An Ultimate FlexiSPY Review: Everything About This Phone Tracker

FlexiSPY Review

FlexiSPY app is one of those titles people turn to when they need to catch cheating spouse or find their lost child. It operates secretly on the target phone and offers all its advanced features to track a person you are interested in. Let’s check what it has under the bonnet.

General Information

Home delivery of the device with a pre-installed app, call tracking, social media tracking, and a free viewer app for Android.

iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows.

$29.95 – $119, depending on the chosen plan and device.

No (But some advanced features are available only for rooted devices).

What I Like About FlexiSPY App

Software like FlexiSPY is supposed to work on almost all modern devices without problems or the need to hack the gadget. You are required to root the target Android device or jailbreak an iPhone to use all its features, but the developers provide you with the maximum support possible. The installation process is simple, and those who live in different worlds with modern technology can take advantage of its monitoring features from the start, as the company delivers the device with the installed tracker to your door.

What I Don’t Like About FlexiSPY App

The main issue I see with FlexiSPY is that it does not work with the latest versions of iOS, and its advanced features are not available on the newest versions of Android. You also need physical access to the device to install the tracker, which is inconvenient in many situations.

So, What Is FlexiSPY?

FlexiSPY software is a great thing to track the cell phone of your child, partner, or spouse. You can install this spy app on any device, whether a mobile gadget or a desktop. Unfortunately, it does not work properly on the newest versions of the cell phone software, but I am sure the developers are already working on this matter and will fix it soon.

When it comes to features, FlexiSPY offers a lot:

  • social media monitoring;
  • calls tracking and access to call logs;
  • control over browsing history and bookmarks;
  • keylogger;
  • access to photos and videos.

Of course, the set of features may vary depending on your subscription plan, but you should know that the FlexiSPY app toolbox is vast indeed. Make proper use of it when you start tracking someone.

How Does FlexiSPY Work?

If you ask me to explain how FlexiSPY works in a couple of words – it works anonymously, stealthy, and effectively. To install the app on the device, you must download FlexiSPY installation file and follow the instructions. Alternatively, buy a device with the pre-installed tracker from their website.

After you install it on the target device, you will start getting all the tracking information on the web portal provided by FlexiSPY for free. It is your tracking HQ from where you will control all the user’s activity. To access it, you must log in to your FlexiSPY account.

What Operating Systems Does FlexiSPY Work with?

Most trackers focus only on mobile devices, and FlexiSPY has an advantage over them, as it also covers Windows (Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11) and macOS (Apple macOS Mavericks – macOS Ventura). Of course, FlexiSPY cost differs depending on the platform, same as the features offered, but the ability to use it on desktops is great!

Getting back to compatible phones, you must jailbreak the iPhone to install FlexiSPY on it. It is also a great idea to check the iOS version compatibility on the website – there is a convenient compatibility checker for this (in a few words, it works on Android 4+ or iOS up to v. 13). The same goes for Android – root it first, check compatibility on the website, and only after this proceed to the installation. Generally, you should have no problems with modern devices. Pay attention that it is possible to use the basic features without rooting, but for advanced features, such as call recording, it is a must.

Everything About FlexiSPY for Android

Let’s check what FlexiSPY for Android has and its capabilities. First, do not forget to root before installing it on the target device to get access to all the features, or avoid this and use the basics. Check whether your phone is available for advanced installation or only for the normal one – the tool kit available depends on this. There is a tool for this on the FlexiSPY website.

This spy app has 3 payment plans: Lite, Premium, and Extreme. As you can guess, Lite is the cheapest one, but the features it gives you access to are not so remarkable: calendar, geo-fencing, browsing activity. Premium provides access to the most basic and essential features, and for advanced ones, like call recording, you will need the Extreme plan.

How to Install FlexiSPY on Android

You must prepare for FlexiSPY installation on Android by allowing software from unknown sources. It can be easily done in the Settings – Security. Also, to have it installed on the target device successfully, deactivate the Play Protect feature in the Google Play Store. After this, you can finally get to the installation itself.

