How to Spy on Devices Connected to My WiFi

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How to Spy on Devices Connected to My WiFi

If you’ve been asking, “How to spy on devices connected to my WiFi?”, we have the proper answer. For many reasons, you may want to spy on someone’s device when connected to your WiFi network. Perhaps you want to monitor your children when they’re online or maybe catch a cheating spouse in the act. Another reason you may want to spy through your WiFi is to check on an aging relative who may be unable to help themselves.

While there are many ways you can spy using WiFi, the best way is through using WiFi spy apps. They can monitor all device activity, including Internet usage, social media interactions, and much more. Many apps are available, and today, we’ll be considering some of the top picks. So let’s get into their possible pros and cons and answer a few questions.

What Data Can You Get on Devices Connected to Your WiFi? 

Almost every WiFi router keeps track of the websites visited by linked devices. Only the WiFi owner has access to the WiFi router’s logs to see which connected users visited which websites. As a result, if someone is connected to your WiFi, you will be able to access their browsing history. However, if the website uses the HTTPS protocol, you will only be able to see that they visited the site. Apart from their browsing history, you can also discover the following details:

  • The URLs of the websites
  • The URLs of the specific web pages
  • The amount of time they spend on each site
  • When they first connected to WiFi
  • The time they were online

You can also check message, call, and app logs in addition to the browsing history details stated above. Furthermore, if they have disclosed any personal or financial information via messaging, you can check those too. 

How to Spy on Internet Activity Through WiFi

If you have a wireless internet connection at home, you most likely have multiple devices linked to your network. You can spy through WiFi router. It’s also relatively easy to keep adding new gadgets to your collection: your new laptop, a new tablet, another video game console, or even a friend’s phone. 

However, given the sheer number of devices, you may lose track of everything connected or see connections that aren’t supposed to be there. Users may have attempted to join your WiFi network without your knowledge or permission. That means your WiFi network could be exposed to malicious hackers or those merely looking for a free internet connection; either way, it’s unwanted and illegal.

You should be aware of various warning indications that someone is connecting to your network without your permission. Slower Internet speed is a common sign. Every Internet connection uses bandwidth, and if someone on your network is downloading massive files, it might slow down your internet connections.

It’s critical to know who’s using your WiFi and how to keep your network secure. Did you know you can use your WiFi to spy on the devices connected to the same? There are a few ways to figure out which devices are connected to your wireless network. They are: 

Spy Through WiFi Router

Checking your router’s web interface is the best way to spy on someone using your WiFi. You can also use it to spy on a computer through WiFi. Since your router is the hub of your WiFi network, it has the most up-to-date information on which devices are connected to it. You may access your router’s management page by typing its IP address into your browser’s address bar. The default IP address for most routers is or If neither of these works when you type them into your browser, look for your router’s IP address on the back of your wireless router. 

Search for an option that says “Client List” or “Attached Devices” when you get there. This will send you to the login page for the router. Note that the default login credentials for most routers are admin and password. Logging in will provide you with a list of devices connected to your WiFi.

Network Scanner Apps   

You may scan your WiFi network with third-party software to look for devices connected to it and to spy on phone through WiFi. Remember, the tool must first be installed on your computer, after which it will scan your WiFi network and provide you with a list of all devices that are currently active and operating on your network. 

The main advantage of utilizing Wireless Network Watcher is that it is free and does not require you to upgrade any existing hardware or software. You also do not have to install the software on your computer. 

All you have to do is download and run it, and it will begin scanning your WiFi network for connected devices. When it’s done scanning, it’ll display the MAC address, device names, and manufacturer of the device’s WiFi network hardware – all of which are helpful tidbits for identifying devices. 

All this should just take a few seconds, and you will also be able to save your results. This is an excellent solution for those that aren’t tech-savvy. We hope you now know how to spy on internet activity through WiFi. 

Ways to Spy on Someone Through WiFi

Most modern web browsers allow you to delete your browsing history or alternatively use the incognito or private modes that don’t save your browsing history. However, there are situations when you would want to keep an eye on what your router is being used for or simply track those connected to it, like your children, spouse, or employees. 

