SpyBubble Review

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Spybubble Review

The mind of each person is a separate universe with its own vision of the world, full of secrets. At times, it can be important to look behind the curtain, for instance, to help a child cope with their teenage problems or understand the causes of disharmony in a relationship with a loved one. Chances are they will respond to your concerns but will be reluctant to share their secrets with you – the reality is that sometimes the more you try to talk to a person straight, the more secretive they become.

This SpyBubble review will help you inquire about how online monitoring assistants work on the example of the most progressive applications out there. Thus, you will not be in the shadows anymore and remain informed at all times.

Quick Look on SpyBubble App

Call logging, SMS spymonitoring, text keylogging, location tracking, web browser activity monitoring, screenshots for tracking TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and messengers, access to remote data, and so on.

Android devices above version 4, all Apple smartphones and tablets (iPhones and iPads).

Download SpyBubble full version for 1 month for $49.99, three months bundle for $83.97 ($27.99 each month), or use it for a year for $139.92 ($11.66 for a month).

What Is SpyBubble App?

As technology takes root in people’s lives, there are fewer and fewer routine tasks in which applications would not come to our aid. While we are busy with some chores or hobbies, smart technologies do the work for us. SpyBubble is a mobile spy whose task is to help the user to have eyes and ears where it is impossible to be physically present. This program helps you keep abreast of what is happening with your loved one, child, or colleague and not waste your time. But that’s not all.

While most programs of this nature offer the standard set of features like call and message monitoring, the SpyBubble app offers an exquisite omnipresent experience. When getting information personally is difficult or impossible, a parent, for example, will be able to find out what their child is typing, where they are exactly, hear and see their environment – and at the same time retain the ability to remain unnoticed.

SpyBubble can be a valid solution for those who suspect that something is wrong with the behavior of a spouse. They can claim anything and become very adept at hiding their actions – but the facts speak for themselves. Namely, you can find out if your partner has installed and hidden the application, added a new contact, read their deleted messages, that is, finally establish the truth. SpyBubblePro clicks all of these tasks like nuts.

How Does SpyBubble Work

Sounds great, but how does it all work in practice? Firstly, those who decide to use this monitoring service will need to register before starting to monitor the target device. Your next step is to select a subscription option that will predetermine what range of features will be available to you. Being a digital gimmick, SpyBubble provides the user with detailed prompts during the installation process.

Once you have successfully created an account, it’s time to move on to setting up the software on device that you need to track. However, this may not be necessary – everything depends on what operating system the device has. An important detail: you will be able to enable stealth mode in this process. After that, log into your account again from your own device and watch for incoming updates on the dashboard. Thus, there will be a constant exchange of data between the target phone and your account, allowing you to track the information you need every 5 minutes.

Many people wonder if SpyBubble can make its presence on the phone somehow visible in the future. Well, the user will need one-time access to the phone that you need to monitor (in the case of iOS, you can do without it at all) to complete the SpyBubble installation and, if desired, hide the icon. In addition, the program offers remote control over the software settings, which can be configured as convenient for you.

SpyBubble App Pros and Cons

Pros of SpyBubble App:

  • An online tool that encompasses monitoring features and remote control of certain apps on the target device.
  • Price equals quality.
  • Monitoring of social networks, instant messengers, dating sites, and more.
  • Ability to remotely install applications, restrict calls and messages.
  • Data on the dashboard is updated with an interval of 5 minutes.
  • The interface is intuitive to use.

Cons of Spybubble App:

  • SpyBubble pro needs rooting (for Android target device).
  • You need to know iCloud login data (for iOS devices).
  • Some features are only available for Android.

Useful SpyBubble Pro Features

The SpyBubble app boasts various features that enable users to track the target person’s activities on their device and online. They give the user insights into what the person of interest does on their cell phone or online in real-time. And these functionalities work nicely for Android and iOS devices.

