The Best Ways How to Hack into Someone’s Snapchat and Stay Incognito

How to Hack Into Someone's Snapchat

People may wonder why someone would need to hack their Snapchat, as it is not the most popular social network. Well, true, many people use it, but it is definitely not the first social media application coming to your mind when you talk about sharing photos and videos. However, there are lots of tutorials on how to hack Snapchat accounts. So, what makes this social network such a juicy piece for hackers?

Different Reasons Why People Want to Hack Snapchat

There are so many Snapchat hack methods for one main reason: it is a huge network where people exchange disappearing Snapchat messages with attached media. This very media is a piece of cake for hackers.

  • Parental control: Parents usually want to hack a Snapchat account belonging to their child to dive into their personal life. Not because they disrespect privacy but mostly for safety concerns. There are lots of fake Snapchat accounts registered to trick young users, which is why parents should always keep their weather eyes open.
  • Lost password: Some people may forget their password with time; it is totally normal. Some may even forget the answers to the secret questions. For somebody, hacking their own old-forgotten password can be the only way to recover access to their account.
  • Hack back your hacked account: It may sound ridiculous, but you may need to hack your Snapchat account back. Unfortunately, there may be ill-wishers trying to access your personal information who pay someone to hack Snapchat, and sometimes, there is no other way to hack your Snapchat back. 
  • Catch a cheating spouse: The juiciest and the most impressive part, like in the spy movies. There are lots of Snapchat hack tools on the internet you can use to see your spouse’s media files sent via this application. As we have already mentioned, it is not the most popular one, so unfaithful partners may think they are safe there.

Is It Really So Easy to Hack a Snapchat Account?

Nothing is impossible in this world; there are lots of hacking app offers on the internet, as well as some other methods. It all depends on your own tech skills, budget, and time you are ready to spend on it. Finding a tutorial on how to do it yourself is not a big deal, and it is the best way to hack Snapchat free of charge.

It often depends on what system you use – Android or iOS. The general concern for Androids is that finding a way without rooting might be hard. If you have an Apple device – remember that 2FA might be requested (and it does not work on devices with no jailbreak).

You can choose the most effective and convenient Snapchat hack method from the list below, but remember that there is no objectively easiest way to hack Snapchat; it all depends on your skills and opportunities.

It is the longest possible way of gaining access to the target Snapchat account. You need to download a special hack program and let it generate thousands of passwords until you find the correct login credentials.

Try to brute force the password: check the user’s date of birth or another memorable date. Or you can look around for a login and password: it might be written on a paper somewhere around the working area.

Every keystroke matters. You can ask someone to create a fake website and hack Snapchat password by recording the keys pressed.

A real Snapchat hack tool is actually a person who knows how to hack it. If you feel that you need to spy on your child or spouse – invite a professional to help you, but beware not to run into a scam.

We all know that software solutions are about to replace people in all spheres of our lives. An app to hack Snapchat accounts is a cheaper and more reliable solution with the same function.

Apps to Hack Someone’s Snapchat That Are Worth Your Attention

Spy apps are the most modern means to hack into someone’s Snapchat account. Considering the huge existing choices, you can choose the Snapchat hack software, which 100% corresponds to your needs and wallet at almost no time.

uMobix – The Most Modern Snapchat Hack Tool

uMobix is a real beast in the market of apps to hack Snapchat.

It will help you to get access to this application on Android without password retrieval. Moreover, uMobix developers clearly understand that monitoring social media accounts is not enough; that is why you can also track the location of the target device or check the screen snaps of their phone activities.

The list of features uMobix offers is really extensive, and it includes:

  • Social media account activity monitoring (Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram Tik Tok, Reddit, Tinder);
  • Video and audio streaming of the current activity;
  • Access to browser history and bookmarks with no verification;
  • Access to all the deleted information.


  • uMobix works in a 100% stealth mode.
  • There is a free uMobix trial that can be claimed via the support service; people can also find a link for it in different reviews.


