Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions explain the rules and regulations regarding how you use Spy Phone App’s website. Accessing and using this website makes you accept these terms and conditions. Please stop using the Spy Phone App’s website if you don’t agree with these terms and conditions.


These terminologies apply to our terms and conditions.

  • Client, you, and your: These terms refer to the person accessing our website and accepting our terms and conditions.
  • Our, We, Ourselves, Operator, Company, and Us: These terminologies refer to Spy Phone App.
  • Party, Us, and Parties: These terms refer to us, the client, or us and the client.

Using these terms or other words in plural, singular, capitalization, he, she, or they are interchangeable with similar references.


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Spy Phone App and its licensors have the intellectual property rights to the materials on this website. We reserve all the intellectual property rights, and you can view the content on this website for personal use, subject to our terms and conditions restrictions.

You shall not:

  • Republish content from spyphone.app
  • Rent, sell, or sub-license content from spyphone.app
  • Duplicate, copy, or reproduce material from spyphone.app
  • Redistribute material from spyphone.app unless we make the content for redistribution.

User Content

We don’t own any information, data, or material, collectively called content, that you share when using this website. Therefore, you’re solely responsible for the integrity, quality, accuracy, appropriateness, reliability, and intellectual property right or ownership to use the submitted content.

You may review and monitor the content you create or submit using our services. You permit copying, access, transmission, distribution, storage, reformatting, performance, and display of the content for service provision.

Without limiting those warranties or representations, we reserve the right, though not an obligation, to remove or refuse any content, at our discretion, if we feel it violates our policies or is objectionable or harmful. Also, you permit us to use, adapt, reproduce, publish, modify, or distribute the content you create or store for marketing, commercial, or other purposes.

These organizations might link to our site without a written approval:

  • Search engines
  • Government agencies
  • Online directories upon listing us
  • News organizations

These organizations can link to our website, publications, or other sites with the information, as long as it’s not misleading, falsely implying endorsement, approval, or sponsorship of the linking site, service, product, or party. Also, they can link to us if they fit in the linking site’s context.

We may approve or consider, at our discretion, link requests from these organizations:

  • Do.com community websites
  • Business and consumer sources like AARP and Consumer Union, American Automobile Association, and Chambers of Commerce
  • Groups or associations that represent charities
  • Online directory distributors
  • Trade associations and educational institutions
  • Law, accounting, and consulting companies with businesses as their primary clients

Internet Portals

We approve link requests from such organizations after determining that:

  • They won’t reflect on us or accredited businesses unfavorably.
  • We don’t have an unsatisfactory record with the organization.
  • The visibility benefits from the hyperlink outweigh the link’s absence in the general resource data context or are consistent with a newsletter’s editorial content or similar products improving the organization’s mission.

Organizations can link to our site’s homepage to website information or publications provided the link:

  • Is not misleading.
  • The link does not falsely imply the linking party, products, or services endorsement, sponsorship, or approval.
  • It fits within the linking party’s website context.

Please contact us if you want to link to our website and provide us with your organization’s name, name, and contact information. Also, provide the URLs from which you wish to link to our site.

Upon approval, organizations can link to our site as follows:

  • Using our corporate name and hyperlink.
  • Using a uniform resource locator or the web address they want to link to.
  • Using other descriptions of the Spy Phone App’s website or the material they link to, making sense in the format or context of the linking part’s site content.

Spy Phone App doesn’t approve of using its logo or artwork for linking purposes without a trademark license agreement.

Rights Reservation

Spy Phone App reserves the right and has sole discretion to ask you to remove links or a line to our site, and you agree that you will immediately remove it or them upon the request. Also, we reserve the right to change these terms and conditions of our linking policy. Continued linking to our site means you agree to abide by our linking terms and conditions.

Intellectual Property Rights apply to the current and future rights that the common law, equity, or statute confer concerning copyright and related trademarks, inventions, patents, designs, and goodwill. And these include the rights of suing for passing off, use, innovations, and other intellectual property rights, whether unregistered or registered, including all rights to apply and get rights to claim their priority. Such rights and equivalent or similar rights and protections substitute or will substitute anywhere.

This agreement doesn’t transfer any intellectual property we own to you or any third party. All rights, interests, and titles in and to the property remain to the operator solely. All service marks, trademarks, logos, and graphics used in connection with this website and our services may be third parties’ trademarks.

Using this website and services doesn’t grant you any license or right to use or reproduce the third-party or operator’s trademarks.

Liability Limitation

As per the applicable law, the operator, its director, affiliates, agents, employees, officers, licensors, or suppliers will not be liable to any entity for incidental, indirect, punitive, special, consequential, or cover damages caused under liability theory. And this includes tort, contract, statutory duty breach, warranty, negligence, or otherwise, even when the liable party had the advice of such damages possibility or may have foreseen them.

Prohibited Uses

In addition to our other terms, Spy Phone App prohibits you from using this site, its content, and services:

  • For unlawful purposes.
  • To participate in illegal acts or solicit others to perform them.
  • To violate federal, state, or provincial laws, rules, or local ordinances.
  • To infringe or violate our intellectual property rights or others’ intellectual property rights.
  • To abuse, harm, insult, disparage, slander, defame, discriminate, or intimidate others.
  • Submit misleading or false information.
  • Transmit or upload malicious code or viruses that may affect the site’s operations or functionalities.
  • Spam, pharm, phish, spider, pretext, scrape, or craw.
  • For immoral or obscene purposes.
  • Circumvent or interfere with the website’s security features, third-party services, products, or the internet.

Spy Phone App reserves the right to terminate this website’s and services’ use for violation of the prohibited uses.


You agree to hold and indemnify the operator and its directors, affiliates, employees, officers, licensors, agents, and suppliers harmless against and from any losses, liabilities, damages, or costs incurred in connection with or resulting from third-party actions. These include claims, allegations, or demands concerning your content, use of this website or our services, and any willful misconduct.


All restrictions and rights in this agreement shall be binding and applicable to the extent that they don’t violate the applicable laws and shall be limited to the necessary time so that they won’t render it illegal, unenforceable, or invalid.

Suppose a portion or provision of this agreement shall be held invalid, illegal, or unenforceable by a competent jurisdiction’s court. In that case, the parties intend that the remaining portions or provisions shall comprise the agreement concerning the matter. The remaining portions or provisions thereof shall remain effective and in full force.

Dispute Resolution

Relevant procedural and substantive laws shall govern this agreement’s performance, interpretation, and formation and disputes arising from it without regard to the law choices or conflict laws and the applicable extent.

The exclusive venue for the actions relating to the subject matter hereof will be the court in a relevant jurisdiction, and you submit to such court’s jurisdiction. You waive the rights to the jury trial in the proceeding arising from or related to the agreement.

Amendments and Changes

Spy Phone App reserves the right to amend, change, or modify these terms and conditions at any time. Such changes will become effective immediately after posting. Continued visit and use of this site and our services after making the changes mean you consent to the new terms and conditions or the amendments.

Acceptance of Our Terms and Conditions

After reading and understanding, you acknowledge that you accept these terms and conditions. Accessing and using this website or our services means you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. You’re not allowed to access and use this website and our services if you don’t agree to abide by these terms and conditions.

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