Snoopreport Review: Should You Use It to Track User’s Instagram Activity?

Snoopreport Review

Launched in 2010, Instagram, an entertainment social media platform for sharing stories, photos, and videos, has engaged millions of users globally. Known for its free and user-friendly communication features, including audio and video calls, Instagram provides insights into Instagram user connections ‒ lets you see who they follow and who follows them. 

While Instagram strictly prohibits monitoring or tracking IG users’ activity data due to privacy policies, a special tool called Snoopreport helps overcome this restriction. In this detailed Snoopreport review, we’ll tell you how Snoopreport lets you see someone’s IG activity hiddenly and the pros and cons of using this app.

Quick Snoopreport Review

As mentioned in this Snoopreport review, this is an Instagram activity tracker. However, we did not discuss its features. So, what are the key specs?

View the total number of made and received likes, hashtags in the posts that were liked, view favorite users, accounts that your target follows as well as their followings, and user interests (category the liked posts fall under). And the strawberry on the cake ‒ this activity report can be downloaded in a CSV file.

Any web-enabled device (iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, Mac).

From $4.99 to $44.99/month

Strengths of Snoopreport App

The best part about sites like Snoopreport is that there is no need to install the app. In the same way as Glassagram, one of the most popular Instagram spy apps, it offers many tracking features and requires you to know the target username to start the Instagram account monitoring process. Moreover, depending on the subscription plan, you are able to track up to 100 accounts from the same Instagram user space for a moderate price.

Weaknesses of Snoopreport App

The biggest disadvantage of Snoopreport is that there is no free trial to try the Instagram tracker before the purchase, although the price for a test week is quite affordable. Moreover, it does not allow users to monitor data from private Instagram accounts or track someone’s DMs. It offers only a weekly report and does not support real-time Instagram monitoring. 

Although Snoopreport is similar to Glassagram, it falls short in one crucial aspect – the inability to track private Instagram accounts. Moreover, it does not catch “hot likes” (when someone likes old photos of your target), so if you want to reveal any suspicious IG activity on your partner’s account, the wiser decision would be to choose Glassagram.

What Is Snoopreport?

As mentioned earlier, Snoopreport is a web-based Instagram activity tracker that allows you to hack an Instagram account without installing any app on the target phone. Its goal is to track likes and follows/unfollows over 7 days. The app works hiddenly so that the person you track won’t know you are spying on them. Snoopreport helps you see what happens on Instagram, which is useful for individuals and businesses who want to do better on social media. 

However, although the app is easy to use and does not require installation, it does not allow monitoring of private IG accounts, which is a significant disadvantage. Although the devs provide a free demo account on their website, where you can view how the app works, no free trial is offered, raising questions concerning its reliability. 

How Does Snoopreport Instagram Tracker Work?

Snoopreport works by carefully examining specific Instagram accounts and what they do. It uses public information and big data techniques to look for likes, comments, who they follow, or who follows them. Snoopreport then takes all this data, sorts it out, and puts it together over 7 days to make a detailed report of the target user’s Instagram account activities. 

Whether you want to see what other people like, what kind of posts they prefer, or how their network is growing, the Snoopreport Instagram tracker helps you figure it out. It does all of this automatically, so you’ll always know what’s happening with the accounts you’re interested in.

What OS Does Snoopreport Support?

Snoopreport Instagram tracker is easy to use because it works on any device and operating system. Regardless of your device’s OS, Snoopreport will perfectly manage any task. Why? Because it’s a web-based tool, it does not matter what operating system your computer or cell phone runs on. You only need an internet connection, making it a simple and accessible way to track Instagram activity in various situations.

How to Use Snoopreport?

If you are interested in this Insta tracking tool, understanding how to use Snoopreport effectively can prove invaluable.

Create a Snoopreport Account

To use Snoopreport, the first thing you need to do is to create an account. 

  1. Visit the website and tap “Sign Up or “Get Started.”
  1. Enter your email address and password.
  1. Click on the box that reads “I agree to Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy.”
  1. Tap “Subscribe Now,” enter your credentials, and proceed with payment (note that only the first test week is now available for $0.99, then you’ll have to pay $4.99/month).

Other plans are also offered, so you can choose which suits your needs best after the test week.

Add Instagram Account to Snoopreport

How about adding an Instagram account to Snoopreport for activity tracking?

  1. Click “Add account” on your dashboard.
  1. Enter the username of the person whose Instagram account you want to track in the appropriate field on the website (remember that the app does not allow monitoring of private IG profiles).

Depending on the subscription plan you’ve chosen, Snoopreport allows you to track various Instagram accounts concurrently, ranging from 2 to a maximum of 100 Instagram accounts. With Snoopreport, you can effectively track multiple Instagram accounts through a single Snoopreport account, customizing your tracking efforts to match your needs.

Snoopreport Dashboard

Thanks to the easy-to-navigate UI, no technical knowledge or special skills are needed to use this app. Once you have entered your login successfully, you will see and track all the Instagram account(s) you added. You will be provided the ability to see the likes on Instagram the person you are tracking has left on particular posts, their followings/unfollows, tagged posts, etc. All you need to do is to navigate to your dashboard.

Key Characteristics 

With more than 2 billion monthly active users as of January 2023, according to Statista, Instagram poses a high interest to the community, and finding a viewer living up to expectations is no easy feat. In this section, we’ll discover particular features of Snoopreport and how each works. Ready? Let’s go.


To see someone’s Instagram likes made for the last week or month, navigate to Snoopreport’s likes section. The app arranges the Instagram accounts in the top-to-bottom order, prioritizing those with more likes from the target user. Even more interesting is that the media files the user likes are displayed next to the likes they’ve got. You can also view the full size of those posts by clicking on them and also review the Instagram account of the liked user by clicking on it.

