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Android Keylogger

If you have used a phone tracker, you might have heard of the so-called “keylogger feature.” Sometimes it’s easy to get lost among the variety of monitoring features any decent tracker offers. So, many people have a vague idea of what a keylogger for Android is and how to use it. In this article, we want to shed light on this matter. 

Why Would You Use Keylogger on Android

Android keylogger is one of the most valuable features when monitoring other phones. Imagine your offspring spending hours sitting in their rooms with their phones but not telling you who they are chatting with or what they are watching. Or how would you feel if your spouse or partner stayed late at work and behaved differently? 

For many people using keylogger apps is the only way to ensure children are safe and not bullied and partners stay loyal. It’s better to talk first. But if the talks don’t work, the Android keylogger can be an option.            

How Does Android Keylogger Software Work

Keylogger software for Android records all the keystrokes made on the required device and allows the user to see them. It monitors the target user’s real-time activity and can track the most relevant information. In this article, you will see what tracking services offer the keylogger function and how they vary. 

The main focus of any Android keylogger app mentioned below is that one uses it to access almost everything another person types on their devices. Imagine you have a secret key capable of opening nearly every door. Let’s see what the technological world has brought to us.  

Top 10 Keyloggers for Android to Try in 2023

Apparently, you are looking for the most relevant keylogger app for Android phones or tablets if you have landed on our review. It’s challenging sometimes to figure out all the differences and peculiarities on your own. The article gives all relevant and valuable information on the best 10 applications having the Android keylogger function.

uMobix – Best Free Android Keylogger to Use

It’s a well-known and widely used cell phone tracker for modern people and has the best free keylogger for Android in its arsenal. Moreover, it offers something that not many trackers provide: the Android keylogger free 7-day trial. Thus, anyone can test the mobile spy to see how the app’s interface looks and functions. It also allows seeing some of the features in action. In the meanwhile, have a look at what uMobix offers its users:

  • Keylogger allows you to track everything they type on their device’s keyboard, including passwords and timestamps
  • Get a notification in your user dashboard about new keystrokes
  • View all outgoing, incoming, and deleted calls
  • Read their text messages and access deleted SMS and contacts
  • Access their social apps like Instagram or Facebook, and read chats on WhatsApp, Skype, and others
  • GPS-location tracker

👀 Read the full uMobix review to see the full list of its features.


  • 7-day free trial for an Android device
  • A reliable tracking app with multiple pricing plans


  • Manual installation on a target phone is required

iKeyMonitor – Free Keylogger for Android Monitoring

iKeyMonitor free Android keylogger is another powerful keystroke logging spyware. It is known as a parental control app, but couples sometimes incorporate it into their lives to ensure their partners’ loyalty. 

Overall, iKeyMonitor’s keylogger for Android offers numerous monitoring options and perks for its users. Once a free download keylogger apk is embedded on the target device and installation steps are followed, you may track keystrokes straight away. Get familiar with some other features that this free keylogger for Android can offer:

  • All input keystrokes recording, including even words that may be censored or hidden by asterisks
  • Monitoring chat messages from Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and others
  • Logging SMS and email keystrokes

👉🏻 Read our iKeyMonitor review to see the full list of its features.


  • It’s possible to test this free keylogger for Android before purchasing the full version, as the iKeyMonitor offers a free plan with unlimited time use
  • A variety of features ensure you remain invisible


  • Screenshot capturing and WhatsApp logging require rooting
  • Customer support is available only through emails

Spyic – Reliable Keylogger App for Android

Spyic Android keylogger is a multifunctional spying tool that may become one of your favorites thanks to its user-friendliness and reliable remote work. Whether you want to learn someone’s password or monitor their GPS or WiFi location – Spyic keylogger for Android is a suitable choice.

Let’s see what features the Spyic tracker offers to users:

  • All keystrokes made on the targeted device will be at your disposal
  • Social media activity monitoring: Instagram or Snapchat
  • Seeing the target’s Facebook password and other keystroke logs, as well as seeing passwords from other platforms and apps
  • Accessing their received and sent texts remotely

Spyic is a classy multifunctional keylogger for Android phone. However, it has its cons. But let’s see the pros first:


  • Premium Android tracking is available without root
  • Spyic will return money if the keylogger does not satisfy your needs within 60 days 
  • The demo version is available


  • Limited features in the demo version
  • No live chat

mSpy – Hidden Android Keylogger to Spy Without Them Knowing

mSpy is one of the most well-known and widely used hidden keylogger apps. It can offer numerous tracking options that satisfy the monitoring needs of the most demanding clients. It is the best keylogger for Android you may use if you want to remain anonymous. 

