A Guide on How to Spy on Someone’s Snapchat Account Hassle-Free

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How to Spy on Someone's Snapchat for Free

Snapchat users may think their pictures and DM messages are actively erased immediately after being viewed, but nothing is temporary on social media apps and the net. That means there are ways to spy on someone’s Snapchat without them knowing, even after the photos and messages are erased. Today we’ll discuss how to spy on someone’s Snapchat for free. 

Why Would You Want to Spy on Someone’s Snapchat?

There are lots of reasons that you may want to learn to spy on a Snapchat account or have a Snapchat DM spy. Of course, the first thing that would come to most people’s minds is to spy on a partner or ex. But there are also some severe reasons to spy on social media as well. 

A large portion of Snapchat users is children and teenagers. And in a world where predators run amok, Snapchat can be a hazardous place for youngsters and a scary place for parents. And keeping your children safe is a good reason to spy on their Snapchat without them knowing. 

Can You Spy on Someone Else’s Snapchat Messages?

Is there a way to spy on Snapchat conversations? The answer is yes! Snapchat is a messaging program that allows Snapchat users to send photos and videos instantly to their contacts. Once those photos are viewed by the receiver, they are set to self-destruct. In other words, they are no longer visible after they’ve been seen once. 

But with the right software, all messages and photos can be captured and saved, even after they’ve “disappeared”. That means that you can spy on someone’s Snapchat without them knowing. 

The Best Ways to Spy on Snapchat Without Rousing Suspicions

There are lots of ways to spy on social media and Snapchat using different apps and programs. All you have to do is install the tool and let it do monitoring for you. 

Once installed, you’ll have far greater security in the things your child or teenager is doing online. Today we’ll discuss the best way to spy on Snapchat using 4 different apps:

  1. uMobix
  2. SpyBubble
  3. Cocospy
  4. iKeyMonitor

How to Spy on Snapchat Messages Using uMobix Solution

uMobix is a monitoring app that runs on both Android and iOS devices, allowing you to spy on different social media applications. It allows you to monitor your loved one’s social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat without them knowing to ensure that they stay safe while engaging with others online. 

uMobix also lets you track phone history directly, keeping track of things like call logs, browser history, text messages, and even photos and videos taken and sent.

Here are some of uMobix features:

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Monitoring of cell phone data, including calls, browser, texts, and media
  • Tracking and monitoring of deleted calls and history
  • Supervising social media apps, including Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Whatsapp, and more 
  • Detailed monitoring of chat history, even once “deleted”
  • GPS tracking
  • Keylogger

Note: Monitoring of Snapchat is only available on the Android version of uMobix.


  • Simple and easy-to-use dashboard
  • Social media monitoring
  • Advanced monitoring of chat logs and call history even after they have been deleted
  • Option to block unwanted callers or messengers
  • Allows to monitor other’s Snapchat without installing software 
  • uMobix is very discreet. No one will know you are spying on their conversations or calls. 
  • Free trial for 1 day


  • One subscription is required per device
  • Can drain the battery quickly
  • Monitoring of Snapchat is limited to Android phones

Steps to Spy on Snapchat Using uMobix:

  1. Visit the uMobix website and sign up for an annual, quarterly, or monthly package. 
  2. Check your email to receive a verification and follow the instructions to install uMobix. 
  3. Once the installation is complete, open the app and enter your login information. 
  4. When prompted, be sure to answer “yes” to allow for all permissions regarding access to the phone. 
  5. Login to your account anytime you want to check Snapchat history. 

How to Spy on Snapchat Account Using SpyBubble Stealthy App

SpyBubble is another tracking app that brands itself as an application to spy on Snapchat conversations, mainly for tracking cheaters. It can also be used for monitoring minors. Much like uMobix, SpyBubble gives you access to things like call logs, browser history, and text messages. 

The installation of SpyBubble is quick and easy, and monitoring is discreet so that it cannot be detected.

Here are some of SpyBubble features:

  • Access to browser history, call logs, and text messages, even once deleted
  • Access to photo and video gallery
  • List of all installed applications
  • Real-time tracking with updates every 5 minutes
  • Monitoring of activity using photo snapshots
  • Option to regulate messages and block WiFi and websites
  • GPS tracking
  • Activity monitoring on social media apps, including Facebook, WhatsApp, and Snapchat


  • Easy to install and use
  • Works on both Android and iOS devices
  • Discreet tracking abilities to monitor someone’s Snapchat messages
  • Real-time tracking with updates every 5 minutes


  • iCloud details are required to use features of Snapchat on iPhone
  • Some key features do not work on Android devices

Steps to Spy on Snapchat Using SpyBubble:

  1. Install SpyBubble Snapchat DM spy on the phone you wish to monitor or apply iCloud credentials. You can opt to “Try Now” or “Buy Now” on their website.
    Once the app is installed, be sure to grant it all permissions for access to the phone. 
  2. Begin the automatic setup process.
  3. Complete your registration and opt to use the app in “Stealth mode” to ensure that it is discreet.
  4. Log in to your online portal and configure your information to monitor Snapchat. At the same time, you can configure the information to spy on other apps as well.
  5. Open your dashboard anytime you want to see real-time updates. 

