How to Hack Someone’s Instagram Account Using Hack Apps

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How to hack Instagram

With Instagram, people can see numerous profiles of their favorite celebrities, influencers, or friends. Sometimes we want to see what is behind the curtains of some accounts. To do this, one may use either an Instagram hack app, a password generator, or create a phishing website. If you wonder how to easily hack an Instagram, keep reading our article.

Why Do People Hack Instagram? 

There may be several reasons why people want to hack someone’s Instagram account. For many, hacking is the only option to ensure their family and friends are safe, even though it may be considered unethical.

Parents worry that no one can protect their children on Instagram. Instead, children may get access to inappropriate content or make connections with predators while using Instagram. 

A spouse may need to hack Instagram account to check whether their beloved partner is faithful and not hiding anything. If you are a business owner, you may need to hack into Instagram of your employees to check whether they are not sharing any confidential business information. 

Ensure that the ends justify the means before you hack someone’s Instagram. 

Is It Possible to Hack an Instagram Account Stealthily?

There are ways to hack an Instagram account. However, some effort is required. First, you should decide why you want to hack into someone’s Instagram. Noticeably, it’s not advisable to spy on someone’s private account. But there are several ways to do it stealthily.

Ways to Hack into an Instagram Account 

The most common ways to hack Instagram account online are: using a password generator or creating a phishing website. However, the most efficient way to hack Instagram account is to use reliable spy phone apps.

  • Check Password Generator for Free: This is one of the safest and most innocent ways to hack any Instagram profile. One can always try to guess the password of a person one wants to spy on. But using a password generator is relatively time-consuming.
  • Phishing as an Option: Another way to hack Instagram online is by creating a phishing website that looks identical to its main login page. Different free resources are available on the Internet that one can use to copy an Instagram design code and then keep it on a free host server.
  • Use Spy Apps for Best Results: Even though there are multiple ways to access someone’s profile, we recommend using apps to hack Instagram. They are easy to install and use. Some tracking tools we will tell you about offer a free trial. So, there is a chance to check out the app before paying for a monthly subscription plan.

Top Apps to Hack Instagram Effectively 

We want to familiarize you with the most effective Instagram hack tools available. They vary in features and functionalities. Choose an Instagram hack app that suits your purposes best. 

uMobix Instagram Hack App

uMobix is one of the most popular and reliable spy apps one can ever find. If you want to know how to hack an Instagram account, install the uMobix tracking app. This Instagram hack app offers numerous features that work perfectly well on iOS and Android devices.


  • Viewing Instagram DM exchanged in real-time
  • Access to deleted messages
  • Monitoring the targeted profile’s followers
  • Viewing news feed
  • Taking screenshots and delivering them to the app’s user
  • Monitoring an online status of a target profile

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  • You don’t need to jailbreak an iPhone
  • Affordable subscription plans for various needs
  • Fast and easy installation


  • Remote installation on Android devices is impossible
  • The free demo version shows a limited amount of features

How to Hack Instagram Account on iOS with uMobix 

If you are looking for efficient and multifunctional apps to hack Instagram without survey, uMobix is at your disposal. You don’t need physical access to the targeted device. All you need is the iCloud credentials of a monitored phone. Follow these steps to hack an Instagram account with the uMobix spying app:

  1. Create your uMobix account by clicking the TRY NOW button.
  1. Select an iOS device to monitor.
  1. Enable iCloud backup.
  1. Insert the Apple ID and password, and remember to disable the two-factor authentication.
  1. Install the uMobix Instagram hack software and get full access to direct messages, stories, likes, and other Instagram activities.

iKeyMonitor Instagram Hack App for Android

The reliable and effective Instagram hack tool iKeyMonitor is one of the most popular tools one can easily use to hack someone’s Instagram. It offers various unique monitoring features and an intuitive interface. 

With iKeyMonitor, one can hack Instagram for free using a free trial offer.


  • Access to incoming and outgoing Instagram messages
  • Captures screenshots of images and chats shared on the platform
  • Keylogger feature is capable of monitoring all texts typed on the target device

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  • Wide range of features
  • The app is 100% hidden
  • A free trial is available
  • Fast data synchronization
  • Rooting is not required to get access to premium features


  • Free trial offers fewer features than a regular pricing plan
  • Monitors all Instagram activities
  • A limited number of features for monitoring iOS devices

How to Hack Instagram Account Free on Android with iKeyMonitor

It is easy to hack someone’s Instagram on Android using iKeyMonitor software. However, one might need to have one-time access to the target phone. We will guide you through the installation process, so you will see how simple it is to use this Instagram hack tool for Android. Remember to disable Play Protect on the tracked device before any actions.