Let’s get familiar with what mSpy can do on a target device:

  • Built-in keylogger monitors every tap and keystroke on the tracked device
  • It gives access to social media chats and messengers on Facebook, Instagram, or Telegram
  • Monitor the exact GPS location and history
  • Record what is going on on the device’s screen and get uploads to your control panel
  • Check the internet activity: bookmarks, browsing history with timestamps, or Wi-Fi networks


  • It is possible to track multiple devices through a client’s panel
  • Rooting/jailbreak is not obligatory
  • 14-day money-back guarantee


  • No free trial
  • Sometimes it’s hard to get a quick response from customer support

Spyrix Free Keylogger for Android

Spyrix free Android keylogger is another tracker on our list you may find valuable. It is relatively new but can still offer numerous monitoring features. Since it’s a hidden keylogger for Android, the application is virtually undetectable – it does not appear in the task manager, nor is its shortcut created on the desktop. 

Please note that the Spyrix application is among the most expensive apps available. The standard subscription plan for 15 days of monitoring will cost you $49.95. 

Let’s see what features it offers:

  • Recording keystrokes in popular social media platforms and apps and accessing them in your client’s dashboard at any time
  • Web-browsing monitoring with history and timestamps
  • Getting the information on the date and timestamps of the typed texts
  • Monitoring calls, contacts, and calendar
  • Reading messengers like WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, and many other

👀 Read the full Spyrix keylogger review to see the full list of its features.


  • Remote monitoring and accurate synchronization
  • User-friendly manual on how to use and install the keylogger


  • The icon can’t be hidden in a free version
  • No live chat

eyeZy - Modern And Undetectable Keylogger for Android

There is one more decent alternative to the previously mentioned keyloggers. It is an eyeZy undetectable keylogger app for an Android phone. The eyeZy keylogger tracker is relatively affordable. Just look at it: a 3-month premium subscription plan costs only $27.99. Even though they don’t offer a free trial, a demo version on the website is available. Let’s see some of the features on offer:

  • It captures and records every keystroke from the targeted device
  • It shows you the apps where the chatting takes place, including dates and time data
  • It reads texts and tracks incoming and outgoing calls
  • It will send you screenshots of their activities on the phone

👉🏻 Read our eyeZy review to see the full list of its features.

We want to point out several advantages of eyeZy undetectable keylogger for Android:

  • All the information about the app and the installation one can easily navigate on their website
  • Rooting is not needed to use the app
  • Easy to utilize
  • Customer support may take a while to respond


  • Lack of free trial before the purchase

Cocospy – Android Keylogger Software at Your Service

Cocospy is one of the most decent Android keylogger apps on the market. What makes this spy app different, and why would I choose it? It’s a question we will try to answer here. The Cocospy keylogger is very easy to use. The app’s creators did their best to make the installation process and the user’s dashboard intuitive.

What’s more: with the Cocospy keylogger, you can track multiple devices. You may try all the monitoring benefits either for Android tablet or phone. It’s an excellent application for those who want to keep the most significant people safe and sound.


  • Logging all keystrokes typed on the required device
  • Finding out and saving the login credentials 
  • Reading messages on popular social media platforms
  • Accessing SMS with sender data and timestamps

👀 Read the full Cocospy review to see the full list of its features.


  • Keystrokes recording is possible without root
  • They offer a 60-day refund guarantee policy


  • It’s not possible to take screenshots

XNSPY Keylogger – Remote Monitoring with Ease

XNSPY Android keylogger is all-in-one monitoring software that provides an extraordinary user experience. Monitoring the keystrokes of your suspiciously alienated child or permanently busy partner is simple with XNSPY. All you need to do is to install the keylogger on the aiming device. The XNSPY cell phone tracker works on all Android phones and tablets. 