  • This Snapchat hack app has a one subscription-one device policy. If you need to hack into someone’s Snapchat – please purchase another subscription.
  • Unfortunately, Snapchat tracking is not available for iOS devices.

uMobix Installation Procedure

The installation procedure is simple and may vary depending on the target phone’s system. However, as you cannot hack Snapchat on iOS using uMobix, we will only describe the Android installation procedure here.

Hack Snapchat on Android

  1. Get the phone you want to hack in your hands.
  1. To hack into someone’s Snapchat, you must first allow installation from unknown sources and disable Play Protect in their Google account settings.
  1. Install uMobix on the device.
  1. Give the spy all the permissions it requires.
  1. Don’t forget to hide the application icon from the desktop!
  1. Log into the dashboard and start monitoring Snapchat photos and media.

Cocospy – A Snapchat Hack App for Parents

Spying on a spouse through Snapchat is important, no doubt, it may save your relationships or time. But partners may come and go, and your children are your flesh and blood. That is why a lot of Snapchat hack apps focus on parental control, and Cocospy is in the top position of this list.

Cocospy offers an extensive set of features for parental monitoring:

  • A real Snapchat hack tool;
  • A tracker to always know where your child is; it works both via GPS and WiFi.
  • A text message monitoring tool to know who your child communicates with;
  • Browsing history tracker.


  • Cocospy is one of the most popular hacking tools specializing in parental needs.
  • Snapchat users will never know they are monitored – Cocospy is 100% invisible.


  • This app to hack the phone lacks real-time customer support.
  • You can monitor Snapchat only on Android devices.

mSpy – A Snapchat Hack Software for Everyone

mSpy is the most versatile application to hack into someone’s Snapchat. “Know More. Worry Less” is their motto, and God, they really know what they are talking about. This app to hack Snapchat accounts has saved so many nerves of its users that it deserves our attention here.

First off, let’s take a closer look at mSpy features:

  • Snapchat hacking tool working in real-time and connected to the dashboard;
  • All messengers tracker; mSpy even gives access to Discord;
  • Keylogger to record every screen tap;
  • Remote access to the phone camera.


  • This Snapchat hack app also guarantees access to location information, SMS, messengers data, and stored media.
  • It works on all modern phone brands: Samsung, Vivo, iPhone, Huawei, Mi, and others.
  • Unlike its counterparts, mSpy can hack Snapchat on iPhone, but the device should be jailbroken first.


  • The only way to hack someone’s Snapchat password online is using a keylogger; however, people usually enter the password only once and then store it in the app. Thus, in most cases, you won’t be able to get it.
  • Many features become available only after jailbreaking/rooting the device.

Reliable Ways to Hack Someone’s Snapchat for Free

Capitalism and technical progress are so great because they cater to all types of people: those who are ready to pay and want to hack someone’s Snapchat without them knowing for free (check the latter below).

Retrieving Password from the Browser Password Manager

It is not always necessary to download a Snapchat hack app; if a person has ever logged into their account via browser, you will be able to hack their password using the default browser tool – password manager. It does not matter if they use Mozilla, Opera, or Google Chrome – this method works similarly for all browsers.

Using a password manager, anyone can access your Snapchat account without hacking. The key condition is that you have logged into it from the chosen browser. Let’s take Mozilla as an example. When you click the sandwich button in the top right – you will see the “Passwords” item on the menu. Credentials to all accounts accessed from this browser are saved there.

Thus, if you don’t want someone to hack your Snapchat, never save passwords in the browser or always manually remove the credentials from the “Passwords” section after every session.

Reset the Password to Get Access to Snapchat

Resetting passwords is one of the most convenient ways to hack Snapchat, and self-contradictory is one of the messiest. When you try to log into Snapchat – you can tap the “Forgot Password” option. After that, you will be offered two options: reset the password via e-mail or phone number. And that is where the most interesting part starts.

To gain access to the Snapchat account using this method, you must ensure that you are eligible to use it. There are several important conditions to consider:

  • you must know the e-mail address used when creating this Snapchat account;
  • you must know the phone number used when creating this Snapchat account;
  • you must have access to this e-mail/phone number.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to access Snapchat account without this information. On the other hand, if you do have it, you will get an e-mail/SMS with further instructions to reset the account. Simply follow them – and you are all done. It is also a good way to hack old Snapchat account you forgot the password.

