Best Spy Camera Apps That Will Have Your Back in Tricky Situations

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Spy Camera Apps

With all possible emergency situations, we can’t help but expect facilitation from modern technology or, to be more precise, spy camera apps. Find out what role your smartphone plays in the knotty issue of security and how to be aware of everything that happens in crucial environments.

When Spy Cam Apps Come in Handy

Because we only have one pair of eyes, we can’t use it to keep an eye on (sorry for the tautology) our children, loved ones, animals, or employees in completely different locations. You don’t need to strain yourself because using the spy cam app, you can be in as many places as you want without breaking a sweat.

These days it’s all about security – despite a slight drop in burglary and theft over the last decade, fraud rates are still alarmingly high. In addition, unsafe conditions can await your loved ones anywhere, so it’s important to get in touch with them no matter what and get footage from the scene.

How to Setup Spy Camera Apps?

Installing this kind of product has been made easy to understand and does not require a good old camera that is easy to spot. Almost anyone can crack it with two devices at hand. The user only needs to synchronize them with each other using an application (best spy apps for Android and iOS will be described in more detail below) and connect to monitor what is happening at any time.

Important facts you need to know about spy camera apps:

  • operate in the background without making a sound unless you nudge it
  • compatible with almost all platforms and devices – Android and iOS smartphones, tablets, computers, etc.
  • depending on the type of product, they may provide more or less information in addition to camera monitoring

10 Best Spy Camera Apps to Make Your Life Less Stressful

So that you end up with the right tool, we analyzed the market inundated with monitoring products and singled out those that are worthy of your attention.

uMobix – Your Thorough Monitoring App for iPhone and Android

You may know your child’s social circle and be personally acquainted with their close friends, but there are times when they can communicate with unwanted people or do things that you cannot influence or foresee. uMobix helps greatly if you feel the need to learn about your child’s hidden life and possibly prevent their antics – it’s one of the best spy cam apps with a truckload of other useful features:

  • connect to a target device with the ability to see and hear what your child does
  • check on them using the instant camera snapshot function
  • use the front or back camera to capture as much of the environment as possible
  • know exactly where your child is and ensure their well-being by observing covertly
  • use this highest-ranked of spy apps for iPhone without installing on target phone


  • many-sided monitoring solution
  • uMobix offers a free trial
  • users can get 24/7 live chat support
  • in addition to video and audio streaming features, you can get deep insight into social networks, instant messengers, locations, etc.


  • as a spy cam app, it only works for Android devices

👉🏻 Learn more about this amazing spy app in our uMobix review.

Alfred Security Camera – Easy to Set Up and Use

Those who have become victims of thieves at least once in their lives will forever remember this unpleasant experience. Today we have a lot more protection methods than some 10-15 years ago available to every smartphone user. Alfred offers to turn your old device or any smartphone with a working camera into a reliable guardian to protect your home and its inhabitants.

The product can be used as an Android or iPhone spy camera app even in a poorly lit environment. While you go about your business, it will notify you if there is movement in your empty house – who knows, maybe your daughter just forgot something important. In the worst case, you can scare the intruders away with a siren or voice message. In addition, the Trust Circle feature is available so that any family member can alert others if they are busy.


  • uncomplicated installation and getting started
  • a great way to find a use for that godforsaken device
  • there is a PC-based solution
  • convenient notification system


  • there may be connection problems in case of internet loss
  • there are reports that some features of the program are going off from time to time

iKeyMontior – Free Monitoring App with Upgrade Prospects

In this multifunctional application, you can find both the option of monitoring photo and video content on the target device and use it as a phone control and surveillance tool based on remote photo captures. Users also have the option to record voice messages and any sounds and conversations that occur near the device holder.

This one is from the cohort of spy camera apps that need to be installed on the device you are going to monitor to get full access to a whole raft of perks, such as:

  • SMS monitoring and call recording
  • geofencing
  • application limits and usage schedule


  • discreet monitoring
  • free trial available (basic features only)
  • the offer is provided for rooted and jailbroken devices as well as untampered ones


  • no video or real-live voice streaming
  • premium features lacking in completeness
  • limited feature set for non-jailbroken devices

Cocospy – Wide Array of Features in One Basket

Speaking of serviceable spy camera apps for Android, it’s impossible not to mention Cocospy. It’s a simple-looking application – but nevertheless, it has everything important included. Keylogger, remote control, Internet activity targeting the user, as well as a wide range of social networks – all these users can find under one roof.

Thus, besides monitoring their WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder, TikTok, etc., you will also stay aware of their mood and physical condition thanks to audio and video streams or secret photo snapshots.


  • covers the needs of different people and purposes, offering features for parental control and tracking dating apps
  • allows to spy on someones phone without them knowing
  • allows you to remotely track the activity of applications and block the device
  • on-site support available


  • no free trial

TheWiSpy – Protective Child Monitoring Tool

As its name implies, TheWiSpy tracker does not leave any clues about its work, which means it is ideal for evaluating the productivity of employees and clarifying things that your child is silent about. See for yourself – here is an incomplete list of its features:

  • ambient recording
  • cell phone internet history
  • live location and location history
  • call recording
  • monitoring via microphone


  • check all shared multimedia on the target device
  • some advanced real-live recording, surveillance, and device managing features
  • round-the-clock alerts


  • suitable only for those who are looking for spy camera apps for Android
  • no chat support

SpyBubble – Rebuild Your Trust and Ensure Their Safety

Designed as an app for catching partners in lies or finding the truth in foggy situations, SpyBubble boasts a rich assortment of features, an easy installation process with included instructions, and access to deleted files or messages.

