uMobix Spy App Review

uMobix Spy App Review

For different reasons, you may want to monitor someone’s device. For example, if your child has a mobile phone, you may be interested in what they are doing there, who they are conversing with, what content they are exchanging, and who may be cyberbullying them. Conversely, you could possibly want to know if your spouse is trustworthy. Using a spy app could help you find answers to these concerns and even place restrictions to avoid problems. 

Several monitoring programs exist today, and the uMobix app is one of them. In this uMobix review, we focus on its pros and cons, how it works, its features, how to install it, and the frequently asked questions. Keep reading this review to find out how you can get uMobix premium services.

Quick Look on uMobix App

uMobix comes with several features, key among them being call-monitoring, call-log viewing, SMS monitoring, keylogger, address book, social media & messenger apps, web browser activity monitoring, and GPS location tracking.

uMobix app is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

49.99 per month, $83.97 per 3 months, $139.92 per 12 months.

The brand does not offer free downloads.


What Is uMobix? 

uMobix app is among the several outstanding tools for parental control that allow you to monitor devices on a friendly interface. The app allows you to easily access your teen’s device any time you wish. The uMobix dashboard displays all information about the target device as extended reports that are essential when dealing with a child’s safety. 

This tracking app, which works well on both Android and iOS devices, allows you to monitor incoming and outgoing SMS and calls. This helps you protect your child from unwanted calls and SMS, for example. These are critical in ensuring the safety of your child. Moreover, you can control the amount of time your child spends on the phone with all the evidence you need to support your claims. 

uMobix also allows you to monitor your child’s social media activity. Social can be fun and entertaining, but it can also lead to addiction and is a major source of inappropriate content and bullying for a significant number of people. The spy app monitors all popular instant messaging and social media apps, including Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook. You will easily know what is happening to your child using this parental control app instead of relying on your child to tell you what is wrong. 

If you feel your child or spouse is lying about their whereabouts, uMobix app will help tell their precise location. The application has a location tracker feature for you.

How Does uMobix Work? 

This parental control app offers a complete suite of features to help you monitor the activities on your child’s device. uMobix app monitors and collects information from the target mobile device in stealth mode. Every data obtained from the target phone or tablet is recorded and sent to your user space dashboard. 

To begin using this mobile tracker, you have to purchase it first. Create an account through a uMobix sign up to be able to subscribe to one of its plans. If the target device is Android-supported, you need to install uMobix app on the target phone or tablet. This means that you must have physical access to it.

However, if your target has an iOS-supported mobile device, you don’t need to access it physically. All you need is to give the device’s iCloud credentials to complete the setup. Once you are done with setting up the device, uMobix spy app will run stealthily in the background while remaining efficient with resources, such as batteries. 

uMobix app will obtain data periodically, including key logs, text messages, app activities, call logs, GPS locations, and videos and photos. Newly collected information is then sent to uMobix servers every minute and conveniently availed to you via the uMobix dashboard on your device.

uMobix Review: Pros & Cons


  • Setting up the app is simple and fast.
  • The app has a user-friendly interface.
  • It is possible to customize reporting.
  • Relatively affordable subscription plans.
  • Money-back guarantee – you can get a refund if you don’t like your subscription.
  • The brand includes an excellent demo.
  • An excellent customer support team.
  • You don’t need physical access to iOS devices.


  • No free trial.
  • Each subscription works for only one mobile device at a time – if you need to monitor several devices at a go, you have to have a different subscription for each target device. However, the vendor allows you to unlink a device and link another one as many times as you wish.

uMobix Spy App Key Features 

uMobix app comes with several features that help monitor and implement parental control on what your child is doing on their smartphones. Some of the key uMobix features are:

Call Monitoring

This feature collects a log of the outgoing and incoming calls on the target phone. However, the feature does not record voice. Therefore, you cannot tell what the conversation was about. Details you will be able to see are caller ID, call duration, and timestamps.

Umobix Call Monitoring

Although the application does a great job keeping call logs updated, it must be hectic accessing a specific record, given that uMobix spy app lacks a search function. You have to navigate through older records using pagination buttons provided at the bottommost of the call log. Thankfully, records are itemized chronologically.


Many phone spy apps we have tried don’t record keystrokes as needed. They record them halfway and stop at that. However, uMobix keylogger was largely accurate, although it could occasionally include just a few incomplete phrases. Generally, the app performed satisfactorily in recording keystrokes. What is more, it includes what is copied on clipboards, meaning you can access passwords. Consequently, you can tell virtually everything your child is doing on their smartphone.