SpyBubble Cell Phone Spy

SpyBubble is a cell phone spy that enables you to monitor what someone does on their phone. Track the target phone and access the following:

  • Call logs: See who your child has called and who has called them.
  • Contacts: Access and go through your kid’s contact list when necessary.
  • Restricting incoming/outgoing calls: Block suspicious phone numbers calling your child if remote call listening is not possible.

It is also possible to monitor other things with the SpyBubble app, including SMS and app activity. Essentially, these features let you know virtually everything your loved one does on their device.

Message Monitoring

Text messages are some of the popular communication means. The SpyBubble spy app allows you to monitor SMSs, iMessages, and messengers’ conversations. Some of the things the application enables you to access include:

  • Received and sent messages
  • Saved and deleted messages
  • Media and content the person sends and receives via the messaging apps

Also, the app lets you access helpful details like the names, phone numbers, and other information about the person they communicate with in case you don’t get them in their address book. Even if your spouse, for example, deletes cheating texts, the app lets you read them later. And you access all this data in a simple list view format.

Location Tracking

The SpyBubble app is an effective real-time location tracking software. The cell phone locator has several functions that help ensure your child’s safety. Its dashboard allows you access to the following details:

  • The specific location of the cell phone on a map
  • Target person’s address information
  • GPS coordinates
  • Timestamp information location data and routes
  • Location history

Perhaps, a crucial aspect of this feature is that it lets you track the person’s location without them knowing. The Google Map link is convenient, allowing you to view the places they have visited. Thus, you can understand your kid’s social behavior by monitoring their movement when not around.

Browser History

Many people access the internet via their browsers. SpyBubble lets you track online activity by accessing their records to know the content they interact with via phone. This information is essential since it helps you protect your child from scammers, adults, and inappropriate content.

The browser monitoring feature supports unique functions, including the following:

  • Deleted web records
  • Web History
  • Website visits and timestamp data

Most parental control apps allow you access to data records only. However, the SpyBubble app takes the cell phone’s web activity screenshots. And this allows you access to valuable data about your loved one’s online activity.

Social Media Spy

Social media applications are prevalent in today’s society, even among children. Some kids have profiles on social media applications because they provide platforms for meeting, interacting, and learning about the world. But, social media can be addictive. Also, child molesters and scammers exist on social media platforms.

Luckily, SpyBubble has a feature that lets you monitor someone’s activity on the following social media apps:

  • Zoom
  • Skype
  • WeChat
  • Facebook
  • WhatsApp 
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat

The social media spy has a graphic interface. It’s also intuitive and unique, allowing access to a wide range of social media data, including comments, followers, and likes.


The keylogger feature allows you to track the keystrokes that the person inputs via their device’s keyboard. The function updates the SpyBubble servers with every keystroke in real-time. SpyBubble is among the best iPhone keyloggers and works well with Android devices.

Also, the keylogging function extends to recording data the users place on their device’s clipboard. The feature is convenient, allowing you access to passwords and logins that you can use to access their social media accounts. Additionally, this app has a notification alerts function that lets you know about the activities performed.

Device Control

The SpyBubble app runs in stealth mode, allowing you to control the target phone or tablet upon installation and configuration. Perhaps, this feature makes the app ideal for spying on a cheating boyfriend, husband, wife, or girlfriend.

  • The device control feature lets you do the following:
  • Remote control
  • Audio and video stream
  • Remote restrictions of sites and apps the person can access

This feature lets you listen and see everything they do when not with you. It enables you to hack their phone’s microphone and camera to listen to the sounds around them and record their activities. With such information, it is possible to quickly confront the target person with undeniable evidence.

Hidden Mode

This app has remote spy settings that let you configure it to run in a hidden mode. Many SpyBubble reviews highlight this feature because it makes the app undetectable. Ideally, you can install the app and hide its icon. 

At the same time, this spy app is invisible on iOS devices. There’s no app you install on an iOS device, meaning it’s merely impossible to detect any supervision. The SpyBubble app allows you stay in the loop of someone’s activities to know the truth. Since you monitor via a web dashboard that receives frequent auto-updates, you perform monitoring until satisfied.