Reveal How to Spy on Snapchat Without Access to Target Phone via Cocospy

Cocospy is another monitoring solution that allows you to track online and offline mobile phone activities. This app can be used on Android and iOS. It allows you to track anyone’s messages, calls, browser history, and social media activity discreetly, without the other person knowing that you’re tracking them. 

With the help of Cocospy Snapchat spy without access to target phone, you can keep your children safe online or monitor the activity of your employees to prevent misuse of company equipment.

Cocospy’s key features:

  • Monitoring of call logs, contacts, social media apps, and browser history
  • Stealth mode to prevent detection of the app
  • Keylogger allows you to track every keystroke made on the device
  • Tracking of all photos and videos
  • GPS tracking and GeoFence alerts when tracked phone exits a specified location boundary


  • User-friendly and straightforward use
  • Safe and reliable
  • Works on both jailbreak and non-jailbreak phones
  • Live demo


  • Uses a great deal of data
  • Free trials are not available

Steps to Spy on Snapchat Using Cocospy:

  1. Go to the Cocospy website, create an account, and pay for a subscription. 
  2. Download Cocospy on the phone you wish to track.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete installation and setup of the application.
  4. Use your own phone or laptop to log in to your Cocospy home screen.
  5. On the left-hand side, click on the tab that says “Social > Snapchat”. Here you will find all messages and activities accompanied by a timestamp. 

How to Spy on People’s Snapchat Free via iKeyMonitor

iKeyMonitor is one of the most highly used and trusted parental control apps for both Android and iOS phones. Like the other monitoring apps, iKeyMonitor allows you to track things like phone calls and text messages, browsing history, and social media usage. 

It is designed to keep children safe from online predators, online bullying, and inappropriate activities.

Main iKeyMonitor features:

  • Online monitoring of Snapchat and other social media apps and websites
  • Offline monitoring of text messages, photos, and videos
  • GPS monitoring and GeoFencing
  • Set time limits and blocking rules for your child’s usage
  • Set schedules for your child’s phone usage
  • Phone call recording


  • Sophisticated tracking abilities and features
  • Unlimited use free trial offers basic features 
  • Enhanced protection for keeping your children safe from online threats


  • Must be jailbroken to access all key features
  • More difficult to install than some other monitoring apps

How to Spy on People’s Snapchat Free Using iKeyMonitor:

  1. Go to the iKeyMonitor website and download the free version of the app on the phone you wish to track.
  2. Install it and follow any prompts and instructions to complete installation. 
  3. On another device, log in to your iKeyMonitor account and head to your control panel.
  4. Go to the side menu and click on “Snapchat”.
  5. Select the chat you wish to view. 

Final Words

Spying on Snapchat activity is easy with any solution outlined above. Whatever goals you pursue, compare the features, pricing, and feedback from users offered by the tool you are going to use to make an informed decision. Download snapchat spy app of your choice, install it on the target phone, and then use your device to monitor whatever activity you would like to see.


Is it safe to use a Snapchat spy app?

Yes, the well-chosen Snapchat spy app is completely safe to use, as the ones described above. With that being said, it’s important to remember that when you spy on people’s Snapchat, these apps record personal and private information. Always be sure to read the privacy policy carefully before installing any type of spy app on your phone. However, we recommend you stay alert for completely free apps that might be a scam.

Can Snapchat spy apps be detected?

Can you really spy on someone’s Snapchat messages without detection? Some apps leave a small icon in the corner of the phone that may lead to detection. Still, most of them have a “Stealth” mode that removes this icon, allowing you to spy without any detection at all. Some people may also become suspicious of the extra battery consumption used by a Snapchat spy app, but this is a rare case.

Is it legal to spy on someone’s Snapchat messages?

When it comes to spying on a person under 18, the process is considered to be legal. When you’re going to monitor an adult, they should be aware of your intentions. In any case, make sure to comply with the law of the respective jurisdiction.

Is it possible to spy on someone remotely?

You can spy on Snapchat without access to target device if you know their iCloud credentials. However, this is not applicable to Android gadgets, where 1-time access is needed in any case, and no human verification is required later. Once the app is installed, you can use your phone or laptop to spy whenever you want and from wherever you are.

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