  1. Register an account with FlexiSPY and choose the plan that suits you the most; purchase it and log into your account.
  2. You will get a download link for the spy app. Open this link in the browser on the phone you want to track and download it. Launch this file and follow all the instructions you see on the screen. You must choose “Android” and tick that you possess the license.
  3. You must allow the spy app to be an administrator, give all the requested permissions, and enter the license.
  4. Of course, hide the app’s icon.
  5. You’re good to go. Log in to an online dashboard and start monitoring remotely.

FlexiSPY for iPhone

Unlike many other trackers with few iOS features compared to Android, FlexiSPY provides you with the full set even if you need to track an Apple device. However, there is a catch – you cannot use this spy app with non-jailbroken devices. The point is that it is impossible to use Instagram spy apps for iPhones without hacking due to iOS security qualities.

Apart from iPhones, it can also be installed on iPads. In terms of call recording, it works with Skype, Viber, and other messengers; you can also spy on social networks and messengers if you choose the corresponding plan (the same goes for the macOS and Windows versions).

FlexiSPY Installation on iOS

FlexiSPY for iPhone is available only after jailbreak. Unfortunately, if you do not hack the iPhone, there is no way you can use this spy to track the device. The procedure is not too complicated, and there are many guides on how to do it on the Internet. However, if you still fail to install the FlexiSPY phone tracker on the iPhone, you can always use the installation service offered by the company called FlexiSPY Express.

If you hacked the iOS device, here are the steps you must follow to install FlexiSPY.

  1. Log into your FlexiSPY dashboard using the credentials with which you created your account and purchased the app.
  2. You will see a guide upon logging in, and it is a must that you follow it precisely to the step when you are requested to enter the license. 
  3. After activating your license, get to the “Help” section, find “Reference Manuals”, and click on “Quick Set Up”. You will get all the instructions for the last steps there.

FlexiSPY on PC

The PC version of the FlexiSPY app is something revolutionary for the whole market of mobile trackers. Well, let’s remove the word “mobile”, as many of you would probably install it on one’s desktop after reading this FlexiSPY review.

The set of features is not so vast as if compared with those for mobile devices. Still, employers, for example, may install it on their office computers for its keylogger feature, and parents will definitely value this monitoring app due to its internet activity tracker. Other features include: 

  • Laptop locator
  • Verifying network connections
  • Monitoring IMs
  • Monitoring file activity and transfers
  • Viewing all e-mails
  • Tracking USB activity and user logins

How to Install FlexiSPY on PC

The first thing you must do before the FlexiSPY download for PC is deactivate the antivirus software, as it may block the installation file. Use your login and password to get into your online dashboard, where you can find your license key in the “Help” section. Proceed with the installation process as soon as you finish these steps.

  1. Launch the file you downloaded, and if you are asked something like “Are you sure?” click “Yes” or whatever similar option you will be presented with.
  2. Accept the license agreement, enter the code, and activate the software.
  3. Wait for the installation to finish, and you are good to go.

Alternatively, buy the install service from the developers; you will contact FlexiSPY support, and someone will join you via live chat to solve all the issues. 

What About the FlexiSPY Dashboard?

The dashboard is literally everything for you when you use FlexiSPY mobile spyware. Basically, all the controls are located there.

  1. If you have several devices you want to monitor, switch between them in the top section. You can even name the devices conveniently.
  2. In the device info section, you will see the information about OS version, battery level, and you can also manually synchronize with it.
  3. In the product info section, you will find the review of FlexiSPY version installed on the target device.
  4. Support contacts and purchases are located in the account section.
  5. All the tracked info is stored in the bottom half of the screen.
  6. A convenient menu to navigate around the dashboard is on the left.

Review of FlexiSPY Features Available

Let’s have a short review of FlexiSPY features attached to different plans. Most are similar to other trackers, but FlexiSPY really stands out in some of them.

Calls and Contacts Tracking

First of all, FlexiSPY gives you access to the contacts on the target device. You will see the phone number, e-mail address (if noted), and even the contact picture (if added). Moreover, FlexiSPY allows users to download the whole address book on their device to access it anytime.

Additionally, every call log is sent to you, and call recording can be activated upon your request. This feature can be of great use for all parents who worry about their children. Even partners who lost trust can restore it (hopefully) by simply checking who their loved one talks with. This feature is one of its cornerstones.