Here are some of the basic XNSPY features you may want to check out:

  • Monitoring and logging keystrokes
  • Viewing sent and received text messages, calls, and emails
  • Reading conversations from the IM chats, such as Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook, or even Tinder
  • Checking what they are looking for on the Internet


  • Chat support is available and is eager to help
  • It works 100% stealthily and updates automatically


  • Some of the features work on rooted devices only
  • The manufacturer does not offer a free trial period

Hoverwatch – Take the Best out of This Android Keylogger Without Root

One of the Hoverwatch mobile tracker’s peculiarities is its specialization on Android devices. This tracking software is designed to fulfill primarily the needs of people with Android devices. Moreover, Hoverwatch can track up to 25 devices for business needs and up to 5 – for professional ones without root. If you need to track one device only, you will pay $24.95 monthly. 

The main idea of the Hoverwatch tracker is to provide users with a wide range of monitoring opportunities. So here are some of them:

  • The keylogger records keystrokes instantly and reveals the passwords and other data 
  • Access their text messages on Facebook, WhatsApp, or Snapchat
  • It logs and records conversations and call details with dates, durations, and timestamps
  • It can track their Internet activities and location

👀 Read the full Hoverwatch review to see the full list of its features.


  • Multiple device monitoring is possible
  • Easy and fast installation process


  • Data synchronization is a bit slow
  • The user dashboard could be more user-friendly

Snoopza – Keylogger for Phones and Tablets

Last but not least – Snoopza Android keylogger may become your favorite tracking tool for multiple reasons. It offers something that the majority of trackers never do – a free basic pricing plan. You haven’t misheard. Even though the list of features for such a basic plan is limited, it may be worth trying. Nevertheless, the standard monthly subscription plan is affordable anyway – $14.95 only. So, let’s check what the standard features Snoopza keylogger can provide:

  • Calls data recording, including the info related to calls duration and contact names 
  • Text messages and social media monitoring, such as Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp, or Telegram
  • Front camera screenshots
  • Internet activity and history monitoring

👉🏻 Read our Snoopza review to see the full list of its features.


  • A free basic subscription plan is available
  • It’s possible to monitor up to 3 devices
  • User-friendly instructions guide


  • Not clear how customer support works

Tips on How to Choose the Best Android Keylogger

Choosing the best Android keylogger reminds picking up the best cake for a wedding. Many men, many minds. Your choice will depend on the cake’s size, design, budget, flavor, or whether you and your guests are allergic to something. Keylogger is a product you are buying, so keep in mind the following criteria:

  1. What do you need to use the keylogger for? When you know why you want to use the Android keylogger, you will know what features and functionalities the keylogger must possess. Whether you are happy with using the basic/standard features that may cost less than the advanced ones or want your keylogger software to offer an all-in-one monitoring pack – only you should know.
  2. Ensure knowing how to send a keylogger to an Android phone you want to monitor. Remember that it is not possible to install keylogger on Android remotely – one-time physical access to the phone is a must.
  3. Details are important. Learn whether your chosen keylogger software is functioning in stealth mode or when the target’s phone is offline. Learn about all pricing options and the features you get for each.
  4. Choose the keylogger with responsive and helpful customer support. You may be facing some difficulties. They must be there to help you.

How to Install Keylogger on Android Effortlessly

The installation process of the Android keylogger is simple. Follow these steps to avoid bugs and some keylogger’s functioning issues. We will describe the process using the uMobix Android keylogger as an example.

  1. Register on the official website and choose your subscription plan. Remember that you can also test the app while using the 7-day free trial for Android. After your uMobix account is set up, you will get your credentials and a registration code at your email, which you will use later on a monitored device. 
  2. You should download .apk file to the target phone to install the keylogger. But before this, disable Play Protect and grant all required permissions from unknown sources. Thus, you need up to one minute of physical access to the target device. 
  3. You may choose between an automatic setup or a manual one. But don’t worry – you will receive detailed instructions on further steps. The uMobix app will ask you to grant permission to activate the Android keylogger. You should tick the “Enable Keylogger Tracking” button and give some permissions to activate more advanced monitoring features. The whole setup process takes up to 5 minutes.


As you see, there are various keyloggers for Android at your disposal. Thanks to keylogger spyware, you can read another person’s phone like an open book. Nothing will hide from your eyes whether they want to chat for hours with strangers, visit unknown places, or send email or text to their lovers. 

You might want to find the best spy app for Android without access to target phone but don’t fall for that trick. The keylogger installation on Android devices needs one-time access. Keep this in mind before deciding which keylogger to use.

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