Geofencing Apps Worth Your Attention

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Best Geofencing Apps

At first glance, it might seem that geofencing is an attractive but not necessary feature. However, in reality, it is a powerful control tool that widens your location-tracking arsenal and gives you new possibilities. Here we will review and help you choose the best geofencing apps.

What Do Geofencing Apps Actually Do?

Surprisingly, geofencing allows you to build fences around certain areas on the map (locations in reality). Imagine you don’t want your daughter to meet a boy you do not like. You can build a virtual fence around his house, and you will be informed whenever your daughter comes there.

How to build such a fence? Well, obviously, using geofencing apps. Nowadays, almost every cell phone spy app includes the geofencing feature, so you usually do not need to buy it separately. In the app, you can choose the area you want to be restricted and wait for the alarm signals.

How Does a Geofence App Work?

Although it might seem magic to your grandparents, in fact, it is nothing more than modern technology. For example, if you install a tracker to spy on Snapchat or Facebook of a person, you usually get it packed with the location tracker as well.

This tracker will use WiFi or cellular signal to locate the target device, and you will always know where the owner is or has been to. You can also choose restricted areas; if the signal comes from there, your phone will inform you. No magic at all.

Why Should One Use a Geofencing Application?

We have already mentioned the situation with your daughter and her undesirable boyfriends. Still, there can be many more situations when geofencing apps can be useful and reasonable.

Employers can control where their workers are during the working day and how much time they spend eating/sitting in the toilet/resting.

Parents will always know where their children are and if they went to school or decided to hang out in the nearest comics shop instead of lessons.

Couples will be able to rebuild their trust or end their desolate relationships by knowing if their partner went on a business trip to LA or their lover in NY.

Best Geofencing Apps for Your Consideration

Not to waste your precious time, here is the list of 5 best geofencing apps to choose from if you decide that you are in need of such a feature.

GEOfinder – The Simplest Solution for Location Tracking

“We can trace any number you want!” is the motto of this geofencing application. The greatest thing about GEOfinder is that there is no mess with all those downloads and installation files. If you know the phone number of the tracked device – you will get access to a bunch of useful features:

  • location tracker;
  • WiFi network tracker;
  • SMS location tracker;
  • IP tracker.

The way this geofence app works is very simple – the user gets an SMS with a link; as soon as they open it – you get the information about their location. You can write any text in this message to make the person follow the link.


  • no installation is needed;
  • no phone model limitations;
  • real-time tracking.


  • you pay $39.99 ONLY for the tracking feature;
  • if the gadget owner does not follow the link – GEOfinder is useless.

uMobix – The Full-Scale Phone Spy with Location Tracking Features

Unlike GEOfinder, uMobix is an application that should be installed on the target device. There are several ways to do this, depending on the platform used. When installed, uMobix provides you with lots of other different features in addition to location tracking services:

  • Facebook messenger spy;
  • calls tracker;
  • social networks tracker;
  • access to media on the target device, and many more.

As for location tracking, it uses the GPS service. So whether you want to monitor the location of your child, fiancée, or manager, you can do it in just a few clicks using the uMobix dashboard.


  • attractive price, considering all the additional features you get;
  • simple and straightforward installation process on Android devices;
  • you do not even need to root/jailbreak the device to get access to all main features.


  • it cannot be installed on the required Android device remotely (it’s possible only for iOS if you know iCloud ID and password);
  • quite draining in terms of battery use;
  • not so simple installation process for iOS.

FamiSafe – Family-Friendly Tracking Application

Looking at all those weird names, you might ask yourself: “How are all those names for geofencing apps chosen?” In terms of FamiSafe, however, you should have no such issue, as everything is clear from its name: your family will be safe. Here are some its features on offer:

  • live location tracking;
  • easy to set up geofences to monitor your child’s activity;
  • location history available in several clicks.

What else should a caring parent dream about? No more hysterical questioning about the location of your loved ones: everything is on your phone for only $10.99 per month! It is a location tracker with all its features interrelated to this, a great app for those who know exactly what they want and do not need any call trackers and so on.


  • available for almost any platform;
  • cheap and effective;
  • simple in use. 


  • sometimes the waiting time for the location information update is too long;
  • some features are still in development.

Life360 – A Convenient Android and iPhone Geofencing App

Life360 is one of the best geofencing apps for family use. You can set up a family group only to know that your loved ones arrived safely at the destination point. Members of the group will get notifications on successful arrival and can generally monitor the whole itinerary.

Obviously, the same groups can be created for classmates, workers, band members, and any other group of people who work or hang out together. Among other useful features, there are:

  • ability to build the fastest root to any member of the group;
  • a feature that allows you to set up the size of monitored zones (e.g., 1,000 ft around your home);
  • a feature that allows you to save preferred spots for each group member.

As for the advantages and disadvantages of this Android and iPhone geofencing app, everything is pretty straightforward here:


  • there is a free version;
  • the gold version is only $14.99 per month;
  • available for Android and iPhone.


  • some features may lag sometimes;
  • their customer support may take time to contact.

KidsGuard Pro – Geofence Android App to Keep Your Loved Ones Safe

KidsGuard Pro is a full-scale spy application for any possible platform, with geofencing as one of its key features. It will provide you with all possible information about the location you need: from simple tracking to reporting when your object left a certain place and arrived at another one. It costs $29.95 per 1 month. Among its useful features is:

  • ability to add multiple geofencing locations;
  • WiFi connection monitoring;
  • a very convenient and detailed dashboard.

Among all other geofencing apps, this one provides you with the most detailed reports; the other question is whether you need so many details, but it is your personal decision, isn’t it?


  • it is extremely battery-friendly;
  • one of the easiest applications to install;
  • wide range of location tracking features.


  • the geofence iPhone app is sometimes less effective than the Android one;
  • the information it provides may be outdated, as synchronization takes some time.


As you can see, finding the best geofencing app for yourself is not such a big deal, as there are plenty of deserving candidates. Some offer only location tracking and geofencing features, while others are full-scale cell phone spies. You should focus on your requirements and desired features choosing one. 

It always helps reading a review or two to make the tortures of choice less painful, and most probably, it is exactly why you are here. The apps you have read about here are the top choices for those looking for location tracking and geofencing features, but of course, you are all free to find something else that suits you more.


How accurate is geofencing?

It all depends on your chosen app and how it tracks the location. Usually, they are quite accurate, allowing you to know the location of your target with a dozen meters accuracy. In some apps, you can even set an area monitored instead of choosing the exact spot.

Can I hide the geofencing app on the target phone?

If you install an app on the target phone, you should be able to hide it, as the geofencing feature usually goes in the package for cell phone spies. So, the best geofencing apps should definitely be capable of doing so. Some trackers do not even need installation; in this case, there is nothing to hide.

Is geofencing legal?

Going into legal terms, let’s consider the presumption of innocence: it IS legal until proven that it IS NOT. First of all, geofencing Android apps, as well as iOS ones, are safety programs that allow you to know if your objects have got to their destination safely or got stuck somewhere. Of course, the use should be ethical, so if you are supervising an adult, you should have their written conscent for this.

Can I use geofencing without an app?

Sure thing, you can. Some services offer you location tracking via their websites; in this case, you only need to know the phone number of the target device. Obviously, sometimes it might be complicated or impossible installing an app on a device, and people still need a solution, right?

Are there any free geofencing apps?

There is a price for everything, and applications for your mobile devices or functional websites are no exception. They all require time and resources for development. Nevertheless, some companies offer free versions of their products, but usually with their functionality cut or for a short period. 

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