Best Spy Phone Apps

It is difficult to argue with the fact that applications provide us with invaluable help in daily affairs. If a person has something that they cannot handle personally, it makes sense to delegate such tasks to modern software. And seeing the growing demand for apps to spy on someone’s cell phone is a great example of how technology is adapting and helping regular non-tech savvy users. The programs that we have cherry-picked for you are each worthy of your attention – choose the most suitable for yourself based on your criteria!

uMobix – Best Cell Phone Spy App

This phone spy app can make the cherished dream of parents come true – no, it cannot read the mind of a child, but we started our review with it for a reason. uMobix takes your target device tracking experience to a whole new level and allows you to keep a sharp eye on all important aspects. The user-friendly and discreet design of the site allows users to focus on what matters most with each monitored section conveniently placed on the sidebar. Now, to know with whom and when your child communicates, whether they are vulnerable to some kind of bully, or whether they are safe right now, just look at the data that is updated every 5 minutes.

What makes this app that can spy on another phone a desirable product for such a wide audience is the fact that it caters to both iOS and Android users. Messages, social networks, locations, and other information – everything is at your fingertips. Now you do not need to pester your child with questions to find out some information since you will be able to see (and even hear) everything you need. The software runs secretly without informing the owner of the device about its activity in any way.

Key Features

  • Call logs, history, and contact list
  • Text messages (SMS and social media)
  • Photo and video monitoring
  • Browser bookmarks, history, and more
  • Deleted information updates and details
  • Surrounding streaming (video plus audio)


All Android phones and tablets (v. 4 and higher), all iPhones and iPads.

SpyBubblePro – Ultimate Phone Spy App For Couples

Tired of the lack of trust and constant suspicions that cannot be backed up with something significant, people can spend a lot of nerves and finances before turning to the hidden cell phone spy app. Maybe it’s time to burst your bubble and see what is hidden behind late meetings, long correspondence in messengers “on duty”, and other things that have almost completely filled your personal space with a loved one? SpyBubblePro is a reliable assistant that will take care of tracking with the utmost virtuosity.

As they say, the devil is in the details. Even if your partner doesn’t lock their device from you and painstakingly clears their message history, they can’t fool you. What lengths can they go to hide the truth… But you only need one application that will cover all the most important processes on the target phone and will capture and notify you of important events on it in time. Installing the software will only require physical access in the case of Android devices, and you can use SpyBubblePro as a hidden app by removing the icon during installation; dealing with iOS gadgets, you will need to use the iCloud credentials of the target phone after which the program will work undetectable.

Key Features

  • Call logs & timestamps
  • SIM card replacement notifications
  • Info on deleted messages, contacts, and hidden apps
  • Audio and video streaming, snapshots
  • Geofinder feature
  • Blocking websites, calls, and messages


Android phones and tablets version 4+, all iPhones and iPads.

TheOneSpy – Top-Notch Spy Phone App

If to believe the reviews on the search engine, TheOneSpy is almost an ideal spy phone app. By the way, we also tend to have this opinion. Look, TheOneSpy obtains a great set of features. While testing this app, we’ve paid attention to the View 360 option. This means that the user can keep an eye on the target phone all the time! You’d be surprised how possible that is. Spyware allows one to catch live surroundings with the help of a camera (both back and front). Besides this robust feature, TheOneSpy enables other possibilities, well-performing. 

One can download it not only on Android and Apple cell phones and tablets but also on Windows and macOS devices. Note that it is not required to root the target phone for the app’s usage; it will work just as well on an unrooted Android gadget.