Based on your DNS requests, some particular routers and your ISP may be able to zero in on what others are doing on your WiFi. That said, here are four methods for tracking Internet traffic on your router, including using WiFi router spy software:   

Open DNS   

OpenDNS is a DNS server alternative. DNS servers are used to convert URLs to IP addresses. Without the IP address, your PC won’t be able to connect to a website. It’s similar to a contacts list, with the only difference being that instead of memorizing a series of number sequences to visit websites, you give your system the site’s name, and it fetches the numerical address for you. 

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) offers you a default DNS server. If you want to keep track of what’s going on on your network, you’ll need to switch from the default DNS server to an open DNS server. The OpenDNS service enhances the DNS with content filtering and phishing protection features. 

  1. First of all, ask your router to use the open DNS server IP address ( and After that, go to the open DNS website and register for a free account. 
  2. Fill in your email address, create a secure password, and check your email to verify your identity and activate your account. 
  3. After logging in, connect your router to your OpenDNS account, and that’s all there is to it. You can monitor everything in your network with the open DNS dashboard.

The open DNS server features a control panel that allows you to monitor network traffic. Available DNS servers offer you an indication of what sites are being visited on your network, and they also allow you to block sites such as those with adult content and gambling sites.


  • Easy-to-navigate.
  • Blocks unwanted sites.
  • Provides browsing history.
  • Allows you to spy on your kids or spouse.


  • You will not be able to see real-time traffic; it will be displayed after 24 hours.

GEOfinder WiFi Spy App

If you want to spy through WiFi router, then the WiFi spy app may be the perfect option. With its help, you will be able to get all sorts of information about the person connected on a WiFi network, regardless of the device they’re connected from. You will know the exact name and type of the device’s network connection. The best part is that you will only need the phone number to use this WiFi network spy app.

The way this WiFi spy app works is simple:

  1. Send an SMS message to the phone number that you wish to track.
  2. The phone owner will get the message and need to follow the link you’ve sent.
  3. They will inadvertently share the WiFi data with you, alongside other useful information.


  • Get loads of special features, including the ability to spy on text messages.
  • You only need a device’s phone number to use the app.
  • Your identity will remain hidden as you use the app.
  • You will get precise WiFi information in real-time.
  • $1 trial offer.


  • It may happen that the phone owner doesn’t bite the SMS trap that you will send them.
  • It costs money to use the GEOfinder WiFi spy app.

Wireshark WiFi Spy Software   

Wireshark is a free network packet analyzer. It lets you analyze and capture network data in real-time. Most hackers consider it one of the most important network security tools. 

In short, Wireshark will enable you to view and capture data as it travels over your network. When the software is activated, it displays the IP addresses of all the devices on your network. Simply choose the one you want to keep an eye on and start the packet capture session. And that’s it! The target’s incoming and outgoing data packets will be visible within seconds.

Wireshark can analyze all network traffic to or from your computer and network traffic from other devices on your network when “promiscuous” mode is enabled. 

Remember, Wireshark may or may not be able to receive and analyze network traffic from other devices on your network, depending on the configuration of your network. You may see the IP addresses of the website others visit on your PC by filtering network traffic by the channels and protocols web browsers use.

  1. Download Wireshark. In the Wireshark window, click on the title of a network interface below Interface List. 
  2. To monitor a wireless network, click on the name of your wireless network card; to monitor a wired network, click on the name of your wired network adapter. Wireshark begins capturing packets automatically and displays them as they come.
  3. To filter packets by Web surfing traffic, click on the Wireshark window and type “tcp.port == 80” into the filter box, and press Enter.
  4. Identifying a website that someone on your network has visited is done by entering the IP address from the Destination column in the Wireshark window into your Web browser’s address bar and clicking Enter. The visited webpage now appears in your browser.


