SpyStealth App Review

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Spystealth Review

SpyStealth is a phone tracker that monitors your target’s information. If you’re looking to monitor your children, watch a relative, or use it for another purpose, SpyStealth is for you. However, you might not know if it’s the program for you. After all, some spy programs might have some features you’re looking for, but SpyStealth is lacking. This post will help you decide if Spystealth is for you. We’ll provide an objective look at the program, covering its pros and cons and giving answers to any questions you might have. Let’s begin by talking about its benefits and drawbacks.

Quick Look on SpyStealth App

Live control panel, communication logs, GPS tracking, internet monitoring, media files monitoring, alerts, apps blocking, lock phone, etc.

iOS, Android.

Basic Plan – $24.95 per month, Premium Plan – $59.95, Non-Jailbreak – $29.95

No (only free registration to see how the app looks inside)

What Is SpyStealth?

SpyStealth is an app that allows you to monitor a targeted phone. With SpyStealth, you can view information about the phone, such as real-time monitoring, GPS tracking, and viewing any media on the phone.

SpyStealth is intended for those who want to monitor their children or employers to monitor work phones. In addition, there are other uses for SpyStealth, such as tracking a lover. SpyStealth is plan-based, with some features being locked behind a premium. However, the basic plan should provide enough features for a person. In addition, SpyStealth lets you view everything from a control panel, which is easy to navigate.

How Does SpyStealth Phone Tracking Software Work?

SpyStealth is not a unique app. There are many cell phone spy apps that you can use to monitor other people. However, SpyStealth sticks out by being relatively simple to install and easy to use. One can use it anonymously. The spyware can be used with both Android and iOS target gadgets. All you need before the usage starts is to meet with the subscription plan proposition on the website and create the personal app’s account. All the further instructions you’ll get via confirmation email. In addition, its price is fairly competitive compared to other apps.

Spystealth Review: Pros & Cons


  • SpyStealth is easy to install
  • Its interface is intuitive, and it is simple to monitor everything you need
  • The prices for SpyStealth are competitive
  • Creating an account doesn’t cost anything


  • Some features might not be up-to-date
  • Plans aren’t available up front; you have to create an account and install it before seeing the plans
  • It would be best if you had a jailbroken or rooted phone, which can be complex to do for some people who don’t know much about it

As you can see, SpyStealth has more pros than cons, but some aspects need improvement. So now, let’s move on to the program itself.

SpyStealth App Features

Live Control Panel

SpyStealth comes with a control panel that lets you view everything in one easy-to-access hub. With the control panel, you can see an overall view of the device you’re marketing and receive alerts when something is happening.

One thing we love is how simple the control panel is. Even if you aren’t too technologically literate, it’s easy to pick up. The control panel also comes with helpful tutorials if you have a question about how it works.

Communication Logs

When the target phone communicates using text or messaging programs, these logs let you view the conversation’s archives. So even if the person is using a secure messenger, you can still view them and even look at messages that were deleted by your target.


You can track the phone’s GPS coordinates to get an idea of where the person is. This feature is excellent for ensuring your children are safe or seeing where a suspicious person is going. The GPS feature is entirely accurate, allowing you to know where your target is going with pinpoint accuracy.

Internet Monitoring

SpyStealth internet monitoring features make it easy for you to see what the target is doing online. For children, you can make sure they aren’t doing anything inappropriate. For employees, you can make sure they’re not on time-wasting websites. If your target uses an incognito browser, you can still monitor their movements, as SpyStealth sees what they’re doing.

Media File Monitoring

You can view a target device’s media. The media file monitoring feature includes photos, videos, audio files, and anything else. See what your device owner has downloaded with ease. This feature is excellent if you want to ensure your child is not downloading anything inappropriate.


SpyStealth will give you alerts when there is some significant activity on the target device’s phone. Like with most alerts, it’s easy for you to customize which alerts you want to receive and which you do not.

Control Tools

SpyStealth comes with various tools you can use to control a person’s usage of their phone. For example, you can prevent using certain apps or allow people to use their phones during certain times or for specific amounts. These tools work great for parents or employers.

In addition, you can monitor up to five devices at a time. This feature is excellent if you have multiple children or multiple employees. In addition, there are many other unique SpyStealth pro tools at your disposal.

And More

SpyStealth comes with other features, allowing you to spy on your target phone in many different ways. You can visit their page for a current list of features, as they are constantly adding to it.


SpyStealth is compatible with iOS and Android phones, with some exceptions depending on which version your phone has.

For example, if you’re downloading it for Android, it needs to be version 4 or higher, and iOS needs to be version 7.0.2 or higher.

In addition, there might be some compatibility issues depending on your carrier. SpyStealth has a compatibility page, which you can go to. You can register and see if there are any issues concerning your carrier.