Key features

  • The control of the calls
  • Cell phone bugging
  • Checking social media activity
  • GPS location tracking
  • Live spy 360 (get a live feed of the gadget’s surroundings)
  • Emails and keystrokes monitoring


  • Android versions 5.0 up to the latest 13 versions 
  • iPhones and MAC gadgets
  • Windows up to 10 (some features work better with up to 8)

SpyStealth – Most Hidden Phone Spy App

You are better off doing the work than wasting your precious time trying to personally see what your subordinates are doing during working hours. Imagine that SpyStealth is another one on your team. Then in just a couple of minutes, you can see the data retrieved from the target devices on the Live Control Panel. Also, this undetectable phone spy app will “look after” your child when they are not around and are given complete freedom to do whatever they want – including things they definitely want to hide from you.

All processes are perfectly optimized in this application and will run like clockwork after a few simple steps are performed – the user will need to create an account via email or use Google or Facebook to log in. In addition to providing access to information on the target phone through divine features, the package includes free download, ongoing support for users, additions of new useful tools, and more!

Key Features

  • Monitoring of text messages and emails 
  • Socials and phone media files tracking
  • Instant screen view
  • GPS tracking together with visited places
  • Remote device locking/unlocking
  • Information on switched or removed SIM card
  • Keylogger
  • Web history
  • Alerts on prohibited activity


Android version 4.0 and higher; iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch version 7.0.2** and higher.

eyeZy – Competitive App in Terms of Parental Control

Launched in 2021, eyeZy gained popularity quite quickly. If you visit its website, you’ll see that the main idea of this app is parental control. Platform creators assure their potential users that EyeZy is what you need to be confident about your kids’ safety. But besides that, we noticed many other fairly good proposals. 

For instance, this undetectable service offers dynamics and feature-rich tracking. Well-designed dashboard plays the role of a reports holder. Compatible with iOS and Android target devices, it enables monitoring of the daily online activities of the person you need. No matter what the goal of further tracking is – your kid’s safety or catching a cheating spouse. 

App provides no info about its possible usage on Windows. 

The price is medium in comparison with other software in this niche. One is enabled to try eyeZy via the demo version (no possibility to use it for free). It seemed to us that this is one of the applications where the installation passes as easily and clearly as possible.

Key features

  • Keystroke records
  • WiFi connection blocker
  • Hidden web history monitoring
  • Calls analyzing
  • The info from social media finding out
  • Messengers’ files and chats checking


  • iOS 7 up to 13+
  • Android up to 4 versions

SPYERA – Cross-Compatible App to Spy on Phone

SPYERA is one of the spy phone app solutions that positioned itself best in terms of parental control. But, incidentally, other features of this platform were created by the developers’ team quite well. In general, all work is worthy. It seems to us that users appreciate the ease of use of this service. It doesn’t take much skill to start tracking people. SPYERA provides very detailed instructions before use. 

You are enabled to install it on both Android and iOS devices. SPYERA can work with almost all versions and editions of Mac and Microsoft gadgets. By the way, users also note that this is quite an expensive service. And that if you consider all the features of the site and the price for these services, you can find a more profitable offer. No free trial is provided. Nevertheless, SPYERA is an award-winning app among others on the market. Probably still worth a try and see if the product is worth its money.

Key features

  • The recording or surrounding activities
  • Tracking messengers’ chats and accounts
  • Keylogger
  • Checking the network connection
  • Remote video streaming
  • Browser activity revealing


  • All Android versions (including v12)
  • Apple devices up to 14. X version 
  • Windows and macOS

TiSPY – Cheapest Phone Spy App

Parental monitoring can be said to have arisen naturally in response to possible cyber threats and the general vulnerability of children in social terms. While most people start paying attention to apps to spy on phone already when there is no other way out, some parents still choose the tactics forewarned is forearmed. TiSPY offers the same services as other similar programs on the market, but also some perks that make it stand out.

Moreover, curious users have the opportunity to take advantage of a 2-day free trial. As many as 50 very useful features will be at your disposal so that you can safely follow your child and find out if danger awaits them. The development uses the latest technologies – users can not only monitor but also control the child’s activity on the device, for example, prohibiting interacting with certain websites.

