How to Spy on Someone’s Instagram DM Staying Incognito

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It is hard to imagine that someone might not have an Instagram page nowadays. This network developed into something much bigger than just an online photo album: it is a social network and a marketplace. That is why monitoring someone’s Instagram activity is of great importance.

Why Should You Spy on Someone’s Instagram?

If you are asking this question right now, we must clarify it. There is no need to spy on SOMEONE’S Instagram, but sometimes it might be vitally important what your spouse, child, or worker is doing there. Instagram DM spy lets you know what is going on in their lives.

Just imagine your partner started spending hours on Instagram, smiling and giggling all the time. If you know how to spy on Instagram messages, you will immediately find out if it is your boyfriend’s friend sending him memes or a hot chick sharing some shameful pics with him.

Can You Spy on Instagram Messages If You’re Not a Geek?

First of all, if you are not a geek yourself, you can find one to help you to spy on Instagram DM. However, you might not even need to look for one, as spying on people’s Instagram is much easier than everyone thinks. As you know, nothing is impossible in this world, you only need some luck and hard work.

If you want to become an Instagram spy, you might need to spend an hour or two on the internet, finding out and understanding how different apps work. An average person needs around a couple of hours for this.

Will You Have any Problems with the Law If You Try to Spy on People’s Instagram DMs?

Depends on what methods you use, of course. Some of them, like keyloggers, come to us directly from the dark web, and you should better not tell anybody that you use one. You can also spy on Instagram DMs with the help of third-party applications; it is straightforward to install an Instagram spy on iPhone, for example. In this case, you are “working” in a legal field and can feel safe, but there are some caveats.

If you decide to spy on Instagram DMs using such an application, there are very clear rules you should better follow:

  • Instagram DM spy can only be installed on the device you own;
  • your underaged children’s devices are considered to be yours;
  • you can spy on others’ Instagram using an application only if the phone owner allows you to install it.

In any case, it would always be a good idea to check local laws to be sure that you are not breaking any of them just because you don’t know.

Different Ideas on How to Spy on Someone’s Instagram Activity

Generally speaking, there are a lot of different ways to spy on someone’s Instagram DM free of charge, for some money, or for a lot of money, but below we will mention only three most popular ones.

Applications to Spy on Instagram

We have already mentioned the third-party applications that might help you solve this issue. In a nutshell, Instagram spy apps allow you to do much more than monitor one’s Instagram activity: they give access to the location, let you check other messengers and social networks as well, allow you to take pictures, and so on. Here is the essential information you should know about such software.

Install on one’s phone or PC. Usually, such applications work in a hidden mode, so there shouldn’t be any issues.

Unfortunately, no. The price for such applications may vary from $15 to $50 per month.

Yes, but always check T&Cs and local laws.

Just Google it! =D Check out reviews, user feedback, features, and pricing to find the best fit.

The installation process can be tricky if you choose to use such an Instagram DM spy. iPhone users can do it remotely via iCloud, but those who want to install it on Android must get the device into their hands once.

To sum up, applications to spy on someone’s Instagram activity are the best and most straightforward choice. They usually have an intuitive interface, 24/7 support service, licenses, and certification, to help their clients feel protected and safe from all possible sides. It’s one of the best choices if you need a remote Instagram spy online.

Instagram DM Free Spy – iCloud

iCloud is an interesting Instagram DM spy because it is a kind of side effect of its activity. Originally, it is supposed to help users save information they have on their iPhones and instantly transfer it to a new device they buy, for example. iCloud transfers media and copies the applications installed and … login credentials: usernames and passwords. 

So you get an Instagram DM spy if you manage to get the iCloud credentials of your target, access their iCloud, and, basically, copy their phone to your device. If you want to spy on Instagram of your family member, it may be as simple as a piece of cake, especially with family access.

Sometimes you may not find any backup. It means that the automatic backup option is off on the target phone. Get it to your hands, find the iCloud settings, and turn on automatic backup. Of course, one of the downsides of this method is in its name: iCloud. It can only spy on iPhone or iPad. If you need to spy on someone’s Instagram activity using an Android device – check other methods mentioned here; we would recommend trying one of the spy applications, as for the Android system, it would be the most convenient and effective option.

Keylogger – a No Verification Spy

Here we go to the dark side. First of all, we need to understand what a keylogger is. It is software that records every keystroke typed. Usually, it is uploaded to the target device secretly via an infected link in a message or email; it can also be installed remotely with the help of iCloud or physically on Android via APK. It records all the usernames and passwords the target user enters on their device and sends them to the “hacker”.

Spyrix is a good example here. It allows you to spy on Instagram by simply giving you the username and password for the page. It requires no verification, is quite cheap, and is very easy to use. But is it legal to spy on others’ Instagram using Spyrix? Well, it again depends on whose device you install it on and the local laws.

Keyloggers are usually available for all devices: Androids, Apple gadgets, and PCs, so here you have no limitations. It is pretty easy to find a proper keylogger online with a paid subscription plan and a bunch of different features. Although we had mentioned before that they came to us from the dark web, nowadays, keyloggers are as widespread and popular as other third-party applications to spy on Instagram.


As you can see, finding and learning how to use an Instagram DM spy is not rocket science. Choose the features you need, learn the T&Cs carefully, and voila – you will know everything your partner, children, or employees discuss and share on this extremely popular social network! However, if you want to find out how to spy on Instagram DM free of charge, it might be a problem. Getting a good service in the XXI century usually requires paying for it.

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