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Best Instagram Spy Apps

Apps to spy on Instagram have become very popular and are used by parents to monitor their kids’ activity on social media. Whether you want to know who your child is talking to or who follows their account, a spy app is a perfect solution. With Instagram spy apps, an app can be installed on a mobile phone and will run in the background, completely undetectable. These apps provide real-time data and help ensure safety.

How Does the Best Instagram Spy App Work?

When using a spy app for Instagram, you will need to install an app on a target device. Once the app is installed, it will start to monitor all activity on Instagram. The data collected will then be sent to a dashboard. Here, you can retrieve details such as shared photos, messages, posts, and even a list of followers. These apps all run in the background and cannot be detected by the phone’s owner. 

What Data Can Be Collected with an Insta Spy App?

When using apps to spy on Instagram, a variety of data can be collected. Top-rated Instagram spy apps can provide a wealth of information and updates in real-time. Check out what you will have access to when using Instagram spy apps for Android or iOS devices.

When using spying software, all incoming direct messages will show up on the dashboard and will contain a timestamp. Users will also be able to view any messages that have been sent, including deleted ones. No longer can secret communications take place behind your back.

Top spy apps for Instagram will allow you to view all stories posted to the account. The profile owner will not be alerted to your access. This is useful when stories are hidden from certain people or if you do not have an account with Instagram. All stories will be uploaded in real-time.

A spy app installed on a target device will be able to check out all information that appears in a feed on IG. This will include any posts being followed, suggested ads or posts, and comments made. Users will also see any photos or videos posted and be in the know of digital activity of the needed person.

If you try to monitor and restrict what your child accesses online and who they talk to, it is possible to watch posts liked. When an Insta user likes any post, the data will be saved and presented on the dashboard so you can see who they are communicating with.

Top-notch spy apps will provide many different services and will gather data accurately. Included will be any saved posts made by the account owner. This allows you to remotely spy on the Instagram and view their preferences. Saved posts only appear in a private section of the profile, but with the help of screen snaps, they can be exposed. 

If the user accesses any Instagram videos that are more than an hour long, the app will alert you through the control panel. Information on the video will be provided. This allows you to see the content that is being watched using an Instagram account.

10 Best Instagram Spy Apps Available

Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms. It allows users to send and receive messages, video calls, voice messages, and more. Users can also share pictures and links, leave comments for others, etc. While this platform is a great way for people to stay in touch, some parents want to monitor who their children are interacting with. 

With the best Instagram spy apps, you can install the app directly on a target phone and instantly begin monitoring all Instagram activity. Check out these leading apps and see what each has to offer.

uMobix – Best Spy App for Instagram in 2024

uMobix is one of the best spy apps available, and if you are looking to get access to an Instagram account, this app is a great choice. Once it has been installed on a target phone, you can remotely access all messages that have been exchanged. In addition to viewing messages, uMobix app allows you to check all photos and videos posted. Compatible with Android and iOS devices, this is one of the best Instagram spy apps with wide range of features, here is some of them:

  • Block contacts
  • Restrict apps
  • View all DMs
  • Access photos and tags
  • Track GPS location
iOS, AndroidFrom $49.99


  • Track Instagram and other popular social media platforms
  • Allows access to the photo gallery
  • Sends screenshots
  • Monitor all tracked devices from a single dashboard
  • No access to the target phone is needed when spying on iPhone


  • Each device monitored will require a separate subscription

Glassagram – Best Insta Viewer App

Glassagram is one of the top-rated Instagram spy apps that can be used to track account activity in real-time. You can get access to private profiles and view direct messages. The app provides the ability to watch a video with no detection. Updates are offered every five minutes. This is the perfect app for those that want to watch Instagram stories without being noticed. With Glassagram, you can spy on Instagram without target phone. Just enter the Instagram details at the Glassagram site or paste the URL of an Instagram profile. Here is some features offered by Glassagram:

  • Anonymous viewing of stories
  • Download stories or posts to a PC
  • Video viewer
  • Likes viewer
Compatible with all devicesFrom $59.99


  • Simple set-up
  • Free version with a basic plan
  • Easy to install and runs immediately


  • Free package features are limited
  • Only compatible with Android

SpyBubble – Access Any Instagram Account Anonymously

SpyBubble has been used by thousands as a way to review messages and keep tabs on Insta use. This Instagram spy app is easy to use and cannot be detected. Available on Windows, Android, and iOS, it is a complete app for monitoring direct messages. Once installed, you will have unlimited access to all phone data when accessing the dashboard. If you need to spy on calls, emails, messages, or even track GPS location, SpyBubble is an excellent solution. The app provides valuable features such as:

  • Date and time stamps
  • Track all communications
  • See all likes and shared media 
  • Log all keystrokes
  • Pin down location
iOS, AndroidFrom $49.99