Key Features

  • Monitor and manage calls, track texts, and access the address book
  • View GPS location
  • View apps’ content and block them if needed
  • Use the keylogger feature to see the copied text and passwords
  • Monitor multimedia and social media accounts
  • Health monitoring
  • Schedule the photo capture


Android OS 2.1 and above, iOS version in development.

Minspy – The Tool of a High-Speed Installation

At first glance, the name Minspy may suggest that the service contains a minimal set of features. But it’s not true. For an app that lets you spy on someone’s phone, it’s quite well-developed. Service aims at WhatApp tracking. It’s all steeply tuned up, working without a whirlwind. Anyway, we haven’t noticed any drawbacks. According to the loyal users’ reviews, this is a decent phone tracker. 

The tracking process itself can be provided on both Apple and Android devices, as seen with most advanced applications of this type. Among the key advantages of the spy phone app are the setup speed and website user-friendliness. Note that you don’t need to turn to rooting or jailbreaking activity. It’s a bonus, you’ll agree.

Minspy pricing is considered to be average on the market. The price is not high, but the service is not premium. As an application with a basic set of functions, it’s quite well organized.

Key features

  • Remote phone call tracking
  • Media files checking
  • Keylogger
  • Exact location monitoring
  • Browsing history watching
  • Social media account


  • Android 4.0 and up 
  • iOS devices 
  • Windows OS up to 10

Spyrix – Best Free Phone Spy App

Using a spy phone app can come in handy in many situations. And the developers of Spyrix software have made every effort so that users can choose the product that suits their needs. Thus, users are given a choice of Spyrix Personal Monitor, EvaSpy for Android, Spyrix Keylogger for Mac OS, Spyrix Employee Monitoring, Spyrix Free Keylogger, and Spyrix Viewer for iOS. As you can see from the names, the software is aimed at different groups of consumers who are united by the desire to receive quick updates in real-time and get the maximum depending on the OS.

Whatever the PC user types, this data will be sent to your account where you can find out how conscientious the employee is by seeing screenshots or logged keystrokes. This is an impressive app that lets you monitor the quality of your employees’ work as well as evaluate their productivity. In addition, the software from Spyrix is also designed to monitor children and their chats, among other things.

Key Features

Windows solutions:

  • Screenshot capture
  • Keystrokes logging
  • the ability to remotely uninstall the application
  • monitoring applications and messengers (Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Viber, Skype)
  • record calls, webcams, screen
  • alerts about visiting certain websites and using certain keywords, and more

MacOS solutions:

  • user activity and actions in applications, statistics
  • monitoring of such socials as Facebook, Twitter, Skype, ICQ, Google Talk, Vk, Odnoklassniki
  • screen, audio, call recording
  • alerts about keywords, blacklisted sites
  • search engine monitoring
  • monitoring in stealth mode


Spyrix Employee Monitoring, Spyrix Free Keylogger, Spyrix Personal Monitor (Win 10, Win 8, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, WinVista x64, WinXP), Spyrix Keylogger for Mac OS (OS X 10.11 and above).

Snoopza – Android Advanced Tracker

After visiting the Snoopza website, you realize it’s a free monitoring app. The user is enabled to record all incoming and outgoing calls, track the accurate GPS location, browse social media accounts, etc. As far as we were able to plug this spy app for phone and tablet, it became clear that it is applicable for parental control and other cases. For example, tracking the activities of your employees when all activity takes place remotely. This will help control all processes related to the timely completion of tasks. 

The main difference between other services and Snoopza is that the latter is compatible with Android target devices only. No iOS tracking is available with a spy phone app of this type. To start the usage, one should register the Snoopza account and download the app on the device needed. Then you’ll be able to hide the icon. 

Snoopza is said to be lacking a good support team connection. 

