialPrice From
iOS, AndroidFree registration$24.95


  • By purchasing a single SpyStealth account, you can monitor up to five different devices
  • A big number of phone tracking features
  • You can get instant alerts about the target phone’s activity on your phone


  • Registration is free, but the full package isn’t
  • You can only get a subscription; you won’t be able to retain permanent ownership of the app once you purchase it

Snoopza – Facebook Spy App for Android Only

Snoopza is another powerful spying app that you can use to spy on your children, significant other, or even people working for you. As such, it’s the perfect Facebook messenger spy app for Android and iOS devices alike. It’s full of features you can use to trace another person’s phone and get loads of useful information you wouldn’t have got otherwise. To check out the full features, as well as the lists of pros and cons of Snoopza, keep reading below. Features offerred by Snoopza app:

  • Track calls
  • Record calls
  • Manage SMS and MMS conversations
  • Facebook, Viber, and WhatsApp spy
  • Snapchat spy
  • Stealth mode
CompatibilityFree TrialPrice From
Android onlyYes$14.95


  • A big list of effective features for spying on Facebook Messenger
  • Your identity will remain hidden, and the tracked person will remain oblivious to your spying
  • Get loads of information that you can use to make better decisions


  • To get the full package, you will need to purchase the professional version for €29.95 per month
  • It’s required to install Snoopza on the targeted device for it to work

TiSPY – Top Tier Spy App for Phone and Windows PC

This time around, we have a free Facebook messenger spy app tailor-made for monitoring your children’s phone activity on social media sites such as Facebook. But the fact that TiSPY is geared towards this goal doesn’t mean that it’s not effective for other things, as well. You can use it to get all sorts of useful information that there’s no viable another way to get, and the best part is that you can do this remotely. Some features that you can find in TiSPY app:

  • Manage calls
  • Track text messages
  • Location tracking & geo-fencing
  • Access address book
  • Track multimedia files
  • Track Facebook usage
CompatibilityFree TrialPrice From
iOS, Android, WindowsYes$35.20


  • A simple-to-use app for a variety of different purposes
  • A demo version is available to try out


  • The full version will require you to purchase the app for real money
  • There are times when there are no discounts active, and you will need to pay the full price to use the app


Last but not least, we have eyeZy, arguably the best app to spy on Facebook messenger. In fact, it could be argued that this is the most powerful phone monitoring software on the planet. It’s great to use when it comes to parental control if you want to monitor your children, employees, and significant others. With its extensive list of functionalities and features, it’s hardly a surprise that eyeZy is one of the most popular spy apps on the internet – perhaps even worthy of the title of best spy app for Facebook messenger. Heres some features available in eyeZy app:

  • See the tracked phone’s social calendar
  • Keylogging capabilities
  • Trace the exact GPS location of the phone at all times
  • Get notifications when the phone’s user does a particular search
  • Get all of these features and more without even being noticed
CompatibilityFree TrialPrice From
iOS, AndroidDemo$47.99


  • You can download free version of eyeZy
  • There are many phone-tracking features that you can use, specifically for Facebook tracking


  • The full app is not known to be cheap
  • While it’s responsive, you may still end up having to wait for a reply from the customer service team

How to Choose the Best Facebook Spy App

If you want to choose and use the best Facebook spy app, you will need to pay attention to a few important criteria. You can check out our advice on the subject below.

App Compatibility

One of the most important things about the best Facebook spy app is compatibility. You’ll see that most of the Facebook spying apps have full Android and iOS device compatibility. If you own an iPhone, you will need to find a Facebook spy app for iPhone, plain and simple. However, if you have another type of device, it would be better for you to find an app that features support for that particular device type.

User Experience

The user experience is another crucial factor when it comes to using Facebook spying apps. The app must be created in a way to be very easy and convenient to use. If you find a particular app difficult to use, it may not be the right one for you.

Available Features

This is arguably the most important thing about Facebook spying apps. The first thing you’ll want to do when looking for the best option is to check the app’s available features: the more features, the merrier. If the app has none of the features you need, it may be better to look elsewhere.

Customer Support

Lastly, we have an oft-overlooked part of the best Facebook spying apps – customer support. Chances are that, even after reading this review, you may have additional questions about these apps. If this is indeed the case, it would be great if you could get in touch with a responsive customer service team that will answer all your questions. This is why customer support is always important when it comes to spying apps.

Compare Facebook Spy Apps

AppCompatibleFree TrialPrice
uMobixiOS, AndroidDemo$49.99
CocospyAndroid, iOSNo$49.99
SpyBubbleiOS, AndroidNo$49.99
XNSPYAndroid, iOSNo$59.99
HoverwatchiOS, AndroidYes$49.99
mSpyAndroid, iOSNo$48.99
SpyStealthiOS, AndroidFree registration$24.95
TiSPYAndroid, iOS, WindowsYes$35.20
eyeZyiOS, AndroidDemo$47.99

Free Facebook Spy Apps – Can They Be Useful?

Today there are many solutions to get information from the targeted device. Some methods involve using a free Facebook spy app. For example, TiSpy, Snoopza, and Hoverwatch services offer free trials to get a person’s data. Some apps, such as eyeZy, propose a demo version with a basic set of features.  

Free versions allow you to get acquainted with the service, understand how it works, and whether you need to buy a subscription for this application. Of course, non-paid usage offers only minimal possibilities. A wide range of services that will allow monitoring reports from targeted devices will cost money.

The Way to Use Facebook Messenger Spy App Without Target Phone

If you want to get information from someone’s device involves physical contact with the device itself. But modern technology offers access remotely, for example, with an iOS device. Below we will look at such cases of using surveillance on the example of an advanced uMobix service.

So, we’ll dive deeper into monitoring Apple gadgets (Android ones still need physical contact). To start tracking with uMobix:

  1. Register your app’s account, pay for a subscription plan, and get login details to your account;
  2. Provide target iOS gadget credentials (2FA should be deactivated, and iCloud backup should be enabled; otherwise, physical interaction will be needed). An installation wizard in users space will be at hand;
  3. Get detailed reports in your user account.

One can obtain cell phone information, track calls and messages, get full access to social media, monitor browser history, etc., remotely with a Facebook messenger spy app without target phone.


If you have had any doubts about the efficiency and effectiveness of the best Facebook spy apps, then it’s time to put those doubts to rest. We have outlined the best spying apps you can easily use. You now know the particular apps, their features, pros, and cons. You also know how to install them and begin using.


Do Facebook spy apps really work?

The answer to this question is a resounding “yes”, plain and simple. If you follow the steps we’ve outlined above, you will get proof of the apps’ effectiveness and easiness of use. You can then start monitoring the Facebook usage history of the targeted phone.

What is the best app to spy on Facebook Messenger?

There’s no such thing as a “best app”. All the apps we’ve outlined above are known for their quirks, advantages, and weaknesses. It’s best if you do your own research and see what you need to find the best app that will meet your personal needs and preferences.

Is it legal to use Facebook spy apps?

Yes, it’s legal to use Facebook spy apps if you use them ethically. For example, there’s nobody to prevent you from monitoring what your children are doing on their smartphones and what Facebook message they send or get on their phones – it’s your duty and your responsibility as a parent. You can also use the Facebook spy apps legally in a variety of different other ways.

Can I read Facebook messages without access to a target phone?

Yes, once you install the app on the target phone, you will get immediate access to all the Facebook messages that transpire on the target phone. Not only that – you will also get loads of other information about how the phone is used, including social media site usage, internet history, phone calls, etc.

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