Easy TikTok Spying With Best TikTok Spy Apps

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TikTok Spy Apps

A TikTok tracker app enables you to access the target user’s activities on this platform. TikTok has become increasingly popular among young kids and teens. That’s because it allows them to create short video clips and express themselves. Moreover, this social media app enables users to make their videos unique by using special effects.

However, parents are often concerned about the inappropriate language in some content. Therefore, they may need a TikTok spying app to help them monitor the videos their kids watch on this platform. Also, all TikTok accounts are public by default, meaning that strangers can contact the kids that use this platform directly.

A good TikTok monitoring app lets you record the target user’s screen in real-time. Here’s a review of the best TikTok spy apps you can use to monitor the target person’s activities and know what they are up to on this platform.

How Do the Best Apps for TikTok Monitoring Work?

Perhaps, you’re reading this article to know how to track a TikTok account because you think your child could be accessing inappropriate content via this social media app. A good TikTok tracker app records everything the target person does on their device, including the content they view and their keystrokes. After recording the information, it sends it to an online account where the user can access it anytime.

The best TikTok spying app has a straightforward installation. Upon signing up with an email, you receive an installation guide to help you through the process. Since it’s an online service, the TikTok spy app provides userspace on its website where you can view the target person’s activities remotely.

After installation and configuration, the app allows you to monitor TikTok in stealth mode, meaning the target person won’t even suspect that you’re tracking their activities on this platform.

Here’s what the best TikTok spy app allows you to monitor: 

  • The time that the target person spends watching videos on TikTok
  • Chat history, direct messages, and multimedia files that they share and their timestamp
  • The content that the target person posts and the comments and likes they receive
  • TikTok notifications

Most cell phone spy apps enable you to track a TikTok account without jailbreaking or rooting the target device. You install it on the target device and start monitoring the target person without them knowing.

Best Spy Apps for TikTok

When you decide to monitor your kid’s or spouse’s activity on social media, you will find many TikTok spy apps from which you can choose. The challenge lies in finding an app that best suits your needs. And that’s where this review comes in handy. Here’s a review of the top three apps for TikTok spying.

1. uMobix – The Best TikTok Spy App Available

uMobix is a TikTok spy app that allows you to see what your kid or spouse is up to on this social media app. What’s good about this service is that the target person doesn’t know that you’re monitoring their content. It has many features to help you monitor a TikTok account remotely without the target person knowing it. Additionally, uMobix is not a basic monitoring app. Its features make it an advanced parental monitoring app because it lets you track other activities, such as GPS location and browser history. Some uMobix’s available features:

  • Keylogging
  • Post monitoring
  • Comments and likes tracking
  • Reading direct messages
  • Content selection ideas


  • An intuitive dashboard
  • Reasonable price and a free 7-day trial
  • It doesn’t require jailbreaking or rooting the target device
  • It’s 100% undetectable
  • Has unique features


  • Requires you to access the target Android device to install it
  • Some features are Android or iOS-exclusive

2. mSpy – An Innovative TikTok Tracker App

mSpy is an excellent TikTok spy app for iPhone that a parent can use when interested how to monitor Tiktok activity of their kids on iOS devices. Since this app provides an iCloud version, you don’t require physical access to the target phone to install it. Upon installation and configuration, this app allows you to monitor the target person’s activity on several social media applications, including TikTok.

It provides a web-based dashboard where you can view the target person’s activity securely, safely, and without their knowledge. And you can access this dashboard from a mobile device or computer. Here some mSpy’s available features:

  • View multimedia files
  • Manage calls
  • Track location
  • Control TikTok and other apps
  • Track text messages
  • Read emails


  • No rooting or jailbreaking required
  • Undetectable because it runs in stealth mode
  • It allows you to monitor the target person’s screen time
  • Location tracking or geofencing features


  • Higher price point
  • It requires physical access to the target device

3. SpyBubble Pro – Spy TikTok Seamlessly

SpyBubble Pro allows you to track a TikTok account and see everything the target person does on this social media app. Upon installation, this TikTok tracking app records all activities on this platform, and you can access the information anytime via an online dashboard. This app records the target person’s duration on TikTok, private messages, comments, likes, and when they log in and off the platform. Since it runs in the background, the target person won’t suspect you’re monitoring their TikTok activities. Some features available with SpyBubble App:

  • TikTok activity recording, including posts, direct messages, comments, likes, and when logged in.
  • Saving TikTok activity details and accessing them through an online dashboard
  • Remote installation for iOS devices
  • Quick installation
  • SpyBubble Pro runs in a stealth mode


  • Fast installation
  • Real-time tracking
  • Screenshots report
  • Access to deleted messages


  • It requires access to the target Android device to install 


These are the apps you can use to monitor TikTok and track what your child or spouse does on this social media app. Some apps allow you to set up the frequency for receiving reports about what the target person does on their device. Nevertheless, consider the features of each app to pick the most suitable one for you.


Are there free spy apps for TikTok? 

Yes. Some TikTok tracking apps come with a trial or demo versions that don’t cost anything. And this makes them excellent free spy apps for TikTok. However, the demo versions have limited features, meaning you must pay for the premium version to use the apps optimally.

Is it legal to use a TikTok spy app? 

It’s legal for a parent to use these apps to spy on their kids’ TikTok activity. That’s because parents do this for their children’s safety. Also, it’s legal to use these apps to monitor your ex. The only time using TikTok spy applications becomes illegal is when you do it for illicit reasons.

How to see deleted messages on TikTok? 

As a parent, you may want to find deleted messages on TikTok to ensure your child doesn’t hide anything from you. Luckily, you can do this with the best TikTok tracking apps. Since most apps take screenshots, you’ve no reason to wonder how to read deleted messages on TikTok. Instead, you will see the conversations in the app’s screenshots before the target person deletes them.

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