Reviewing Messages

Log into your FlexiSPY account and track SMS on the target device anytime. Apart from the message contents, you will see who sent it, when, and even access it in the “Deleted” folder. The developers have also thought about those who only need to spy on the messages – they offer this feature alone for a symbolic sum of around 10 bucks.

You may wonder why one would need this feature in the 2020s. Well, The National News discovered that 1 in every 3 people still sends text messages. So, review your habits and pay attention to your children/partner. Maybe they also use SMS, and it would make sense for you to track them.

Location Tracking

Here we come to the feature you cannot imagine a cell phone spy without – location tracking. There are two modes that can be accessed from your online dashboard: live tracking and on-demand tracking. Basically, you should understand the essence from the names: get the location updates constantly or only when you request them.

If you do not understand what you need this feature for – ask your parents if they have ever worried about where you were. If location tracking existed back then when you were a child, they would have probably used it. It simply saves so many nerves and always lets you know where to look for your child in case something happens.

Check Browser History

FlexiSPY will allow you to monitor your target’s browser activity, which may not seem so useful at first but will be extremely helpful after you use it and understand what it is. It is hard to underestimate all its value:

  • monitor all web resources a person visits from their tracked device;
  • check when each site was visited;
  • use different filters for easier search, for instance, by date or keyword;
  • get all the website addresses on your dashboard and visit them at any convenient time.

Check what websites your target visits and what content they are interested in. It will help you get a better picture of their likes and plans.

Access Media Files

FlexiSPY provides access to all photos and videos stored on the target phone and works with a couple of dozen media file formats. Like all the features mentioned above, photos and videos will be copied to your dashboard, where you can find them anytime.

This feature is even more useful than you may imagine at first because, for instance, WhatsApp saves received photos and videos in the gallery, so you will have access to them immediately. It will be even harder to hide one’s plans from you, whether it is a weekend adultery or a part with booze and girls.

Control Applications

One of the key features of FlexiSPY is application control – you will be notified about every app opened and closed on the target phone. Moreover, if you check the details of the chosen app in FlexiSPY, you will know when it was installed and how much time the user spends on it.

The main areas of implementation for this feature are school and work. Check what your children do during classes at school and whether your employees surf Facebook instead of work. You will be notified immediately if something goes wrong or not how it is supposed to.

FlexiSPY Alerts

It is very simple to miss an important event in your life, not talking about monitoring every call on the phone tracker. People receive dozens of notifications on their devices throughout the day, so it is not surprising if you do not see your target receive an SMS or visit a restricted web resource. It is where this feature of FlexiSPY comes into play.

Choose what alerts you want to receive:

  • location alerts;
  • keyword alerts;
  • caller alerts.

With the help of the built-in alert wizard, it is possible for you to easily modify and customize the notifications you get – set up the location or keyword rules.

SIM Change Tracker

If one has something to hide – they may buy another SIM card for all their shady business. Such people are usually very proud of their inventiveness and cannot even imagine that someone can reveal everything—someone like you. 

This feature works for both Android and iOS devices: the moment the SIM card is removed from the slot  – you get notified about this. This change does not affect anything, as the tracker is installed on the device and does not depend on the SIM. But the device owner gets a feeling of fake safety. And you get a notification that they have something to hide.


Can you read everything a person types on their iPhone or Android? No? And what if we tell you that it is possible with the FlexiSPY keylogger feature? It is rightfully called one of the best keyloggers on the market. It provides you with all the possible details about the text typed:

  • time and date;
  • application where it was typed;
  • what exactly was typed.

FlexiSPY keylogger allows you to easily control if your workers do what they are supposed to in their workplace and what your children discuss with their pals or strangers via texting.

Device Control with FlexiSPY

Most FlexiSPY reviews do not mention this, as this feature is not considered important, but who knows, maybe it will become a life savior one day. The most important item here is the battery indicator. It may seem not so useful, but it allows you to understand how actively the device is used.

Through the device control menu, you can also deactivate the spyware and even completely delete it from the target device. This menu can be easily accessed via your online dashboard, which should become a second home for you by the moment you decide to delete the app (if ever).