Key features

  • SMS supervising anonymously
  • Contact list viewing
  • Internet history checking
  • SIM card replacement alert
  • Camera activities catching 
  • Messenger’s info viewing


  • Android 4 version or even higher
  • No compatibility with iOS gadgets

The Key Points in Favor of Spy Phone Apps Usage

What do you think – is it wrong to use cell phone spy apps on other people’s gadgets? We will hurry to assure you that there is nothing immoral about this. Unless you cross the ethical threshold, of course. There are many situations when it is simply necessary to spy on another phone. Let’s look at all cases in detail:

  • tracing for parental control purposes;
  • monitoring of employees’ day in case of the remote format of work;
  • checking your partner for fidelity. 

The points above show that the use of surveillance software can be vital, especially when it comes to the safety of a targeted person. So, find out the key info and choose your best phone spy apps.

What Is Spy Phone App

With the rapid development of the Internet and mobile technologies, as well as the great enthusiasm for them by users of different ages, there has also been a demand for applications that let you spy on someone’s phone. 

The offer was not long in coming; and now it will take only a few minutes to create an account and install the software on the target device (in some cases, you can do without it). Usually, the file that needs to be installed is small in size, which will in no way affect the performance of the device. In addition, the owner of the device will not be disturbed by any notifications and, if desired, you can also hide the icon.

How Does Top Spy Phone App Works

In fact, monitoring programs work according to one principle: they fetch data from the device on which the software is installed and send them to the user’s account, who can click on sections of interest from the dashboard. Thus, while the device is turned on and the software is installed or backup to iCloud takes place, you can spy on another phone and track events on it with a gap of just a couple of minutes or even less.

For all processes to work seamlessly, the user needs to select the software according to the smartphone model that will be monitored. In case of questions or doubts, the support service will come to your aid and give practical recommendations.

How to Use Spy Phone App

Let’s look at the steps that a person who has decided on spy software usually takes. 

  1. Choose the app and subscription

    Perhaps your friend will recommend the application to you, or you yourself google the website you need. In fact, there are practically no completely free utilities – or they are only valid for a short period of time, so purchasing a subscription is a mandatory step before you start enjoying all the benefits of monitoring software. 

  2. Go through the registration process

    Next, you have to register and log in to your account (if you log out) the next time. As a rule, the websites of the best phone spy apps have clear instructions about the initial installation of software on the target device and all the nuances that may prevent the successful completion process. It is better to familiarize yourself with them before starting the program – this way you will avoid problems in future use.  After consulting the instructions, you can proceed with the installation of the client on phone you want to track.

  3. Complete the set-up

    Remember that in some cases you will need direct access to the target device and a few minutes of time to arrange everything. Once the installation of the app to spy on someone’s phone is complete, connect your device to the one you want to track; the connection should happen in a few moments and now everything is ready to be monitored!

Why People Trust Our Spy Phone App Reviews

We don’t see the point in breaking readers’ trust. And therefore, we do our best to bring the most up-to-date information about modern monitoring tools to you.

  • High Transparency – It is better to talk about all the advantages and disadvantages of monitoring apps right away without hiding. You should spend as little time as possible searching for the most suitable product and make an informed decision.
  • Experience-Based Reviews – Due to the fact that a decent amount of software programs have passed through our eyes, we can perhaps help you pay attention to only the most important aspects. We help both complete beginners and experienced users to switch to the best solution for them.
  • 100% Unbiased Recommendations – The best reward for our work is that you will remember our reviews and recommendations with gratitude and soon see how your life will change after selecting the appropriate monitoring app.

Meet The SpyPhone.App Team

Daniel Jackson has been a successful business owner for 7 years. During this time, he realized the importance of getting real-time, reliable information about what his employees are up to. He found a new passion for dedicating himself to. He’s currently specialized in spying – creating and reviewing the most popular spy apps to date.
Leia Torresten, the marketer with 7 years of practical experience. She was a co-founder of a digital agency providing phone spy solutions. Managing a huge staff, she found out all the subject peculiarities thoroughly. Now Leia specializes in spying tools and puts all her knowledge into advanced app development.