SpyBubble Pro Compatibility

The SpyBubble app is a cross-platform development that will serve the owners of computers, smartphones, or tablets. It works on Android 4+ devices, as well as all Apple products – iPhones and iPads. All you need is an internet connection to sync and update your dashboard. As for the target device, the update occurs automatically there, without your ping.

As you know, Android and iOS are two different operating systems (being the biggest competitors). Therefore, the principle of installing SpyBubble iPhone spy app is fundamentally different from its Android counterpart due to the characteristics of each OS. More on this below.

SpyBubble mobile phone spy application compatible with all devices: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch.Compatible with all Android phones and tablets from Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and above.

How to Install SpyBubble for iPhone 

At the moment, SpyBubble does not provide a free trial period, but users can get 15% off for a while. Therefore, the process of setting up an application on iOS devices will look like this:

Step 1. Visit the SpyBubble website and click on Buy Now or Try Now.

Step 2. Enter your email address and double-check it – instructions and support tips will arrive at it soon.

Step 3. Choose which OS the device you are going to monitor has (in this case, click on the ‘iOS, iPhone, iPad’ option). Continue with choosing a subscription plan and receive a confirmation email.

Step 4. You do not need access to the iPhone that you need to track – unless it has two-factor verification enabled, which involves entering a confirmation code. Just enter your iCloud target device login and password into SpyBubble from your gadget and check the dashboard for new data!

How to Download SpyBubble for Android and Install It

Think of the SpyBubble app for Android as installing any other app on your device that requires a little tweaking. Essentially, the first steps until the moment of interaction with the target device are the same here – registration and purchase of a subscription. You will see which features are offered for both operating systems and which for only one.

The user will then need to do the following:

Step 1. Read the installation instructions that will be sent to your email.

Step 2. Follow the link to download SpyBubble APK for Android on the target smartphone or tablet and launch it.

Step 3. After installation, proceed to customization by providing all the necessary permissions, checking the accessibility of the necessary directories, and setting the program control from the dashboard as admin.

Step 4. Complete the installation process (optionally by activating the application in stealth mode).

SpyBubble Dashboard Review: Is It User-Friendly Enough?

If you’re considering this monitoring tool as software, we can help you decide if it’s right for you by looking at the SpyBubble dashboard and the features that it brings to the table. SpyBubble has everything we enjoy about a spy app. The second you try using the software, you will understand how it works. To the left of the dashboard, you have a list of all the activities to monitor, such as browser history, conversations, and much more. SpyBubble usage doesn’t cause difficulties because everything is done very technologically.

The features kit is different for Android and iOS, with the latter offering fewer sections on the dashboard. However, it is compensated by the lack of the need to jailbreak the device and easily track Facebook and Instagram.

There’s a section divided into several commonly used social media apps, one of which is Tinder, for instance. Since this is an app marketed towards people who suspect their partner is cheating, this makes sense. If your partner is into any suspicious activity on Tinder, SpyBubble will alert you ASAP and help you catch them in the act.

Additionally, it is possible to see phone activity on iOS, such as which apps were used, and see phrases typed in the keylogger section for Android. Updates are uploaded in real-time, letting you stay abreast. 

Subscriptions represent transparent pricing. What you see is what you get, which is quite refreshing. Some spy apps can lie about how much they charge you, and you pay more than you thought.

SpyBubble is a robust app, and its dashboard is no exception. If you want to find out the truth about your cheating partner, it’s well worth trying.

Pricing: How Much Does SpyBubble Cost?

You can open the page with current prices for SpyBubble services by clicking Try Now/Buy Now and enter your email address.

As you can see, three different prices are offered for the software, but they do not depend on a larger or smaller range of features provided. Whichever option you choose, the perks will remain the same, only the duration of use changes. Also, this is a common practice of companies – the longer you use their products, the lower the price for one month is ($49.99 for a separate month vs. $11.66 for one month within a one-year bundle).