Be aware that when you get into a Snapchat account, its owner may get a message about unauthorized access. The best way to overcome this problem is to have their device in your hands at that moment and sneakily delete it.

Using Phishing and Social Engineering Techniques

Social engineering techniques are mostly used for commercial phishing to attack the banking, e-commerce, and information sectors. However, it does not mean they cannot help you hack someone’s Snapchat. Of course, it is not the easiest one, but if you find a hacker who can set it up for you – the result will be incredible (most probably).

First of all, let’s make it clear what social engineering is. It is a combination of technical and non-technical means aimed at getting private information from a person, not using direct persuasion methods. The main idea is to make people believe you don’t want to hack someone’s Snapchat account. Instead, make them willingly share their credentials using psychological and technical tools.

If you have ever received an e-mail asking to share your bank details to get $100,000,000 from your suddenly-found relative in Africa – it is a great example of how social engineering is supposed to work. Unfortunately, no survey provides exact information about how effective phishing is, but considering that people still use it – the numbers should be enormous!

So, how to hack into someone’s Snapchat account using social engineering techniques? To tell you the truth, it all depends on your fantasy here. You may compose a fake e-mail from the Snapchat team informing users of a security breach and asking for the user’s credentials to ensure their account is safe.

Another possible option is to build a website similar to the original Snapchat resource and send the link to the target user. When they enter their credentials – you will record them, and next time, you will be able to log into someone’s Snapchat without any hassle, just because you know their original password.

Of course, social engineering and phishing require a lot of preparation, but the result is totally worth it!

Crucial Tips on How to Protect Your Account

We are sure many of our readers are thinking now: “How to hack a Snapchat account and not get hacked myself?” There are lots of recommendations connected mostly to online hygiene and technical awareness.

  1. Never follow any unknown links; it does not matter who sent them! If you get a text message from a stranger asking to follow their link for any possible reason – they 100% want to hack Snapchat password, another appl, or all at once.
  2. Never share your personal information and credentials with anyone. Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and any other social media team will never ask for your username and password for any reason! Only fraudsters do it!
  3. Do not save passwords or any other information on the browser. You are usually asked if you want to save the password for further use – your answer should always be “NO!”
  4. Create complex passwords, not less than 12 symbols, using capital letters, numbers, and special characters. The more complex your password is, the less effective the brute force method.
  5. Remember that most of the Snapchat hack apps that work still consume battery and gadget resources, even in stealth mode. Should you notice any changes in battery capacity or device speed – check it for sneaky trackers.

Final Word

There are many methods to hack someone’s Snapchat account, with or without them knowing. Mostly, without, of course; we guess no one wants to be caught trying to do it. It all depends on how tech-savvy you are, your motivation, and your wallet size. Various apps to hack Snapchat, like uMobix and mSpy, are the most effective solutions but might be the most expensive ones as well.

Social engineering techniques are also worth attention, but they work only for users with low internet awareness. You might be surprised, but there are still a lot of such people, otherwise, social engineering tools would not have been so effective. Finally, checking if the password is saved on the browser by any chance is also a great thing to do.


Is it possible to hack a Snapchat without them knowing?

There are many Snapchat hack apps that work secretly: use third-party apps to hack Snapchat, get the user’s login and password, or reset their password. It all depends, of course, on your IT skills, deduction, and logic. Looking for the password evidence in the environment may sometimes feel like being a detective!

How to hack someone’s Snapchat without downloading anything?

The first thing that comes to mind is checking the password manager on the browser: people often save their passwords as they do not want to re-enter them every time they log into Facebook or Snapchat. You can also try some obvious passwords like the date of birth or the name of the person’s favorite movie hero.

Is Snapchat easy to hack?

Understanding of the word “easy” is very subjective. What is easy for some people may be extremely difficult for others. The best and the most informative answer is that there are different methods: some are easier, some are more expensive, and some are more effective. Only you can choose what fits your needs.

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