  1. Register a free account for the iKeyMonitor Instagram hack tool.
  1. Turn off Play Protect.
  1. Click on the link from your email confirmation and install iKeyMonitor.
  1. Configure the keylogger settings.
  1. Start monitoring Instagram activity with no survey.

eyeZy Instagram Hack App for iPhone 

Hacking Instagram profiles on iOS or Android devices is as simple as that. All you need is a reliable Instagram hack app like eyeZy. Its interface and features are advanced and intuitive, giving you complete control of the target Instagram profile wherever you are.


  • View all received and sent direct messages of every chat
  • GPS location tracker is available, and it works even without using Instagram
  • The geofencing feature will notify when the target phone leaves safe or forbidden areas
  • Access to all photos, videos, reels, and other multimedia data

👉🏻 Read more information about eyeZy’s features in our detailed review.


  • User-friendly installation process
  • The location tracking feature works perfectly
  • Reasonable prices for different monitoring needs
  • Responsive customer support eager to solve any problem
  • The official website is easy to navigate, and all necessary information is available


  • No free trial is available
  • One must root or jailbreak a target device to access some features

How to Hack an Instagram Account with eyeZy

eyeZy is a perfect solution for those who want to hack someone’s Instagram profile with no survey. The spyware works stealthily and offers various installation methods. But we want to focus on how to hack Instagram account on iOS devices. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to the official eyeZy Instagram hack app and create your account.
  1. Select an iOS device to monitor and set up the application.
  1. Input the iCloud credentials of the monitored device (please note that you will need to enable iCloud backup).
  1. Once the app is installed, you will access the dashboard with all information from a monitored device.

mSpy Instagram Hack Tool

mSpy is a perfect Instagram spy app. It is one of the most trusted and advanced tracking apps one can use to hack someone’s Instagram. It also offers various tracking features that can satisfy the needs even of a demanding customer:

  • Viewing all received and sent private messages on Instagram chats
  • Access to all shared media and links
  • Check the device location thanks to the built-in GPS tracker
  • The geo-fencing feature is present
  • View timestamps for each Instagram message
  • Keystrokes monitoring

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  • It offers affordable subscription plans
  • Good quality/price ratio
  • It works well on Android and iOS devices
  • A user-friendly interface makes the app easy to use
  • Multilingual customer support service


  • It’s possible to use it on one device at a time
  • Jailbreak is required to spy on Instagram
  • No free trial

How to Hack Instagram Account on Android with mSpy

Installing the mSpy Instagram hack tool on Android devices is quite simple, and you only need to access the target phone once. The process looks similar to the previous ones.

Don’t forget to disable Play Protect and enable installation from unknown sources. It will make it possible to hack an Instagram account on phone. Then follow the steps below to install the app on an Android mobile phone:

  1. Create your mSpy account.
  1. Download the .apk file on a monitored device.
  1. Install the application and give all required permissions.
  1. Click on it and start monitoring.

Hoverwatch Hacking App for Instagram

Another simple way to hack Instagram is to use the Hoverwatch tracker. Install it discretely on a target PC or mobile phone. It is one of the few hacking apps one can easily use to monitor several devices simultaneously. Even though Hoverwatch is designed as an Android app for hacking purposes, you won’t be disappointed by the number of features it offers.


  • GPS location tracker allows you always to know where is the targeted device
  • Take screenshots
  • Access private messages, photos, and multimedia files

👉🏻 Check out our Hoverwatch review and read more about its features.


  • Tracking and recording are simple
  • Offers numerous features
  • One of the most affordable pricing options available
  • The Keylogger feature works well


  • It is not compatible with an iPhone
  • No free trial to test the app

How to Hack an Instagram Account on Computer with Hoverwatch

If you want to know how to hack an Instagram account on computer with no survey, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the official Hoverwatch website and create your account.
  1. Choose Windows PC as a target device to monitor and install the app.
  1. Follow the setup instructions to activate the app on a target computer.

Final Word

Using reliable monitoring apps is the only real way to hack Instagram account on iPhone, Android, or other devices. Whether you want to check direct messages, reels, stories, or the monitored person’s followers, you can always rely on any app from our list. The ones we described in the article do not require much effort or knowledge. They are intuitive in use and offer a wide range of helpful features. If you are looking for a simple way to hack Instagram without password, check out any of our Instagram hacking tools.

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