Umobix Keylogger

SMS Monitoring

The uMobix monitoring app allows you to read received and sent text messages and retrieve deleted texts. The feature also provides sender details, including phone number or name. Message date is also among the details included in the feature. The details are offered in a list view. The list view makes it easier to establish the kind of messages your child shares.

Umobix SMS Monitoring

Browser History Monitoring

The browser history monitoring feature is essential in helping to defend your children from bullies and criminals online better. Unlike other parental control programs, uMobix app allows you to see the site’s URL and title. You will be able to see web history, timestamps, and the frequency of visits.

Umobix Browser History Monitoring

Social Apps Monitoring

uMobix vendors understood that children are spending more time on messaging apps and social media platforms than they did before. It has an impressive social media tracking feature that allows monitoring activities remotely. 

Among the social media and messaging apps you can monitor with uMobix are WhatsApp, Messenger, Snapchat, Zoom, Facebook, Telegram, Skype, Wechat, TikTok, Tinder, etc. 

In particular, Snapchat and Facebook are among the most commonly used social media platforms. So, we wanted to know how monitoring Facebook works. The application will provide a list of all the activities on device’s that you monitor, messaging and social media applications. You will hardly miss a detail because the app screenshots every 5-6 seconds.

Umobix Social Media Monitoring

GPS Location

This feature has multiple functionalities you can use to ensure your child’s safety, including the ability to view current location, location and routes history, GPS coordinates, and address history. However, the app lacks geofencing.

Umobix GPS Location

Address Book

uMobix spy app allows you to access the entire address book on your child’s device. All their details, including names, numbers, and residence, are provided on the dashboard. Given that the app stores data online, you can also view deleted contacts.

Umobix Adress Book

uMobix App Compatibility

uMobix app is compatible with all leading devices supported by two operating systems: Android and iOS. This includes all mobile devices running on iOS 9+ and Android 4.0+.

For iOS devices, you only require the phone’s iCloud credential to use the service on them. However, if the target device has enabled 2-factor authentication, you will need physical access to it. 

If the target device is Android-supported, you must have physical access to the smartphone to install uMobix APK. 

If you are not sure if your target device is compatible, the vendor has included a search box on its website to help you. Enter the model and make of your device in the search box and click on “check” to ascertain.

How to Install uMobix on iPhone or Android

uMobix app installation on Android happens in five major steps as outlined below:

Step 1: Register for an Account and Choose a Subscription Plan

  • Click on uMobix and tap on the “TRY NOW” button to register.  
  • Then choose a preferred subscription plan. 
  • You will receive an email with instructions on how to set up uMobix spy app on the target phone.

Step 2: Prepare Target Device for App Installation

  • Open the Play Store app on the target device.
  • Click on the hamburger menu and select Play Protect. 
  • Navigate to settings and ensure that the two options under Play Protect are turned off.
umobix installation 1

Step 3: Download uMobix App and Install It on Target Device

  • Open a browser on the target phone and turn on Incognito mode.
  • Copy-paste the downlink from the app’s dashboard to the address bar and tap “enter.” 
  • Open the downloaded APK file and click the “Install” button.
  • Once installed, click on “Open.” This launches the app.  

Step 4: Finalize Setup Wizard on Target Device

  • On the first screen, click on “Agree and Continue.”
umobix installation 2
  • Then tap on the “Enable keylogger tracking” button. 
  • Under “Downloaded Services,” click on “User Accounts.” Turn on the toggle on the User Accounts page. Tap “Ok” on the pop-up.
umobix installation 3
  • Choose to either continue with the automatic setup process or employ a manual setup process.
umobix installation 4
  • Then tap on “Grant Permissions” and then allow.
umobix istallation 5
  • Click on “Enhance Stability” on the next screen before clicking “Allow.”
  • Next, click on “Prevent Uninstall,” then choose “Activate this device admin app.”
umobix installation 6
  • On the next screen, click on “Enable Display Recording”. Check the box corresponding “Don’t show again” before clicking on “Start Now”.
umobix installation 7

Step 5: Verify Setup to Begin Monitoring

  • Choose whether to display or hide the app icon on the target device.
umobix installation 8
  • Utilize the code you were provided while setting your device and tap on “Complete Registration.”

You are now ready to start monitoring!