This is a fairly compatible tracking program for iPhones, Androids, and tablets running on these systems that also functions as a spy cam app. By taking a glimpse of their user board, the user will know where their loved one is in a few moments and will have the option to immediately join their stroll in stealth mode to see everything firsthand and hear the conversations.

👀 Read full SpyBubble review to see the full list of available features.


  • distance no longer creates barriers as users can block websites, Wi-Fi networks, and the device itself remotely
  • audio and video streams 
  • SIM card replacement alerts
  • full view of their programs and applications, hidden from prying eyes
  • social media tracking


  • the range of features for iOS is significantly inferior to the number of Android features

Silent Camera – Does It Live Up to User Expectations?

Searching about the expanses of Google Play, you can stumble upon one of the very popular spy camera apps for Android, as evidenced by the number of downloads from the resource. The main feature of the program is that it takes pictures without making a sound and manages to shoot frames at a speed of 40 fps.

The developer declared very basic features, but they focus on such advantages:

  • high quality
  • the presence of a timer, zoom, autofocus
  • color adjustments 
  • filters

In addition, this camera spy app also has disadvantages:

  • the tool can be used in a very limited number of situations
  • despite the presence of essentially one method of use, payment for the service is provided
  • users complain about the inconsistency of what was promised compared to reality

Spyera – Jampacked with Features and Effective Product

This quiet, instant, and user-friendly solution is available for tracking computers, phones, and tablets, from Android and iPhone to Windows PC and Mac OS. If you open the Features section on its website, you will see a very inclusive set, including Facetime call recording, Viber call recording, remote camera, and remote video recording, making it one of the most effective iPhone spy camera apps.

👉🏻 You can check the full list of available tools in our Spyera review.


  • extensive monitoring coverage of call logs (Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook)
  • message tracking (Telegram, Tinder, WeChat, etc.)
  • location tracking is facilitated with geofence setup
  • remote updates and deactivation


  • only jailbreak solution for iOS; rooting is also required for some cool features to work for Androids

SP Spy Camera App – Simple Choice with Its Perks

Between iPhone spy camera apps, SP Camera is one of the oldest developments, released way back in 2013. The manufacturer requires iOS to be version 9.0 or later to run on the iPad, iPod touch, or iPhone. Having acquired this program, users will be able to take photos and videos with a fake background. All captured content is conveniently stored in a gallery that you can secure with a password.


  • motion detector
  • different video recording resolution
  • record action starts in an auto-perform mode
  • slow motion option


  • regular glitches reported by users

Presence Video Security Camera – How This Stealthy Solution Works

If you want to turn to free spy camera apps, this product offers great functionality at first glance: it features live audio and video streaming and on-demand video recording. But, to be more precise, your free period ends when the storage space for recordings is exhausted (it is very small, to be honest). Without rubbing salt in the wound, let’s highlight the benefits of the product.


  • remote management and switching between cameras
  • multi-channel notification system via push-pas, emails, or directly in the app
  • the ability to connect other users to monitoring


  • clunky user interface
  • the last update of the app was in 2019
  • support is spoken of as not being responsive

Expert Tips for Selecting the Best Spy Cam App

Want to settle down with a primo monitoring product? Find out what you need to know so that you like it and can recommend it to your friends.


Usually listed on the product website, this information is extremely important – if the target device or gadget used for monitoring is not compatible with the software, nothing will work, and it is unlikely that anyone will return the money. It is recommended to consult with the support service if in doubt.

User Experience

You will surely stumble upon artifact spy camera apps in your searches, perhaps even with a lot of downloads. Check their last update date if you interact with Play Store or App Store, reviews, or assess the newness of their website, informativeness, and literacy of content as a future user.


Although we mainly focused on spy camera apps in this article, we also hinted that some of the above products had other useful features to the boot. It can be very helpful to dig into their texts, calls, and chats to put the whole puzzle together and leave nothing out of sight.

Pricing Plans

Free cheese is only in a mousetrap; you know this expression. It is quite possible that a free tool for monitoring video and audio environments will turn out to be a scam that gains access to your content without offering anything in return. It’s reasonable to consider free trial products so that after a day or so, you get a paid subscription – but don’t go down the complete freebie rabbit hole.

Take These Steps to Get the Camera Spy App Working

Well, these Android and iPhone camera spy apps work for others, but beginners may be unsure what to do and not rush to make a choice. We have your back covered, taking uMobix as an example:

  1. Request a trial version in the support chat or immediately proceed to registering and purchasing a subscription (there are options for 1, 3, or 12 months)
  2. Follow the instructions received – take the target Android device to install the software/enter the target iCloud login data for iOS monitoring.
  3. After installation, you will be able to log into your user account and click on Audio Stream or Video Stream, or Photo snapshot to access the relevant information.


Unlike people, the best spy cam apps know how to keep schtum and share exclusive info only with you. These are truly powerful tools that, when properly selected, will help you increase the level of protection for your children and keep other aspects of your life, like a business, under control.

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