Social Media Monitoring

Social media monitoring is the reason why people would want to install FlexiSPY on target phone nowadays. Luckily for you, FlexiSPY has a feature covering every popular network.

WhatsApp spying is an essential feature nowadays as it is one of the most popular messengers. Check messages, media, and links shared via WhatsApp, even in secret chats. You do not need to root the device to track WhatsApp, as this feature is available in the normal installation mode.

This bad boy is popular among young people due to its disappearing messages. And it makes the FlexiSPY Snapchat spy app even better, as these messages are not disappearing for it. Keep your teenager’s secret communication under personal control!

Of all social media apps, Instagram is one of the most popular and used worldwide. Thus, it is not surprising that such a tracking beast as FlexiSPY offers an Instagram tracking service. Spy on Insta DM, stories and posts of a person staying completely anonymous yourself. Pay attention that most Instagram spy apps require jailbreak for iOS, and FlexiSPY is not an exception.

How FlexiSPY Feels and Works

This FlexiSPY review inspects this phone spy from all sides, and finally, it is time to talk about its performance. First of all, battery. It is important that a phone tracker does not overload the device’s battery, or else it would be extremely easy to notice the tracker. FlexiSPY works in background mode, consuming as little battery as possible, increasing this amount with the number of services you activate. However, activating only those you really need is possible (advice from me =D)!

The same goes for the app’s speed. In fact, the best recommendation on how to use FlexiSPY is to launch only the essential features. The more services are active, the more phone resources will be used. Review your needs. A GPS tracker? Social media monitoring? Call recording? Do you need to spy on your target’s calls at the moment? Turn off everything you do not need.

Next – data synchronization. However, there is no next here. Data synchronization is closely connected to the questions we discussed above. Every feature has a manual synchronization mode, allowing users to decrease battery and phone resource consumption by simply requesting the tracking data they need. It works on both Android and iOS, which is great.

The app is regularly updated, and it can be done remotely. It is, by the way, one of the reasons to monitor the battery stance on your dashboard. The updating process may slow the device down significantly and suck everything out of the battery. That is why it is better to install the new version of the software when the device’s owner sleeps and the phone is on charge.

What About Safety? Is FlexiSPY Legit?

Many users wonder if it is safe to install FlexiSPY on Android or iOS. It is spying software, and people are naturally alerted about the safety of their personal data, devices, and accounts. Well, in a few words – it is 100% secure to use the FlexiSPY spying software, but let’s dive into more detail.

  1. Anonymity. The main idea of any tracker, and FlexiSPY in particular, is anonymity. It does not matter if you install it on an Android or iOS device; your data, including information about your name, bank account, etc., does not leak anywhere. There is literally no area where it can be shared with the owner of the target phone. Like, how do you expect to be compromised? The developers send an e-mail to your object: “Hello. John Doe, social security number 12345, Bank Account 67890, is spying on your phone!” Nonsense.
  2. Security. It is important to mention that FlexiSPY also offers TLS protection. What is it? TLS is a web protocol that protects the website and all its operations from third-party fraudsters. For instance, when you enter your bank details to pay for the chosen plan, no one will get them in any way, as the HTTPS/TLS protocols protect the website and payment section.
  3. Cookies. These tiny files are used to ease your cooperation with the FlesiSPY website; they store the following info:
    • Internet service provider;
    • what browser is used;
    • information on the operating system;
    • IP address.

These cookies are created to ease your cooperation with the website. Of course, if you are not happy with such data stored somewhere, you may deactivate cookies. However, in this case, be aware that your access to some sections of the website and dashboard will be slower.

How Much Does FlexiSPY Cost Depending on the Platform?

Many people need an app review to determine if there is any sense in using it and how much it costs. Hopefully, we answered your first question; now, let’s get to the second.

FlexiSPY Price on Android and iOS

The price for the mobile device version is the same. There are 3 plans offered, the main difference between which is the number of available features. Premium and Extreme plans also have different subscription periods.

Plan1 month3 months12 months
FlexiSPY Lite$29.95Not offeredNot offered
FlexiSPY Premium$79$119$179
FlexiSPY Extreme$119$239$419

FlexiSPY for iPad and Computers

There is 1 plan with 3 subscription periods available: 1 month for $79, 3 months for $119, and 12 months for $179. Noteworthy is that the FlexiSPY app offers a 10-day money-back guarantee.

