Identifying the Best Keylogger for iPhone

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Best iPhone Keyloggers

Keyloggers are often on the list of standard features for almost any cell phone tracker. However, few people understand what it is and how it can help in ordinary life. In this review, we will find out why and how to use a keylogger for iPhone and then talk about the best iPhone keylogger apps.

Why Use an iPhone Keylogger?

Keyloggers are hidden programs that detect what keystrokes are pressed or tapped. For example, parents use keyloggers to know their children’s passwords from social networks, employers – to know what their employees are doing in front of their computers, and spouses – to confirm or dispel their suspicions about their loved one’s fidelity. Basically, any information entered on your gadget via external hardware can be recorded by a keylogger.

Let’s imagine a situation: your child spends hours on messenger, texting with their friends (or, maybe, strangers?), and they are unwilling to let you know anything. Install an iPhone keylogger (children love iPhones, don’t they?) on their device, and nothing will stay hidden from your eye.

How Does Keylogger on iPhone Work?

There are different types of keyloggers, depending on what data and how much of it they can store. Some are used to track your messages on Facebook or WhatsApp. Others can record every single keystroke during the whole day. The main idea is that people can remotely install a keylogger on a device, and its owner will never know they are being tracked.

Getting away from text keyloggers, there is malware that may take screenshots, see what programs you use and folders open, and even get access to the clipboard. Thus, living in this actively digitalizing world, it is high time to learn your passwords by heart instead of saving them in the notes of your gadget. Who knows, maybe, you are being spied on at this very moment?

iPhone Keyloggers Deserving Your Attention in 2024

With all those reviews available on the internet, it might be hard to understand what exactly you want and which software fits your needs. That is why we decided to compare the most prominent applications here and help you decide which iPhone keylogger to use.

uMobix – The Best iPhone Keylogger for Modern People 

uMobix is one of the most famous titles on the market, with an excellent reputation and lots of reviews. It is a full-scale phone monitoring device for parents, partners, and employers, which has a multitude of features, though the iPhone keylogger one is still under development. Overall, its keylogger for Android allows you to:

  • see the copied and pasted information;
  • monitor what the user types everywhere (browser, messages, etc.);
  • see the time when a message or text was typed.

It is important to understand that there is no perfect solution for anything, and there are always positive and negative sides. uMobix is not an exception.


  • uMobix is a reliable keylogger application with a good reputation;
  • if you need a remote install option, uMobix can be installed via iCloud. You just need to know the credentials;
  • no jailbreak is required.


  • the price is quite high, as you pay for a whole app with lots of functions;
  • although it can be installed remotely, you still have to pass the 2FA.

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iKeyMonitor – a Free Keylogger for iPhone to Try

iKeyMonitor is also a full-scale monitoring software for iPhone, which, among other features, has a keylogger. Moreover, you can try the iKeyMonitor keylogger for iPhone free of charge, which is a great bonus. It is always a sweet gesture by the developers to offer their customers a free trial. It helps you understand if this very application is the one you need. It also offers a decent set of features:

  • email keystrokes tracker;
  • messengers and chats keystrokes tracker;
  • browser keystrokes tracker.

However, with such a juicy keylogger offer, including a free trial and numerous keystrokes trackers, there are some flaws. Let’s look at iKeyMonitor’s advantages and disadvantages.


  • free trial available for everyone;
  • it is not necessary to jailbreak the phone;
  • iKeyMonitor iPhone keylogger has a good set of features.


  • if you want to use all the features of iKeyMonitor, and you do not know the iCloud credentials, you must jailbreak the target device;
  • even if you jailbreak it or have the iCloud credentials and were able to pass the 2FA, you still have to pay to get a full kit of features.

Spyic – a Keylogger Without Jailbreak for Simple Installation

Spyic is a great full-scale keylogger for Apple iPhone devices, among all other features. It is worth noting that it does not even offer the jailbreak option. To successfully install the Spyic iPhone keylogger, you must know the iCloud credentials, disable the 2FA on the target Apple device, and have the backup copying active. Spyic keylogger app for iPhone tracks all symbols typed on the keyboard and records them in a special register, which is very convenient. As for the main features, there are:

  • email keylogger;
  • MS office keylogger;
  • social networks and messengers keylogger.

Now, let’s get to Spyic’s positives and negatives.


