Best WhatsApp Spy Apps

WhatsApp Spy Apps

“What’s up?” This phrase is one of the most popular ways to start a conversation, and WhatsApp is one of the most used apps to write a message or make a call internationally, with a pool of over 2 billion texters. Users prefer a WhatsApp conversation more often than Snapchat or Telegram. The accessibility of the app undoubtedly plays a significant role – it is free, and even a child can figure it out. However, the application can use Face ID, so kids or partners can take advantage of this, leaving the people who care about them in the dark.

Therefore, even when holding the device in your hands, it is often impossible to read messages. Despite this, WhatsApp spy apps do work effectively. 

How Does a WhatsApp Spy App Work?

If you have a couple of reasons to know who a person is talking to using WhatsApp, you can see everything as it is even without access to target phone. This is possible if you plan to monitor an Apple device – the program will connect with their iCloud and update you once you enter the needed credentials. Even if things turn out not so easy, you will need to download and install a small software package on the Android smartphone or tablet. On the bright side, many of these products work undercover and, in addition to WhatsApp, also track other guilty pleasures of users.

Top 10 Apps to Spy on WhatsApp Messages

To get a place on our top, these apps had to properly establish themselves among users, have some distinctive features, and of course, function as WhatsApp spy apps. With their help, many secret things become clear. Keep up, and you will be aware of how these utilities can be useful to you in many life situations.

1. uMobix – Best WhatsApp Spy App 

Our inner instinct rarely fails when our loved ones start to become distant, but they don’t always tell everything in a heartbeat. uMobix app offers a versatile solution with a range of features that will perfectly cover the interests of the person who needs to unravel the truth. Using this best WhatsApp spy app for Android and iOS, users will know about the real intentions of children or spouses in advance.

If your goal is to remain unnoticed in the monitoring process, this program will perfectly cope with this task. In addition, you can count on:

  • Obtaining detailed insight into the virtual life of the target device holder, including social and dating interactions
  • Tracking of a good bunch of messaging services (WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber, Zoom, to name a few)
  • Geolocation system
  • Remote settings management
  • Media monitoring and browser usage
  • Video and audio streaming


  • View deleted calls, messages, and contacts after deletion
  • Know what a person typed in a day thanks to the keylogger
  • Get notifications about changing the SIM card
  • Do not miss any content that they share on social networks


  • No free trial

2. SpyBubble – Great WhatsApp Spy App for iPhone

Standing over a person’s shoulder and peeking is already an outdated and rather unnerving way to see who they are talking to. Whereas such WhatsApp spy apps for Android and iOS as SpyBubble will not arouse suspicion. You will simply look at the situation from a different, more professional angle without involving a real detective.

This monitoring tool will allow you to do that thanks to its great features like:

  • Tracking location and history of visited places in real-time
  • Get ready to find out what they are talking about in chats and social networks (including Discord, Duo messenger, and Signal)
  • Find out with whom and for how long they talked, exchanged messages, and their topics
  • See what apps they have installed and/or hidden
  • Remotely restrict incoming and outgoing calls


  • Works on all iPhones and iPads
  • The monitoring process can be initiated remotely if you know iCloud credentials
  • The ability to find out which contacts have been renamed or deleted, as well as calls and messages
  • Keeping track of their email
  • Remote app uninstall
  • Video and photo gallery spy


  • Fast battery drain

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3. mSpy WhatsApp Tracker

If you are unable to find out the reasons for a change in the behavior of a loved one, the WhatsApp spy app for iPhone or Android can help you find the right clues. Having mSpy as your assistant, you will be able to determine the root of the problem without unnecessary tantrums and scandals.

Calls and SMS are often used for communication, and in addition to these categories, the program will keep you updated about:

  • Messages in Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Telegram, Tinder, Line, Viber, Kik, Instagram
  • Changes in their calendar
  • Them crossing over the fences you defined on the map
  • Also, block websites that might be harmful


  • Get timestamps and other details about calls and messages on the target device
  • Do not miss important events and spot unpleasant content right away by watching videos and photos on their devices
  • Learn more about their location with a GPS tracker and WiFi network monitoring


  • No ambient and call recording 

4. Hoverwatch: A Working Solution Without Access to Target Phone

We are already accustomed to the fact that smart technologies quickly and automatically work with our data. Many of them are available for free, but if we talk about free spy apps for WhatsApp, then this is rather a rare exception that will not particularly please you with efficiency. In turn, Hoverwatch offers excellent value for personal and business purposes.