Follows and Unfollows

Followed and unfollowed accounts by the person you track will be displayed in your user space. The good thing is that these accounts are hyperlinked, so you may click on them and view them if needed. 

Liked Media Tags Cloud

Snoopreport displays liked post hashtags in an easy-to-read format, either as a word cloud or bullet points, offering a visually appealing view of the target account’s Instagram activity. The good thing is that each hashtag is clickable so that you can move to that hashtag page.

User Interests

Similarly to liked media tags, user interests are represented as a word cloud or bullet points. It displays the category under which each liked by the user post falls. This information will give you more details into the user preferences and interests.

Snoopreport Activity Reports

All the information the Snoopreport tool displays is provided in the form of reports, providing you with all the information on the user’s activity during the tracking period. As earlier mentioned, these reports include information about the likes of the target account, how many Instagram users received these likes, and who they recently followed and unfollowed. 

It is also possible to view the hashtags the user liked and user interests categories, providing even more details. By knowing this data, you’ll find out even more about the IG user, all without having a personal connection.

It is possible to access Instagram activity history through user-friendly reports – no app downloads required. Snoopreport’s cloud-based Instagram tracker allows to retrieve Instagram data from as far back as 36 weeks, and more in-depth retrospective activity reports can be requested as well. While the app allows users to overcome certain Instagram restrictions, it’s important to appreciate other people’s privacy.

Is Snoopreport Safe?

Absolutely. Because Snoopreport is web-based, you do not need to access the target cell phone to install the app. Moreover, the tool works anonymously, so it won’t tell the person you are tracking their Instagram account activities. 

Concerning the privacy policy, the app claims that “any personal information received directly from you such as email address used upon registration will only be used to fill your order, provide customer service and to identify you.” So, no one except Snoopreport will use the data you share. Additionally, the website implements HTTPS/TLS on its website. So, your data is encrypted and transmitted securely when using the Snoopreport app.

Note that the website can automatically gather your specific information: IP address, unique device identification number, device type, geographic location, browser type, and more using cooking or similar tracking technologies. They may also share this information with their “affiliates or service providers, vendors for business and commercial purposes, including analytics.” However, according to their Terms and Conditions page, your private data won’t be sold to anyone, per California Consumer Privacy Act.

Is Snoopreport Legit?

Yes, Snoopreport is a legitimate service. The service refrains from disclosing users’ personal information or private account activities. Moreover, the app supports GDPR, ensuring your private information is under protection laws.

Subscription Plans

Snoopreport offers 3 subscription plans: personal plan, small business plan, and professional plan, coming for $4.99/mo, $14.99/mo, and $49.99/mo. It allows you to track between 2 and 100 Instagram accounts, depending on your chosen plan. For instance, the personal plan lets you track up to 2 IG profiles, the small business plan extends this to 10 accounts, and the professional plan offers the capacity to track up to 100 accounts. This variety ensures flexibility in selecting a plan that best aligns with your tracking needs and budget.

Customer Support

Although no live chat customer support is provided, to contact their support team, you need to send them an email to [email protected] or make use of their dedicated toll-free hotline (833) 766-6744.

Snoopreport: Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Affordable pricing 
  • Snoopreport reviews user’s likes, followers/following/unfollowed accounts, tags, interests
  • Ability to track more than one IG account
  • Ability to download Instagram user activity reports in CSV
  • A demo version of the app is available
  • A web-based tool that does not require installation


  • No free trial experience with Snoopreport
  • No real-time monitorings
  • Reports are provided weekly
  • No ability to track private Instagram accounts

FAQ About Using Snoopreport Instagram Tracker

Is Snoopreport anonymous?

Yes. It is a fully anonymous web-based application that does not share your private data nor notify a user whose IG activity you track. Your privacy and anonymity are prioritized when using Snoopreport.

Is Snoopreport free?

No, Snoopreport is not a free service. There is no Snoopreport free trial available. However, the devs offer affordable subscription plans. 

Does Snoopreport work on private accounts?

No. Unfortunately, Snoopreport work is only focused on public Instagram accounts. This answers the question, “Why is Snoopreport not working on private accounts?”. 

How to get a free Snoopreport account?

Creating an account on Snoopreport is free but won’t give you access to any data until you pay for a preferred subscription plan.

How to cancel Snoopreport subscription?

If you want to cancel subscription, here are a few steps you have to follow:

1) Log into your account on the Snoopreport website.
2) Go to your dashboard.
3) Choose “Settings” and then press the discontinue subscription link at the bottom of the page.

If you decide to delete Snoopreport account, you’ll need to tap the “Delete” button to delete account and all reports.

Summary: Does Snoopreport Work?

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As you have already found out from this Snoopreport review, the app is a good solution for tracking almost all aspects of Instagram activity. Apps like Snoopreport are a great and safe IG tracking solution, eliminating the need for downloads and ensuring accessibility from any device for IG social media monitoring, making it a good choice for everyone. However, the lack of a free trial, no real-time monitoring, and weekly report for user activity updates are the things you must remember before you start using this app. So, you must weigh all the pros and cons to make the right decision.
As you have already found out from this Snoopreport review, the app is a good solution for tracking almost all aspects of Instagram activity. Apps like Snoopreport are a great and safe IG tracking solution, eliminating the need for downloads and ensuring accessibility from any device for IG social media monitoring, making it a good choice for everyone. However, the lack of a free trial, no real-time monitoring, and weekly report for user activity updates are the things you must remember before you start using this app. So, you must weigh all the pros and cons to make the right decision.
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