  • Set up of the app is straightforward and takes just a few minutes
  • Track all mobile apps being used
  • Customer support via live chat 
  • Positive feedback from users on the web regarding the declared functions
  • Best Instagram story viewer


  • 1 subscription allows monitoring only 1 device

mSpy – 7 Days Free Instagram Spy App

mSpy is a leading app used by many to spy on Instagram accounts. You can install the app on a target phone and monitor use. The app also allows viewing shared links and all information in a DM. Available for use on Android and iOS devices, mSpy is a trusted option. When you purchase a plan, you also get features that allow monitoring of all phone activity:

  • Access Instagram messages
  • Find device location
  • Track photos shared and liked by users
  • View all comments
  • Track coordinates of photos taken
Android, iOSFrom $48.99


  • 100% undetectable
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Encrypt and protect data
  • The app is not detectable
  • Free 7-day trial


  • High cost

TheOneSpy -The King of Instagram Spy Software

If you need a top-rated Instagram monitoring app to watch online activities, TheOneSpy is a great option. This Instagram spying app provides many features that can easily be used to track use and messaging. It will require the target phone to be installed and can be used on Android and iOS devices. If you are looking for an Instagram DM spy option or simply want to monitor screen time, TheOneSpy is an affordable option. A subscription provides top features, including:

  • Spy on videos and photos
  • Monitor all IG posts
  • View comments and likes on any post
  • Know who is following the Instagram account
Android, iOS, Windows, MacOSFrom $20


  • Fast and simple setup
  • Completely undetectable app
  • Spy on IG without rooting
  • Live audio and video streaming
  • The possibility to record calls
  • Easy-to-use dashboard


  • No internet filters
  • Physical access to target device required

SpyStealth – Undetactable IG Software

SpyStealth is one of the popular apps used for monitoring Instagram. Launched in 2016, it offers unique features and is an affordable option. This app can be installed on an Android or iOS device, and you will have instant remote access to the Instagram account. As part of the pricing plan, you will also receive all tracking services such as GPS locations, email monitoring, access to photos, and more:

  • Trace text messages
  • Access phone call logs
  • Track Instagram images and direct messages
  • Live control panel with updated information
  • Tracks all internet activities
iOS, AndroidFrom $24.95


  • Affordable prices
  • Live chat support services
  • One subscription covers 5 phones


  • Does not work with all operating systems
  • Features can be outdated

TiSPY – Top IG Spy App for Parents

Social media is one thing that many children use, and it can pose some threats. With TiSPY reputable Instagram spying app, it is possible to monitor all activity and ensure safety. Once installed, the software will collect data and send it to your dashboard. This spy app for Instagram provides fast syncing, so you never miss a message. For a low monthly cost, users will have access to a wide variety of features. No matter what plan is selected, the following advanced features will be included:

  • Read all secret chats
  • Track time and date stamps
  • Control Panel access for monitoring
  • Check out all multimedia messages sent
Android, MacOS, WindowsFrom $35.20


  • Easy-to-use Instagram spy software
  • Simple installation with no rooting or jailbreaking
  • Undetectable monitoring
  • Auto screen recording
  • Real-time alerts
  • Audio and video surveillance
  • Free trial available


  • Drains the target device’s battery fast
  • The shortest subscription period requires payment for 3 months

eyeZy – Affordable Insta Spy App

This popular app can be used to check messages on any private Instagram. As one of the most affordable options currently available, it has become a leading choice for any parent. Many features are included promising a reliable user experience. eyeZy Instagram spy app can be simply downloaded onto an Android phone that has been rooted. If used on an iOS device, it must be jailbroken. If any issues are faced, 24/7 customer support is at hand. Here are some of the top features included with the price:

  • Text monitoring
  • View all IG messages
  • Review message time and date
  • Screen recorder
  • Deleted text messages
  • GPS locations
iOS, AndroidFrom $47.99


  • Affordable pricing starts at $9.99 per month
  • Good range of features
  • Automated screenshots
  • Screen recording
  • Real-time syncing


  • Can be costly when installed on multiple devices
  • Rooting and jailbreaking required

Minspy – Phone Tracker and Spy App for Instagram

Minspy is a trustworthy Instagram spy app for Android and iOS devices that can monitor all social media activity. Once the app has been installed, users can access a dashboard to view all details. The app will begin to track social media activity instantly, and all data will be uploaded to the dashboard. 