  • Allows for the sorting of packets
  • Identifies the protocols that are responsible for packet generation
  • The tool transmits data in real-time, allowing you to spy on WiFi network
  • Allows packet sorting, filtering, grouping, and relaying packets in a conversation
  • Can view extensive information about network packets


  • Notifications will not alert you if there is a network intrusion
  • It can only collect data from the network but not send it

mSpy WiFi Spy App for iPhone

If you want to spy on iPhone through WiFi, you can try using mSpy. It is well-known iPhone spy app that allows you to track and monitor your target device from anywhere in the world. The mSpy program transfers data over WiFi or data from your targeted system to your online mSpy Control Panel. It works in the background, quietly delivering data without alerting the target phone’s owner.

After installing the app on the desired device, whether a tablet, phone, or computer, it will have access to all the data in the targeted device, including call logs, messages, location, media, and more.

Say you’re installing mSpy on an iPhone or other iOS device. In that case, you won’t require physical access because the software will provide you access by only entering the target device’s iCloud credentials. This implies you can remotely install mSpy on iPads, iPhones, and iPods that aren’t jailbroken.

  1. Log in to your account, then select iOS from the Online Wizard (the first screen you see after logging in).
  2. Click Proceed after entering the iCloud credentials for your target device.
  3. If your phone doesn’t have two-factor authentication activated, you won’t see this step. If two-factor authentication is set, you’ll need to verify the code delivered to your iOS device. To get a code on your iOS device, click Send Code. Click OK after typing the code into the mSpy Wizard.
  4. Your iOS device will now be visible. If this is the device you wish to track, select it, and it’ll take you to your online dashboard.   


  • Easy to track iPhone on the same WiFi
  • Available on all kinds of devices
  • No need to root or jailbreak
  • Track your child’s complete device activity, such as call logs, multimedia files, messages, location history, etc.


  • You’ll have to upgrade to the mSpy Premium Plan since most features aren’t available on the Basic Plan.

zANTI WiFi Spy App for Android    

zANTI is perfect if you want to spy Android phone over WiFi. It is a penetration testing or hacking program that allows you to exploit audit passwords and routers, search for open ports, install and run an HTTP server on your Android device, and check for the SSL poodle and Shellshock vulnerabilities. In a nutshell, this Android application is ideal for hackers to fulfill all of their fantasies. Note that zANTI WiFi Android spy app for mobile devices comes with a token-based credit system that grants access to more functionality. 

  • You will have to log in when you first start the program to hack Android via WiFi spy app. 
  • Then zANTI performs a fast scan of general WiFi networks and offers you to select one to test. 
  • Simply choose the network, and the tool monitors the targeted device’s HTTP traffic in real-time.
  • zANTI will then display all of the network’s available hosts.

This function will allow you to access the host’s download folder and save whatever you want to your computer. For example, if you click capture download and select “.pdf” from the menu, all pdfs will be saved to your phone. 

Say you come across a target that appeals to you. In that case, all you have to do is click on it, and a quick slide with your finger will take you to the Action menu. From here, you can launch various attacks, including exploit and sniffer attempts. Slide again to access the Nmap menu, in which you can perform a variety of Nmap-based scans to detect service identification and OS version. Swipe again to come to a page where you can offer comments on the target.


  • Scans the entire network
  • Obtains extensive information about the target device
  • Allows you to examine your weak points and practice assault patterns
  • You can use it to test a variety of attacks as well as in-depth testing techniques
  • Examine and evaluate the results


  • It isn’t 100% reliable since it requires root and doesn’t always work

eyeZy: A Powerful WiFi Spy App

If you’re searching for spy apps, eyeZy is one of the best on the market. Its features include text monitoring, social media monitoring, and several parental controls. It even comes with a keylogger to monitor every keystroke typed. However, what makes eyeZy shine is its WiFi spying.

With its WiFi Sync feature, you will receive real-time updates whenever your target connects to your WiFi network. The ability to spy on devices connected to your WiFi makes it stand out among the other available apps. Once you’ve connected eyeZy to your target’s device, let the app start monitoring. It runs discreetly in the background, so you won’t have to worry about your it being discovered. To proceed with the installation, follow the steps below:

  • Purchase an eyeZy subscription and install it on your Mac or PC
  • Connect your target’s iPhone via USB
  • Let the app get the info from the iPhone via WiFi. You will get up-to-date information whenever they connect to your network.