While using this product, you can:

  • Stay invisible by monitoring GPS, calls, and messages on the gadget
  • Feel the benefits of a phone recorder – just click play or download audio
  • Spy on WhatsApp and Snapchat, Viber and Instagram
  • Use the screenshot function
  • See photos taken with an Android phone or tablet camera


  • Free signup for a keylogger for MAC and Windows
  • Location tracker
  • Browser history tracker
  • An extensive tool for monitoring social networks and instant messengers


  • No solution for iPhones

5. TiSPY

Sometimes we can’t even imagine what a busy life a person lives online. In addition to popular social networks, children and teens can also freely access adult websites and content for free download. TiSPY app helps to introduce youth to the nooks and crannies of the internet with care. Among its helpful features are:

  • Incoming/outgoing calls and SMS tracking
  • URL logs
  • App control
  • Android keystroke utility
  • Web filter and site blocking


  • Users can access a photo scheduler taking shots from the camera or of screen
  • Parents can limit app usage per day
  • Connect to the map and know where they went
  • Read their correspondence along with sent and received media files


  • This is not an option for those who want to spy on WhatsApp messages without target phone; physical access is required
  • Social media tracking is limited to chat content only

6. FlexiSPY – WhatsApp Spy App for Android

If you want to go all deep into spying on a target device, FlexiSPY offers just enough jailbreak and rooting solutions for thorough monitoring. This means, however, that the program will not work without target phone. If you’re happy with that option, keep reading.

Depending on the subscription plan, users have access to a more or less wide range of services, which in addition differ significantly for iOS, Android, and computers. Those of them that are most worthy of attention are the following:

  • Remote device restart
  • Keylogger
  • Activity in the browser and applications
  • Location tracking and geofencing
  • Call logs and messages in social networks (in more upgraded plans)


  • Ability to record calls and surroundings
  • Call recordings on Viber, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Facetime
  • The ability to monitor file transfers on the computer, printing, and other work processes


  • The ability to read any WhatsApp conversation is provided, but other than messages, the user has access to limited monitoring functionality
  • You won’t get many important features in the LITE version
  • Tweaking is needed on a target device
  • Considered pricey by many

7. Snoopza – Free WhatsApp Spy App

While some try to find out information on the phone using phone number (spoiler alert – this way, you won’t be able to read messages on WhatsApp and other instant messengers), others turn to more working methods like Snoopza.

This program is designed to monitor smartphone communications, without which neither children nor adults can do a day. By entering the dashboard, users will be able to track dialogues, photo and video content in WhatsApp, as well as:

  • Open the curtain for a person’s activity on Facebook and Viber
  • Spy on Snapchat messages with attachments
  • Know about the child’s new acquaintances and so on by viewing calls, text messages, and a contact book
  • View and analyze search queries in browsers

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  • Protection of children from Internet dangers and control of subordinates at work
  • Ability to record calls
  • Ability to take screenshots
  • Receiving information about changing the SIM card


  • You will not be able to monitor iOS devices
  • Need to root the target device

8. SpyStealth: a Straightforward App to Spy on WhatsApp Messages

Hidden phone spy apps for WhatsApp like SpyStealth have undeniable advantages in that they do not give the user on the target device a reason to deviate from their usual behavior. Thus, you will get an objective vision of the life of your children, colleagues, or soulmates.

Combining cutting-edge solutions for users of all walks of life, SpyStealth can be your best free WhatsApp spy app without target phone. It has a free demo mode, after which users can continue with a subscription. Check if they are well behaved with the following features:

  • Live updates and monitoring
  • Tracking of all written conversations, including messages, multimedia exchanges, emails, etc.
  • Staying up to date with all calls and contacts
  • Do not miss a single location where they were or are now
  • See the URLs received or sent
  • Geofencing

👉🏻 Check out the full list of its premium features in our SpyStealth review.