One of the great things about using this Instagram DM spy app is that it will archive all messages. Not only does Minspy allow for monitoring the Instagram account, but it is also possible to access the account using the keylogger feature. If you are looking for one of the best Instagram spying apps, be sure to check out Minspy and enjoy the following features:

  • See any sent or received message
  • Browse followers and contact information
  • Check IG photos and videos
  • Easily monitoring from a web browser
Android, iOSFrom $39.99


  • No rooting is needed
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Minspy will run in the background
  • Low monthly subscription


  • No free trial offered, only a demo mode
  • Limited features for iOS

Snoopza – Android App To Track IG Activity

Snoopza is one of the popular hidden spy apps for Android that can be used to monitor social media activity on Instagram. In addition to being able to keep track of Instagram accounts, Snoopza comes with other tracking features. This spy app is a safe way to find a phone’s location or record calls. Using this app to spy on Instagram, you will get updated account information in real-time. Here is some Snoopza’s available features:

  • Track all social media activity
  • View chats and followers
  • Location tracking
  • SMS tracking
  • Record phone calls


  • Easy to use
  • Fast installation
  • Compatible with all Android devices
  • Free basic plan


  • Limited features with a free option
  • Only available for Android
  • It cannot be used to export phone data

How to Choose the Best Instagram Spy App

With many apps available, it is important to know how to choose the best one for your needs. Using a spy app is a simple way to monitor an Instagram account, and with the great options we have listed, you will be able to access all messages and profile information. As you compare the different apps, there are some things to note. Make sure to consider the following things when making a selection to ensure you start using an app that provides all features you need.


Since Instagram is used by millions of people, having an Instagram spy app compatible with all devices is essential. You can easily find the app compatible with Android or iOS devices. Once installed, you can remotely view activity through a dashboard that can be accessed on a PC or mobile device. 

User Experiences

It is important to take some time to read reviews of the latest apps to spy on Instagram. Getting information on user experiences will help you choose the right app. Since each will have different features and pricing, you want to make sure the Instagram spy app chosen will meet your needs while fitting into a budget. User experiences can also tell you how easy it is to access information and whether you can use the app without target phone access.

Features Available

The features included with an Instagram spy app should be diverse. The best apps will provide different functions that allow you to see profile details, direct messages, activity logs, reels, and the amount of time a person spends on Instagram. Watch for apps that provide timestamps and tags. It is also important for the app to run without being detected. 

Cost of App

The cost of spy apps for Instagram will be the main consideration. Most apps provide a free download and even have a free trial. With these, you can test the service and see what features are offered before purchasing. Most apps will have a monthly fee, but you can get a discount if you pay for an entire year. 

How to Install Instagram Spy App

Installing a spy app is a fast and simple process. It takes just a few minutes. Once installed, you will be able to monitor all Instagram activity and see real-time updates when accessing the dashboard. To get started with any of the recommended apps, just follow these steps:

  1. Sign up for an account with an Instagram spy app.
  2. Download the app and install it on a target phone.
  3. The download and installation will take less than 5 minutes.
  4. Disable Google Play Protect before installing.
  5. Configure the installed app to make sure it is not identifiable on the device.
  6. Start monitoring the device.

How to Use Free Instagram Spy Apps

If you want to begin spying on social media activity and want to try a free Instagram spy app, there are a few options. Most of the available solutions will include a wide array of features and real-time data. These services come with a fee, so there are no completely free Instagram spy apps, though if you face one, it might be a scam. 

However, there are ways to test these top-rated apps with no risk. By using a demo or a trial, you can preview an Instagram spy app free and see if it meets your spying needs. There is no cost and no obligation to use either of these options.


Spy apps designed to work with Instagram provide a fast and simple way to keep track of social media activity. This can be useful for parents or even employers who need to track employees’ activity at work. With the best apps we have listed, you will get instant access to an Instagram account and will be able to view all details. From the profile to any DM’s sent or received. If you need to monitor someone’s social media use, these apps are a safe and easy way to get updated information remotely and anonymously.


Do Instagram spy apps work?

Yes. Instagram spy apps can easily be used to access an Instagram account and begin spying on a user. You will find that many features included with the apps provide a safe and simple way to spy on a profile and get access to all messages.

Is it legal to spy on Instagram accounts?

It is legal to spy on Instagram accounts and use the listed apps. Users should check their local laws to determine if there are any restrictions when using spy apps. Some locations state this is only legal if being used to monitor a minor or if the person you are spying on has been informed that an app is installed on their phone. 

What is the best Instagram spy app?

After testing the listed apps, we found that uMobix is the best spy app for Instagram. The app provides great features and will take screenshots from a target phone. These are uploaded so that you can remotely see them at any time.

Can I use Instagram spy app without target phone?

All the Instagram spy apps we recommend will require access to a target Android phone. The app will have to be installed on the phone before it can be used. In case you know the person’s iCloud credentials, installation of an Instagram spy app without target phone may be possible.

Are there any free Instagram spy apps?

You will not find free Instagram spy apps that will provide the details of an Instagram account. The apps we have listed do have a monthly fee and will provide access to all supported features. You can make use of a free trial with some of these apps to check out their features and the service without having to pay any money.

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