How to Contact the Customer Support?

There are three main ways to contact FlexiSPY’s customer support service: phone number +1 (213) 810 31 22), live chat, and e-mail – [email protected]. Also, it is possible to submit a ticket via the website. In addition, there is a pretty detailed FAQ section on the website. If a problem arises, for example, if you wonder how to install FlexiSPY without the target device in your hands, check the FAQ first before contacting the support directly. 

FlexiSPY Pros and Cons

FlexiSPY is one of those cases when there are more advantages than disadvantages we can come up with. 


  • provides tracking of all popular social networks;
  • alarms you if a person changes their SIM card;
  • has one of the most precise stealthy GPS trackers;
  • tracks a wide variety of platforms;
  • offers the “buy a phone with an installed tracker” service;
  • useful features, such as call recording, geofencing, alerts, keylogger;
  • compatibility with Android, iPhones, iPads, macOS, and Windows;
  • stealth mode for a PC client;
  • customer support is reachable via multiple channels.


  • the price is higher than the market average;
  • cannot be installed on iPhones without jailbreak.


Does FlexiSPY work on iPhone?

We have already mentioned in this review that it works on iPhones, but FlexiSPY also requires jailbreaking prior to installation. If other trackers work on unhacked iPhones with limited functionality, FlexiSPY does vice versa – it needs the device to be hacked but guarantees access to all services. There is a compatibility checker on the site for convenience.

Is FlexiSPY legal?

It is the question many ask before purchasing a subscription. This question is totally understandable, as no one wants to have problems with the law. The answer is yes, it is. You are legally allowed to install it on the devices you own or get an oral agreement from the device owner if they are over 18.

Is FlexiSPY detectable?

When people install FlexiSPY, one of the main questions they have – is FlexiSPY detectable? We would like to assure everyone that it is extremely hard to notice FlexiSPY installed on your device. It is better to root Android before installation to improve its stealth qualities, though.

Can FlexiSPY be installed remotely?

You cannot install FlexiSPY without the target device in your hands, even if it is an iPhone (many other trackers offer remote installation for Apple devices). However, you may order a new phone with pre-installed software on the FlexiSPY website, and it will be delivered right to your door.

Does FlexiSPY require jailbreak to work on iOS?

Unfortunately, yes. Unlike other trackers with limited functionality on Apple devices with no jailbreak, FlexiSPY values quality and quantity. It offers you the full spectrum of features, but in return, you must jailbreak the device before installation. For the same reason, you cannot install FlexiSPY without the target device in your hands.

Is FlexiSPY free?

Well, no, it is not free, and it is impossible to find a free and safe phone tracker. You should understand that a good tracker cannot be free as its developers constantly improve it and work on its features, so they require some reward. FlexiSPY offers very flexible payment plans, though.

How to uninstall FlexiSPY on Android?

It is very easy to remove FlexiSPY Android version. There is a button on the dashboard in the Account section. Simply click on this button and follow the instructions on the screen – you should have no problems.


9 10 0 1
FlexiSPY is a good tracker with a whole bunch of decent features working on Android and iOS. Unlike many other trackers, it offers full functionality for iPhones but requires the device to be jailbroken in return. It works on the target phone in a completely stealthy mode, and you can control battery consumption by choosing what services you want to activate; thus, it is recommended that you review what you really need. If you are not a geek yourself, take the installation procedure off your shoulders and order a new device with the pre-installed trackers from the FlexiSPY website just to save time and nerves. For many people, it sounds like a great offer, so do not hesitate to use it.
FlexiSPY is a good tracker with a whole bunch of decent features working on Android and iOS. Unlike many other trackers, it offers full functionality for iPhones but requires the device to be jailbroken in return. It works on the target phone in a completely stealthy mode, and you can control battery consumption by choosing what services you want to activate; thus, it is recommended that you review what you really need. If you are not a geek yourself, take the installation procedure off your shoulders and order a new device with the pre-installed trackers from the FlexiSPY website just to save time and nerves. For many people, it sounds like a great offer, so do not hesitate to use it.
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