For most devices, SpyStealth will work well. You can always speak to customer service if you have any issues, as they are available 24/7.

Also, there is no SpyStealth for Windows.

How to Install SpyStealth for iPhone and Android

Installation for SpyStealth is relatively simple for most people.

  1. First, go to “Free registration” on the home page. Then, enter your email to create an account or log in with a social media account.
  2. Then, you can scan a QR code using your target phone. Once you scan, you’ll download the app. Reminder, the target phone is the phone you want to spy on, not that you use.
  3. Install the app, and then open it on your phone.
  4. Once this occurs, you can choose your plan. Pick the plan that best suits your needs.
  5. After that, the program should be installed on your target phone.
  6. You can log in through the website to monitor your target device’s activities. You should be good to go after that. A unique feature of the app is that you can log in via social networks and Gmail.
Spystealth Installing

As you can see, installing SpyStealth is relatively straightforward. First, be sure you have the correct version installed, and be sure your phone is jailbroken. If it’s not, the app might not work correctly. If you’re still having issues, you can speak to customer service. We find that the customer service is usually reliable and can help you with any installation issues you might have.


Like most apps, SpyStealth comes with several pricing plans, and you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

One disadvantage about SpyStealth is that they’re secretive with their pricing. They’ll only tell you their current pricing once you’ve installed the app. Therefore, these prices may have changed.

In addition, SpyStealth comes with several payment methods you can use to pay for a plan securely. You do not need to worry about lacking a method of payment.


The basic package comes with most things a person wants when spying on someone’s phone. So for most people, the basic package is what will suffice. It costs about $24.95 monthly, but you can also get a year-long version for less money overall.

Spystealth Premium

As you can expect, the SpyStealth premium app version comes with more advanced features. This might be great for a business or someone who wants to see everything a person is doing on their phone. SpyStealth premium costs about $59.95 monthly, but you can pay less for a yearly fee.


This plan is suitable for monitoring iOS devices that cannot be jailbroken. You must enable iCloud Back Up before tracking an iPhone. It comes with limited features (no GPS tracking, app blocking, keylogging) and costs $29.95 per month.

SpyStealth Trial

Currently, free trial is not available. However, you can create an account for free and check out how SpyStealth looks inside. You can also check our rating of best free trial spy apps and find the right one for you.

Customer Support

SpyStealth does have some excellent customer service. It does have a 24/7 number you can call if something is wrong. In addition, you can email them via a contact form on their website.

The app also includes some helpful information in case you need help with the app.

Strong customer service is vital for any app, as anything can go wrong. When that happens, you want to have a team eager to help you in any way possible. So if you have any issues, do not hesitate to reach out to SpyStealth’s customer service team.

SpyStealth Compared to Other Apps

Calls and MessagesYesYesYesYesNo
Location trackingYesYesYesYesNo
Instagram monitoringYesYesYesYesYes
Remote accessNoNoYesYesNo


Does SpyStealth really work?

We believe that SpyStealth works well for spying on a target device. You should have no problems as long as you download SpyStealth apk. With our review of SpyStealth, we spoke positively about its many features. Feel free to read other SpyStealth reviews if you want to know more about the program.

Is SpyStealth legit?

Besides wondering, “Is SpyStealth good?” you might also wonder if the program is legit or not. It’s been around for years now, and it’s had many satisfied customers. Again, reading some SpyStealth reviews can help you determine its legitimacy. With that said, despite some flaws, we do love the product.

Can I download SpyStealth free?

The  SpyStealth app is free to download. However, if you want to get the most out of it, you must purchase one of the SpyStealth subscription plans that best meets your needs. 

Is SpyStealth a good Snapchat spying app?

Is there a SpyStealth Snapchat spying app? The answer is yes. SpyStealth includes the ability to monitor many apps, including Snapchat. Snapchat is one of the most discreet platforms out there, so being able to spy on it and see what a person is up to can be beneficial for you.


9 10 0 1
SpyStealth is a handy spying app. While it's not the best or most advanced in the market, it's ideal if you want a spy app that can get the basic tasks done. For example, if you need to monitor the phone activity of your children, employees, or someone else, you can view their information easily. And with free registration, it's simple for you to install it and see if it's for you. If you don't like it, you can uninstall it without any questions asked. So we say to try it and see if it's for you. Good luck with your spying endeavors.
SpyStealth is a handy spying app. While it's not the best or most advanced in the market, it's ideal if you want a spy app that can get the basic tasks done. For example, if you need to monitor the phone activity of your children, employees, or someone else, you can view their information easily. And with free registration, it's simple for you to install it and see if it's for you. If you don't like it, you can uninstall it without any questions asked. So we say to try it and see if it's for you. Good luck with your spying endeavors.
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