  • Packed with several tracking features
  • Installation is easy
  • The dashboard is intuitive and allows you to stay updated
  • WiFi Sync makes it easy if you’re looking for how to spy on someone through WiFi 


  • No free trial
  • No plan for multiple devices

The Legality of WiFi Network Spy

It’s difficult to say whether or not spying using WiFi is legal since it could tread around many relevant laws. In most cases, though, snooping over WiFi is considered legal; at least, that’s how it is in the United States.

Legally, you do not expect privacy if you do not encrypt your internet communications, including SMS, email, and any websites you visit. As a result, in the United States, anyone can listen to an unencrypted chat without consequence. This is true for both public WiFi hotspots and home networks. 

The Privacy Act of 1974 establishes various guidelines for collecting, using, and disclosing personal information. While the law does not explicitly mention WiFi spying, it is widely thought that the same concepts apply. According to the Privacy Act, companies can only collect private data if they have a genuine reason to do so, and they must make efforts to protect it against unauthorized access or use. 

While spying over WiFi is typically legal, there are a few exceptions. The California Wiretap Act, for example, prevents institutions from monitoring or recording electronic communications without the approval of all individuals involved. Overall, the legality of WiFi snooping is dependent on the circumstances. If you’re wondering whether your actions are legal or not, you should always seek advice from a professional.


The digital world does not stand still. New solutions are emerging to receive information from other devices remotely and anonymously. So, if you’re asking yourself, “How to spy on devices connected to my WiFi?”, now you know the answer. Downloading a WiFi spy app is the best way to do so as it’s discreet, can track every phone activity, and saves any information, even if your target deletes it. 

There are many reasons why someone may spy via WiFi. If you feel like your child is speaking to a predator or doing inappropriate actions online, these apps can help you catch them in the act. If you feel like your caregiver is not taking care of your elderly relative, these apps work to help you catch them. eyeZy is our favorite app for the job, and that’s because of its WiFi Sync. 

Once you’ve installed the app, receive alerts whenever your target connects to your WiFi network. No need to check manually for updates; just let eyeZy send you what’s new. By the way, if you look at user reviews, eyeZy looks like an application with a fairly good reputation. People appreciate this WiFi spy app for its reliability and accessibility.


Can you spy on someone through WiFi?

Yes! Almost every WiFi router keeps track of the websites visited by linked devices. Only the WiFi owner has access to the WiFi router’s logs to see which connected users visited which websites. As a result, if you connect to someone’s WiFi, they will be able to access your browsing history and vice versa.

How to spy on devices connected to my WiFi?

The best way to spy on devices connected to your WiFi is via a WiFi spy app. They can monitor your target’s activity the second they connect to your network. Many spy apps do not have this feature, so be sure to have a WiFi sync before purchasing them.

What’s the best WiFi spy software?

One of the best spy software for WiFi is GEOfinder. This service sends the target a text message that tricks them into sharing their information. Primarily used for sharing location data, it can also make users share their WiFi information.

Can I see what someone is doing on my WiFi?

Using your router and tools like OpenDNS, Wireshark, or zANTI, you can spy on devices that are currently on your network. All the tools mentioned above work on more or less the same concept: when devices join your network, data packets are broadcast over the air and can potentially be gathered by any host with the appropriate tool.

Can I see the history of devices connected to my WiFi?   

Even if they are linked to your home router, there is no direct way to access someone’s search history. However, you can configure your router to save a user’s browsing history. Enter your IP address into your browser to view all of your network’s history.

Can a WiFi owner see what sites I visited incognito?   

WiFi network admins can track your browser history given the correct tools, even if you’re using incognito mode. That said, the incognito mode can only save cookies, browsing history, site data, and form data. Unfortunately, your browser does not generate all of the internet traffic logs. Yet, WiFi owners may easily track your incognito history.

Can I spy on text messages through WiFi?   

Regular text messages are not encrypted and are sent over the voice channel of the cellular network. Most messaging apps encrypt texts only when sent over WiFi or mobile data. Can you spy on someone through WiFi? Yes, but end-to-end encryption is used in the most secure apps, ensuring that only the intended recipients can read the texts. You can use spy phone apps as a way out.

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