  • Spyic is an iPhone keylogger with a very attractive price – only $10.83/month;
  • offers a 60 days money back option; if you decide that Spyic is not for you – you may get your money back during the first two months;
  • offers an online dashboard for convenient access to all the information gathered.


  • it may become a real challenge for parents to get their child’s device to disable the 2FA or create a new Apple ID to use; in this case, there is no way you can install it on the target device;
  • don’t even hope to send keylogger to iPhone without iCloud.

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eyeZy – a Keylogger Without Apple ID to Avoid 2FA

Unlike Spyic, eyeZy does not require you to know the iCloud credentials, as you can only install it on jailbroken devices. There are three subscription plans available, and 1-month subscription costs $47.99. There is a demo available on their website, which will show you what the dashboard looks like. There is also a button called “Try now”, which makes you think there is a free trial. But when you click on it, you can choose the subscription plan. eyeZy keylogger for iPhone without Apple ID offers you the expected for any keylogger set of features:

  • it captures every single keystroke;
  • it records in which program it was made;
  • it records the time when it was made.

As usual, no review can be honest enough without mentioning the advantages and disadvantages.


  • it is a decent and reliable keylogger with all the necessary features available;
  • you can get an idea of how it looks like and works before you pay for it, thanks to the demo on the website;
  • eyeZy FAQ section is very informative.


  • it is not a remote install keylogger;
  • the price is quite high.

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Cocospy – a Remote Keylogger for iPhone for Your Convenience

Especially for those users who read this review to argue later about iPhones and Androids and claim that the latter is better, we want to mention Cocospy here. If you wish to know what a person types on Facebook, WhatsApp, or any other messenger or social network – Cocospy will help you. It is a great application for those parents and employers who want to track Android and iPhone devices. And with the growing popularity of Xiaomi, Samsung, and Vivo, it has become more actual than you might think. As for features – Cocospy demonstrates a solid set of the most necessary ones:

  • reading messages on social networks and chats;
  • tracking login credentials;
  • checking notes and calendar events.

The discussion about how great Cocospy is and what they should improve will be pretty short.


  • the most popular keylogger features are present here;
  • there is a 60 days refund period;
  • you can view a demo on the website to understand how Cocospy looks in action.


  • logging keystrokes on iPhone is under development; we hope they will deploy a free iPhone keylogger soon;
  • no free trial;
  • no call recording.

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How to Choose the Best Keylogger for iPhone?

It is not a secret that the cheaper, the better, so a free iPhone keylogger would have been a choice for many if it really existed. But we don’t live in a perfect world where all dreams come true. That is why we must consider many other criteria.

  1. Decide what features you need. Different applications may offer different sets of features, and if you want to install keylogger on iPhone, you should know what you need from it first. Considering that most available apps are expensive, paying for something you will not use would be highly upsetting.
  2. You need to know how to send a keylogger to someone’s phone. Sometimes you need to know the iCloud credentials to jailbreak the device. To avoid unpleasant surprises, conduct a little research and choose the method that would be the most convenient.
  3. Read the reviews on the internet. Other users’ experience often helps them see the general picture and make a correct decision. The more you read, the better understanding you will get.
  4. Responsive customer support is important if you run into technical issues.

How to Install Keylogger on iPhone?

The installation procedure is more or less the same for any iPhone keylogger and includes a few necessary steps. As a rule, you first need to register an account on the chosen website and choose a subscription plan. Two or three are usually available, so spend a couple of minutes checking the prices and reading the conditions.

Next, find out if you have to jailbreak the device; often, you should know only the iCloud credentials, but jailbreak may be required. If you read on the website that you should only access someone’s iCloud account, remember about the 2-factor authentification. You either need to find a way to turn it off on the target device or pass it.

If you solve all these issues – the whole process is straightforward. The chosen keylogger is installed on your partner’s or child’s iPhone via iCloud, and you only sit and observe how the installation progress bar is filling.

It is essential to mention that it is illegal to install keyloggers, the same as any other tracking software, on a device you do not own without the owner’s permission. It is not an issue, though, with the phones of underaged kids, and their devices formally belong to their parents.


In an age when new apps and features become available daily, it might be challenging to find useful software. People have “dead” games on Steam and “dead” apps on their phones. And they are not free, so every such “dead” piece of software means money wasted.

To avoid it and spend your earnings on something you really need, it is essential to analyze the market, compare the apps, and choose one of two which provide the features you need. But do not forget about the technical side – after making your decision, check if additional operations like jailbreaking are necessary to install the application.

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