No jailbreak is needed to install the app on the iOS device since you need only the device’s iCloud credentials. In case 2-factor authentication is enabled, you will need physical access to the phone to get the code sent by Apple. Keep in mind that a person will be informed that their iCloud details are accessed.

uMobix Price: How Much Does uMobix Cost?

The pricing of uMobix app is the same for Android and iOS devices. Following are the uMobix spy app subscription plans:

  • 1-month full pack plan – $49.99 per month
  • 3-month full pack plan – $27.99 per month, totaling $83.97 
  • 12-month full pack plan – $11.66 per month, totaling $139.92

uMobix free trial is not currently available.

uMobix Prices

uMobix Customer Service

If you want to have a uMobix subscription or you are an existing client, you can access uMobix’s live support 24/7. All you have to do is to visit the official website and create a ticket on the brand’s live chat support, and their customer support employees will help resolve your issues. 

One of the issues that customer support will help you resolve is the uMobix refund. The brand provides a 14-day money-back guarantee, should you be unhappy with their subscription. Apart from Livechat support, other customer support options are Email and Toll-Free Phone. The brand’s customer support team is great and prompt in responding to issues.


Does uMobix really work? 

Yes. uMobix app works most of the time correctly on compatible devices. In case you face any problems while trying the app, try refreshing the page or contacting customer support. As for its claimed features, everything that we mentioned is available and works fine based on numerous users’ feedback.

Is uMobix legit?

Yes. uMobix appears legit and safe. The app has many happy users and positive reviews. Users on several rating sites give uMobix positive scores. The site has also been around for some years, yet there are hardly any complaints about it. However, you have to vet any website or app before using it. Keep in mind that even the best technologies have a few problems. 

Is uMobix detectable?

It depends on you. You can choose if uMobix app should run invisibly or not. After setting up the app on an Android device, the icon will still be visible. You can enable a stealth mode by removing it from the app drawer. The icon won’t be available on an iOS device’s menu because you don’t need to install the app on the device. 

Is uMobix safe? 

Yes. uMobix is a safe app to use. It has positive ratings and reviews indicating that it is safe. Given that it has been in the market for a few years without being flagged as unsafe software, it is an adequate indication that it is not associated with major risks. 

Can I get a refund from uMobix?

uMobix provides a 2-week money-back guarantee. This means that if you subscribe and do not like the subscription within 2 weeks, you can ask for a refund of your money. Contact the customer support team through any of the three options (email, live chat support, or phone support) to ask for a refund. 

I forgot password from my uMobix account. What should I do?

If you forgot the password from your uMobix account, you might need to reset it for your to be able to get a new one. On the uMobix sign in page, you will be required to enter uMobix login credentials. Instead, click on “reset password.” You will be redirected to a reset password page. Here you will be required to enter the email address you used to create an account. You will be directed on how to reset the password. 

Is uMobix a scam?

No. After we tried and tested uMobix, we concluded that it is a 100% legit and genuine solution for parental control. With this app, you can easily track all the essential details of your target device. You can also set up restrictions on the app, unlike most of its competitors. 

uMobix is not working on my device. What should I do?

We noticed that immediately you complete setting up uMobix, it may not work correctly. You may need to refresh the page for a few minutes for it to start working. If the “uMobix not working” problem remains after a while, you may contact the vendor’s customer support team to help you resolve it. 

uMobix Review Conclusion

10 10 0 1
Our uMobix review shows that it is one of the best apps when it comes to parental control. It offers an extensive feature set that ensures effective monitoring of the target device, especially kids’ smartphones. Although it is relatively new, it is swiftly gaining popularity with uMobix reviews on different review sites indicating that the app supports quick and easy access to information on the target phone. Generally, it is safe to say that uMobix is an incredible tool with all the needed features at a reasonable price. This app is cheaper than a number of related software with similar features. Consequently, we recommend it to any parent seeking to ensure the safety of their child in an era associated with increased cyberbullying and inappropriate content.
Our uMobix review shows that it is one of the best apps when it comes to parental control. It offers an extensive feature set that ensures effective monitoring of the target device, especially kids’ smartphones. Although it is relatively new, it is swiftly gaining popularity with uMobix reviews on different review sites indicating that the app supports quick and easy access to information on the target phone. Generally, it is safe to say that uMobix is an incredible tool with all the needed features at a reasonable price. This app is cheaper than a number of related software with similar features. Consequently, we recommend it to any parent seeking to ensure the safety of their child in an era associated with increased cyberbullying and inappropriate content.
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