How We Rate Best Phone Spy Apps

We hope you have learned a lot of informative facts and details from this article. Ultimately, we believe that technology should be as accessible to all users as possible. This is one of the important factors that we take into account during the evaluation – simplicity, ease of use, and users feedback. Also important is the balance between the cost of the program and the value it provides. We conducted a thorough research of the apps mentioned, and as a result, presented top cell phone spy apps to our readers.


It doesn’t matter how good the app you’re looking at is, because if used incorrectly, its benefits are not only leveled. In some cases, the software will not even run on the target device, there will be complaints about the lack of the declared functionality, and other troubles that will overshadow the entire user experience. Therefore, the user needs to conduct a thorough compatibility check before buying a subscription – or you can find out such details in our reviews.


Let’s refresh what these terms mean concerning cell phone spy apps. So, jailbreaking implies Apple’s restriction removal. And this process gives you full access to the device. And once the phone was “jailbroken”, any app could be installed on it. The results of such installation can be different. As well as the process described above acts with iOS gadgets, the same role is of rooting Android devices. 

So, such activity, of course, is not quite legal and would better be bypassed when using spy apps. That is why meeting with a service that requires no jailbreak or rooting will be a great advantage.

User Experience

The user experience is what seasoned developers and testers work on to create the best app to spy on someone’s phone. We personally check the operation of the applications that are published on our website and issue a positive verdict if we have witnessed a glitch-free operation. Many offer their products in demo mode or trial version, which in both cases allows you to evaluate the convenience of the toolbar and see firsthand what the user dashboard will look like.

Spy Features

While some monitoring software developers strive to get closer to the “one size fits all” canon, other developers of apps that let users spy on someone else’s phone are trying to offer some unique and non-standard features. The best solution is somewhere in the middle and unites these worlds. 

Thus, users, regardless of the situation that has arisen, will have a tool that will allow them to find out information in a comprehensive manner. And besides, retrieve data that, as it seems to the target device owner, they have securely hidden or permanently got rid of by deleting it. 

Anyway, there are universal must-have features that an efficient phone monitoring app should come with:

  • monitoring calls and text messages (sms and on social media)
  • keylogging
  • GPS tracking, geofencing
  • retrieving deleted messages
  • blocking apps
  • monitoring browser history
  • quality customer support


Everything is fair here – a very low price may mean that you have an app that allows you to monitor a very limited number of features. Well, it might be a good option for beginners. In turn, we suggest applications that have great deals on price. For example, a user can purchase an annual plan for only three times the monthly fee. At the same time, they will uninterruptedly enjoy all the benefits of the full package and will have access to advanced perks.

Customer Support

We believe that the best phone spy apps should provide support to their customers. Things will only go smoother if the user knows that their request will be processed and answered as quickly as possible. Moreover, by communicating with a living person, you can always quickly explain all the details of the problem and learn new tips. What’s more, there are quite a few services that offer 24/7 customer support – which is even better.


Do cell phone spy apps really work?

Yes, this is true. While the owner of the target device, where possible, may be completely unaware of this in their best interests, the user of the spy phone app in turn will receive timely updates about calls, messaging, and other interactions happening on the device. As provided by the app and subscription, of course.

What is the best app to spy on someone’s phone?

If you, like most users, prefer to have all the necessary features for monitoring at hand and that they work flawlessly, then uMobix is what can be recommended. It is available for Android and iOS devices, allows you to monitor the most popular apps and social media platforms, offers real-time updates, etc. – and we have only touched the top of the list of its benefits.

Is there a free app to spy on someone’s phone?

Googling such a query, you will find a lot of results. However, finding a monitoring application that will work on a permanent-free basis and satisfy you as a user is unrealistic. Many offer a free version for a few days, some make only certain features free. To determine the best phone spy apps, you need to take into account other factors that were discussed in the article.

Is it legal to use cell phone spy apps?

The use of monitoring software is not always illegal, although it is forbidden to use it for any whim. There are situations where such use is permitted by law, such as for parental control purposes.