PeriodPrice per monthTotal Price
1 Month$49.99$49.99
3 Months$27.99$83.97
12 Months$11.66$139.92

Customer Support

Acquaintance with technological innovations and deciding on their use cannot be called a no-brainer. If you have a problem, you want to solve it in the best possible way. The support service is a bridge between users interested in iPhone or Android spy apps but new to this topic and the monitoring technology itself. 

The good news is that on the SpyBubble website, any visitor can write a chat message to get a quick response or send an email. Their polite support agents will tell you even more information about SpyBubble software and help you make sure your decision is correct.

SpyBubble Compared to Other Apps

Calls and messagesYesYesYesNoNo
Location trackingYesYesYesYesNo
Browser monitoringYesYesYesNoNo
WiFi trackingNoYesNoYesNo
Instagram monitoringYesYesYesNoYes


Curious users want to know the answers to many questions, and here are some of them.

Is SpyBubble legit?

Yes, SpyBubble is an absolutely legit app. Don’t worry about the legality of SpyBubblePro – it’s a reliable software that works wonders in the eyes of users with a pinch of technology, cool features, and user support.

Is SpyBubble safe?

The purpose of SpyBubble is to provide a monitoring tool for users, and the app encourages you to do so only for lawful purposes and with the consent of the target user. If you are interested in questions about safety or how to get SpyBubble free, you will get comprehensive answers from their support team.

Does iPhone need to be jailbroken for SpyBubble?

Well, most features of SpyBubble work without jailbreaking or rooting the target device. After installing the app on Android, you provide the permissions, and the app will function correctly. And the same will apply to iOS devices. Only specific features may require jailbreaking, such as communication disabling. However, if your spying needs do not require that, then no jailbreaking will be required.

Does SpyBubble have screenshots?

Yes. The SpyBubble spy app provides screenshots of the device’s activity besides tracking it. It takes the target phone’s screenshot once per minute and then updates its servers with the data.

Is SpyBubble free?

SpyBubble requires you to select a subscription plan and pay for it, after which you receive an email with usage instructions once you complete the purchase and payment process. Android and iOS device monitoring have varying subscription fees. Nevertheless, a more extended subscription is more affordable for both devices.  

Is SpyBubble detectable?

SpyBubble app runs discreetly in the background, taking very little data or battery life. Because of this, the average user is not going to detect it. Only if they’re a technical expert should you need to worry, or if they’re taking the phone to a repair service.

SpyBubble App Review Conclusion

9 10 0 1
They say who owns the information owns the world – but we do not need such a global scale; it is enough just to make sure that our loved ones are doing well. Someone needs to know the information to keep their child safe from bad connections, bullying, or blackmail. Someone sees how their partner has become more interested in using social networks and chats than spending time together. Sometimes it takes courage to know the truth, but you realize that this is what you cannot go on without; in some cases, it is a security measure. Whatever the reason that leads you to search for a cell phone spy, the most important thing is to opt for a modern working solution. All you need to do is login SpyBubble and choose a subscription based on the features you would like to monitor, and voila – get full insight into calls, messages, social networks, and more from your target phone. See for yourself how easy and useful this smooth technology is to use!
They say who owns the information owns the world – but we do not need such a global scale; it is enough just to make sure that our loved ones are doing well. Someone needs to know the information to keep their child safe from bad connections, bullying, or blackmail. Someone sees how their partner has become more interested in using social networks and chats than spending time together. Sometimes it takes courage to know the truth, but you realize that this is what you cannot go on without; in some cases, it is a security measure. Whatever the reason that leads you to search for a cell phone spy, the most important thing is to opt for a modern working solution. All you need to do is login SpyBubble and choose a subscription based on the features you would like to monitor, and voila – get full insight into calls, messages, social networks, and more from your target phone. See for yourself how easy and useful this smooth technology is to use!
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