  • Texting and multimedia viewing in social media
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Remote control of the gadget (locking the phone or applications)
  • Manage multiple devices from one account
  • Profane language usage notifications


  • Does not support computer monitoring

9. Aispyer

This monitoring software and, concurrently, a WhatsApp spy app is ready to answer the questions of those who are tired of feeling puzzled by the behavior of family members or employees. Where their ears or eyes fail, users can rely on technology. Namely, Aispyer offers these features:

  • Tracking call logs and web history
  • Monitoring WhatsApp, Instagram, and Snapchat messages
  • Keylogger
  • Geofencing and location


  • Abundant availability of features for jailbroken devices
  • Allows you to use separate monitoring software to spy on activities on computers
  • Records audio communications on jailbroken iPhones


  • Social media insight comes down to messages
  • Many subscription options look confusing
  • Features look insufficient for non-jailbroken gadgets
  • No customer support

10. eyeZy

They call themselves the best, but is it true if most of what they say their exclusive features are intrinsic in many of the products in this review? This program can hardly be called the best WhatsApp spy app, but in fairness, it should be noted that they offer the ability to read messages, see contacts, and call logs in this messenger. Other eyeZy features:

  • Screen recording
  • Instagram posts
  • Collecting information about Wi-Fi networks and locations
  • Tracker of notes and calendar events


  • The user can block the use of Wi-Fi by a network, website, or application
  • There is a keyword tracking


  • No live communication on the website
  • You can read but not see all social media activity
  • Access to the target device and rooting are needed to gain access to many advanced features

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How to Choose the Best WhatsApp Spy App

If you want a software to check all the boxes, here are some important criteria.


Those who invent WhatsApp spy apps and other monitoring products can take into account the tastes and needs of users but sometimes cannot provide a universal solution that operates the same for Android and iOS operating systems. Therefore, double-check if your target device is supported by the company, and if necessary, ask their support team to notify you if such an addition is planned.

User Experience

Simplicity is key to the hearts of users, especially those who turn to trackers as the latest resort. Therefore, you can count on the best WhatsApp spy app not to drive you around the bush and make the registration and purchase process complete in just a few clicks, as is in the case of uMobix.


With a handful of features for observation, parents can finally track the online lives of kids who can be a real pain in the neck. Location, calls, messages, and content from social networks are perhaps the minimum that you can demand from providers of such services.

Customer support

Any self-respecting business will not allow its potential customers to switch to competitors simply because they were not able to communicate with a company representative about their questions. Live chat is probably the most optimal communication channel that you can use. Also, some decent sites offer to fill out a brief contact form or contact them using phone number.

How to Install a Spy App for WhatsApp

You don’t have to leave the comfort of your home or office to see WhatsApp messages and calls from your kids or your employees’ work devices. Due to the characteristics of operating systems, the installation process usually overlaps and consists of approximately the following steps.

  1. Register and select a subscription, pay for the purchase.
  2. Get the software to be installed on the target device via free download (for Android). Enter data from iCloud or follow the instructions for jailbreak (iOS).
  3. Log in to your account and sync with your target device, or just start browsing transferred data.

How to Use WhatsApp Spy App Without Target Phone

Rooting or jailbreaking a target device is not always in the plans of a person who is going to start monitoring. For this tweaking, you will have to access the gadget. But knowing cloud data from the owner of the iOS phone or tablet, you can simply enter it for the program to do its job. If you are without target phone, you can still spy on the device wherever it is.


If you have read up this far, then you finally know what the best WhatsApp spy app is. Combing through the most popular products, users should also pay attention to other features in addition to the WhatsApp tracker and the presence of customer support. Only by pulling all the strings will you be able not to miss the details and get food for thought and analysis.


Do WhatsApp spy apps work?

Yes, go for the ones that are compatible with your device and get user reviews – don’t focus on free WhatsApp spy app solution.

Are WhatsApp spy apps safe?

Developers of monitoring tools are required to act according to documents posted on their websites, such as Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, or Data Processing. To process payments, it is safe to use the services of sites with SSL encryption.

What is the best WhatsApp spy app for Android?

The solution to spy on WhatsApp messages without target phone has not been invented for Android yet, so you need to build on the features offered. In terms of the perfect balance of these, uMobix makes a good impression.

Are there any free apps to spy WhatsApp?

Monitoring WhatsApp and other messengers cannot be called a basic feature. Therefore, there are no proven free solutions on the market.

Can I spy on WhatsApp messages without target phone?

Yes, you can read a WhatsApp conversation and view calls and contacts without a target phone. But before that, you will need to set up synchronization with your user board, and that’s where access may be required for some gadgets.